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    Famine hits over 100,000 Rwandan families in Eastern province

    Reports of famine ravaging parts of Rwanda have led to blame games, with some faulting government policies in drought-prone areas while the State says climate change is responsible for poor harvests.

    Close to 100,000 families mainly in the Eastern Province districts of Rwamagana, Nyagatare, Bugesera, Kayonza and Kirehe as well as Nyanza and Gisagara districts in Southern Province, are facing a threat of hunger if nothing is done to avert it.

    It is reported that hundreds are fleeing starvation to neighbouring Uganda in search of food after two seasons of poor harvests which left families with nothing to eat.

    The most affected districts include Nyagatare, Kayonza and Ngoma where residents say harvests were largely affected by early disappearance of rain. Hectares of maize and sorghum dried up before they could be ready for harvest.

    “We don’t know what to do. We have not even been able to recoup what we planted,” said Solange Uwantege, a resident of Mwili Sector, Kayonza district, pointing to the four hectares of sorghum and maize they had planted as a group.

    Apart from dried up plants, thousands of livestock are facing severe shortage of water and foliage. Residents of Nyagatare say the drought started earlier than expected.

    “Usually the drought intensifies in late July to early September, when rains resume but now it started in May. We are not sure if our livestock will still be alive by then,” adds Jean Marie Mugabo, a resident of Nyagatare.

    The Governor of the Eastern Province Odette Uwamariya and the mayors of the affected districts admit that there is a looming hunger crisis but say that instead of fleeing to neighbouring countries, locals should contact local government officials for help.

    Government failure

    Civil society groups are blaming the government for failing to address the longstanding recurrence of food insecurity in parts of the country prone to drought despite the billions of francs which have been allocated to the agriculture sector.

    Appearing on a local radio station, the chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda Chapter, Marie Immaculee Ingabire, blamed the hunger threat on poor planning, policy and decision making especially on the side of local government officials.

    “It is an issue of poor planning and decision making by government officials. There are countries which receive far less rainfall than Rwanda but they plan well and their citizens don’t encounter hunger,” Ms Ingabire said.

    Alexis Nkurunziza, an official of the Umbrella of Human Rights Organisations in Rwanda said that the government failure to fully prioritise agriculture in terms of planning and resource allocation is likely to setback the country’s gains in food security.

    “A lot of progress has been made in the past five or so years, even going by what the government was allocating to the agriculture sector in areas of irrigation, extension services, but this momentum has slowed down,” Mr Nkurunziza said.

    “We are at a point where more needs to be done to sustain the gains in the agriculture sector, rather than slowing down,” he said, adding that the external factors given by government to cut down expenditure in the sector are not convincing enough.


    Don’t be mistaken by these 1st hand cousins. Killing is in their DNA, they enjoy the horror they unleash upon innocent civilians. They are top human right abusers within the great lakes region. They have used the positions entrusted to them by the state to kidnap, incarcerated, torture and kill by all means necessary. These Bafumbira brothers have created hell on earth, in Uganda by Kale Kayihura alias general tear gas and Rwanda by Jack Nziza alias death merchant.

    Now, these brothers, Kale Kayihura and Jack Nziza are harbouring presidential ambitions in Uganda and Rwanda respectively. It is only in the great lakes region where criminals can also harbour presidential ambitions….totally sic!!!


    In Henry David Thoreau’s 2007 book “Walking”, he stated that “A fool thinks himself to be wise, a fool will always appraise him/her self without any consideration and a fool will always demonise those that question his/her foolishness. A fool will always assume that, he/she is wiser than others.” Today Paul Kagame assumes that is the only wise person in Rwanda.

    Are you really wise, Paul?

    You have proclaimed yourself as the king of wisdom, the master of ideas and a professor of human philosophy. After the creation of your satanic projects of Umubano, Gacaca, Come and see, Ubudehe, Imihigo, Agaciro and of recently Ndi Umunyarwanda; this does not make you a wise person, but instead the state of your mind has been put into a question. Political commentators have now affirmed that Rwanda is ruled by a crazy man.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    You always project yourself as the bravest and most patriotic man, labelling your opponents and perceived enemies as cowards and unpatriotic citizens. But your acts prove contrary; as you’re a day time robber, a human right abuser and a genocidaire. I hope you don’t consider yourself brave for killing defenceless civilians! This week your former comrade Kayumba Nyamwasa told the whole world how he saved your sweating ass while you’re hiding in banana plantations.…/kayumba-nyamwasa-say-pa…/

    But all Rwandans already knew that you’re a coward who has killed defenceless children, mothers and fathers. The word brave and patriotism does not appear on your face; you’re just a virtual hypocrite and a pretender that try to camouflage the situation and divert attention.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Imprisoning political opponents by using your kangaroo courts through dubious laws and fabricated charges don’t make you a brave man. The assassinations you unleashed to your former comrades like Col. Steven Ndugute, Col. Charles Ngoga, Col. Vedaste Kayitare, Col. Lizinde, Col. Biseruka, Col. Rutayisire etc do not make you a brave and a patriotic man; but a coward. I would like to inform you that the children of those people you killed have grown up and they know you are a mass murderer.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Rwandans in Diaspora have showed us how a coward you are. Demonstrators in London held you hostage in a Kraal, only to be saved by the British police; otherwise they were going to ask you for their relatives you have killed, murdered and assassinated. Despite your prior threats to teach political opponents in Diaspora a bitter lesson; now and then you have run away from them fearing to face them. Paul, you’re a coward individual and all Rwandans know it.

    Amazing, Paul!

    If you are really brave as you want us to believe, why don’t you personally confront the protestors in mutual debate? No, sorry you’re a man with no ideas on how to conduct debates as you became a president through demagogy. But, amusingly you assume to be a wise man.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    We have reliable information that on the 20th November 2013, while at Marriott hotel in Dubai, where you were staying during the Afro-Arab summit. After reading an article on Inyenyeri news about your Childhood life, you smashed your personal laptop and Maj. Gatarayiha had to enter your room thinking that something had happened to you only to find a smashed laptop on the floor. Paul, don’t be ashamed about your childhood; your childhood should have made you a great leader, but unfortunately it has turned you into a human hater, egoistic and selfish.

    It’s incredible, Paul!

    Paul, it is really incredible how your speeches are a reflection of a five year old child. A clinical psychologist friend once told me that Paul may be suffering from a bald mind. Then I did not understand what she meant, but after your Ndi umunyarwanda mayhems I now understand the terminology. You have a bald mind, Paul! Man, you’re not fit to lead, you are weak and a lazy thinker; your Ndi umunyarwanda can be a test to this.

    Are you brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Closing independent news papers and journalists does not make you brave and a patriot. The killing of Charles Ingabire and Jean Leonard Rugambage stamped your vampirism. Oh Paul; today is exactly two years since you assassinated Charles Ingabire. You killed his body but not his ideas, as Albert Henstein once said that “Ideas can’t be killed.” Paul, when will you leave us alone? Rwandans need their peace.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Paul you’re the only dictator in the world who has confessed to be a dictator; but that does not make you brave or patriotic. When your idiotic clappers cheer you, I hope you don’t assume that they love you. As in private they all curse you, despise you, and pray for your soul; but its pity that you believe these clappers by assuming that they love you. Yoooo! Do you think Bamporiki Eduard, Bernard Makuza, Pierre Habumuremyi, Louise Mushikiwabo etc love you? Paul, please just stop fooling yourself. As you know Louise Mushikiwabo or your “wife” Jeannete are already tired of you and your sinking ship.

    When the clappers cheer for you; yes we know you love it. It’s unfortunate that you missed praises from teachers, while you were at Ntare School as your reports had nothing to be praised; on the core subjects you were below average. This is because you were a loner without a friend to do revision with.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Paul, you are indisputably greedy and obsessed with domination, this prompts you to treat your country as your family property and regard your Country men as foreigners. You have treated Rwandans as your own subjects. Treating your ministers like house boys or house girls does not make you brave dear Paul, just unveils your immoral behaviours.

    Paul, you are engaged in business in spite of the fact that your business activities conflict with your role as a head of state. Oh no sorry, I forgot that you have personalized and monopolized state institutions. You blatantly grab land and confiscate people’s properties. Paul, do really think Rwandans love you? It’s unbelievable! Seizing our inalienable rights doesn’t make you brave Mr!!

    Paul, do you think you are morally justified to preach the subject of Ndi Umunyarwanda? Rwandan’s don’t think so. If you are really patriotic as you claim, why dwell on killing fellow Rwandans. Rwanda has more concerns, other than you deploying assassins around the world to hunt for your perceived opponents. You are not confident of your ability as a leader and that is why you all engaged in mass killings. A confident leader believes on his or her abilities.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Your wife Jeannette Kagame recently announced to the whole world that she is the one wearing trousers and you are wearing the skirts. Paul, you have lost the control of your own house no wonder you are failing the Country. Those who grew up with you can test that women have always been your problem since your young days. During your senior four leaver’s dance day at Ntare School; all your class mates had girl friends from Merry hill high school to dance with a part from you, as all the girls rejected you. Paul, when Jeannette Kagame controls you; Rwandans understand, because you lack female handling skills.

    Please ask Boniface Rucagu and Corporal Jack Nziza to give you advice on women, as they are experts on charming women. You know it well that while men and women where fighting during the liberation days; you and Jack Nziza where in Kampala living a celebrate life style; with Jack Nziza enjoying himself with all kinds of women at the RPF Ntinda house. Paul, I hope the rank of major general you gave to Jack Nziza is in relationship to a number of women he has slept with. It’s unbelievable that you and Jack call yourselves brave.

    Paul, we know that as a teenager, you used to love VIP underpants very much, but that does not give you the right to call Rwandans who oppose you, all sorts . Your love for VIP underpants shouldn’t be confused as patriotism; as you don’t love Rwanda as you used to love VIP underpants. Unfortunately you still love VIP underpants up to date!!

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    I understand that now you have a doctorate, exactly in what? May be the subject of hell creation! You have new assassins positioned in Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Paul, you are a joker! You should just spend that money to develop Rwanda. Paul, those who oppose you, are seated with you in Village Urugwiro; if you still think that killing your opponents is the solution, you may continue with your heinous games. (Sic)

    These days you refer your political opponents as undesirable elements of Rwandan society, leading to many greed apologists to believe that you are a patriot; what a shame. While each month you were collecting more than 2 million dollars from the dirty deals in M23/RDF controlled areas, the rest of Rwandans were receiving bags of dead relatives from your Congo adventures. What a patriot you are, Paul!

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Paul, your corporals saluting you doesn’t make you brave. All Rwandans know that all the current generals in Rwanda were cowering with you in Kabale, Mbarara and Kampala while others were fighting. Yeah! you are a master of intrigue, you are able to identify fellow cowards and address them with beeps of generals; but this does not make you brave Mr! Imagine Col. Vedaste Kayitare if he was to return back to this world and finds that Jack Nziza, Richard Rutatina, James Kabarebe etc, are now generals; he would get a heart attack that would send him to his second death.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul!

    Killing President Juvenal Habyarimana through intrigue, tricks, lies and covert operation does not make you brave and a patriot. You killed a man that had accepted all the conditions that the RPF demanded, a man that you had personally hugged before killing him; it’s just a shame that your apologists call you a president. Paul, you’re not my president. You’re a despotic ruler who loves human blood.

    By killing president Habyarimana, president Naryamira  and President Mzee Kabila; don’t make you a brave man, but a weak sibling with no soul. Paul, do you think that you will live indefinitely? I hope slapping Mzee Tharcisse Karugarama, Corporal Fred Ibingira, Corporal James Kabarebe, Richard Rutatina etc, does not make you a brave person; but a coward with no respect for his comrades.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Greedy whites like Tony Blair praising you, it does not make you a patriot. You know it that your RPF government is built on top of blood and lies; but the bubble is soon bursting. Paul, by telling your fellow genocidaire to repent does not exonerate you from the genocide crimes you have committed. When are you repenting to Rwandans and foreigners for all the Crimes you have committed? Paul, who gave you the authority to speak for Tutsis? Paul, how many Tutsis have you killed? You are the first person that should have repented to the Tutsis.

    Paul, marginalising the Hutus does not make you a brave man. Do you see your acts against the Hutus as a sign of a brave and a patriotic person? Contrary, your acts have elevated you to the rank of modern Hitler; the black Hitler. Paul, what happened? How come these days you’re not talking too much? Eugene Gasana – Jeannette Kagame effect is hitting you!! Yooooo, what a shame, Paul!

    Paul, why don’t you, your thieving gang/killers and your government pack a go back to Toro in Uganda? We need our peace; you’re not a leader but a thorn in our life, peace and happiness. It is evident that you are a coward and unpatriotic. Your self-aggrandizement will be your down fall, and it’s near.

    Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Kidnapping and assassinating of Rwandans who have run away from you does not make you brave or a patriot. Paul, when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you think of yourself? We, Rwandans see a blood thirst creature; Paul, its unbelievable how low and cheap you are. Imagine killing even a grandmother that you have personally known, killing an 89 year old grandma Mulungi Joylace does not make you a brave man, Paul! Yooo, you even killed her son Maj. Chris Bunyenyezi; Mr; You have an evil soul, Paul. Do you feel that you’re brave now? Oh, NO!!

    You are a pure coward, Paul! Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

    Paul, I know very well that you have an obsession with on line Rwandan news papers and blogs. I hope after reading this massage that I have written to you, at least you can tell Rwandans one single thing that define you as a Rwandan. Please, you may also tell Rwandans one single action that profile you as a brave man.


    Jeannete Yohanita Nyiramongi Kagame arimo gushaka uburyo yahunga igihugu!

    Amakuru agera kuri The Rwandan kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki ya 20 Kanama 2016, aravuga ko umufasha w’umukuru w’igihugu Yohanita Nyiramongi yaba yitegura guhunga igihugu!

    Amakuru afite gihamya kandi ava mu bantu batandukanye aravuga ko Yohanita Nyiramongi yahukaniye kwa nyina i Nyarutarama ari kumwe n’abana babiri ari bo Ange na Ian Cyigenza bivugwa ko yamubyaranye na Ambasaderi Gasana.

    Kubera ikibazo cy’uyu mwana n’ibindi bibazo bindi bizajya ahagaragara mu minsi iri imbere biravugwa ko Yohanita Nyiramongi yaba yifuza kuva mu gihugu agahungira mu mahanga.

    Gusohoka mu gihugu kuri Yohanita Nyiramongi ni ikintu gikomeye cyane cyane mu gihe yashaka kuva mu gihugu Perezida Kagame atabizi cyangwa atabishaka bishatse kuvuga ko isohoka rya Nyiramongi mu gihugu rigomba kwemerwa byanze bikunze na Kagame kugira ngo rishoboke.

    Abasesengura aya makuru bavuga ko isohoka mu gihugu rya Nyiramongi rishoboka mu gihe yakwitwaza kujya kwivuza nabyo ariko bigashoboka mu gihe Nyiramongi yakoresha abana ngo bamusabire imbabazi yemererwe kujya kwivuza cyangwa guherekeza nyina kwivuza mu mahanga.

    Na none ariko Perezida Kagame kugira ngo abyemere byasaba ko hagira abo afataho ingwate ni ukuvuga umuryango wa Nyiramongi kugira ngo nashaka kuguma hanze y’igihugu, kugira amabanga ashyira hanze cyangwa kwigarurira imitungo yabo iri mu mahanga azatinye ko umuryango we wagirirwa nabi.

    Inkuru dufite ziravuga ko Nyiramongi ubu arimo kugerageza gushaka igihugu cyamwakira mu Burayi cyangwa Amerika ariko ngo arimo guhura n’inzitizi zimwe na zimwe mu rwego rwa diplomasi mu bihugu bimwe na bimwe ku buryo igihugu kimwe cyamworohera kuba yaba akirimo muri iyi minsi ari Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Amerika aho bafite inzu kandi abana bafite gahunda yo gukomereza amashuri.

    Gusohoka mu gihugu kwa Nyiramongi kuramutse gushobotse bishobora gusiga iheruheru ubutegetsi bwa Kagame kuko uretse benshi mu bashyizwe mu butegetsi kubera ingufu za Nyiramongi, burya umugore aba azi byinshi ku mugabo we, umutungo mwinshi wa Kagame uri mu mahanga umugore we ashobora kuwigarurira afatanije na Ambasaderi Gasana.

    Igisigaye ni ukumenya niba ibivugwa ko Perezida Museveni azaba ari mu nama i Kigali ari no muri gahunda yo kunga Perezida Kagame n’umufasha we bizagira icyo bigeraho dore ko mu minsi ishize ari Nyiramongi wagize uruhare runini mu gusabira imbabazi umugabo we kuri Perezida Museveni kubera umubano utari umeze neza kubera inkunga y’amafaranga Perezida Kagame yateraga Kizza Besigye utavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi muri Uganda.


    Ntabwo abicanyi bo mu karere k’ibiyaga bigali baba barasanze abagaturiye bicika bigatuma bakomeza kwicana?

    Abicanyi bati iyo tugiye kubarasa batega agatuza, twazana agafuni bagatega umutwe, twazana umugozi w’akandoyi bati amaboko n’amaguru ngaya, twazana inkota bagatega amajosi.

    Abicanyi bati iyo tubakanze barakangika ugasanga umwana aneka nyina naho umubyeyi aneka umwana we.

    Abicanyi bati iyo tubateranyije baregura bakarwana hagati yabo, baranekana bakatugezaho ibyo barimo bakora.

    Abicanyi bati iyo dushatse kwica umuhutu tumutuma undi muhutu basangira, iyo dushatse umututsi tumutuma undi mututsi basangira.

    Abicanyi bati tuzabica tubategeye ku nda zabo n’irari ry’ubutegetsi bamwe bafite. Tuzinjira amashyaka bibumbiyemo tuyashwanyaguze, tuzaha amafaranga bamwe baneke amashyaka babamo batugezeho amakuru yo kuyasenya. Tuzateza akaduruvayo twizeza imyanya bamwe.

    Abicanyi bati tuzashinga amashyaka ya nyirarureshwa hanze adufasha kurwanya opposition nyayo. Tuzakorera media utu dushyaka twacu amahanga agirengo nibo bahagarariye abari ku ngoyi. Nibirimba tuzanashyikirana ariko twimire opposition nyayo.

    Abicanyi bati igihe bazaba buzuye urwikekwe ntibazahuriza hamwe, tuzabona uburyo twica abayobozi babo.

    Ubwicanyi bumaze gutegurwa bumeze nkubwabaye mu myaka ya 1996-2000.
    Niki gituma abanyarwanda bamwe barangazwa n’amatora nkaho bakwize uburyo birinda ubu bwicanyi bwarangije gutegurwa?

    Kuki abanyarwanda bakomeje kumva ko umuzungu azabibagiramo kandi mbere yarahagarikiye ubwicanyi? Ese ni ubunebwe bubibatera bakibagirwa agaciro k’ubuzima bwabo?

    Kuki ingamba zitafatwa zo kuneka abicanyi maze bagakubitwa izakabwana kugirango bacike ku ngeso mbi?

    Kuki hataba ingabo zigera kuri miliyoni mu karere zo gusekura, zikarimarima abicanyi banze kuva ku izima bakomeje kugarika ingogo mu karere? Ese abasore n’inkumi barabuze ngo umwanzi bamucucume?

    Kuki hataba ineka ryo ku rwego rwo hejuru rikurikirana abicanyi bose n’abagambanyi ibintu baba barimo? Ibi byaburizamo imigambi mitindi baba bategura kandi byakwihutisha urugamba.






    Amakuru agera ku aravuga ko Minisitiri w’intebe w’u Rwanda, Anastase Murekezi, kugeza ubu atorohewe nyuma yo kwirukana uwahoze ari Minisitiri w’ubuzima, Agnes Binagwaho.
    Minisitiri w’intebe Murekezi ashinjwa na Binagwaho ubwumvikane buke, ari ho ahera avuga ko ari cyo yirukaniwe muri guverinoma.
    Umufasha wa Perezida Kagame aravugwa muri iki kibazo, aho ashaka ko Agnes Binagwaho agarurwa muri guverinoma cyangwa Minisitiri w’intebe akirukanwa.
    Imizi y’ikibazo
    Ubwo inama y’umuryango w’Afurika yunze ubumwe (AU) yabaga, imodoka y’abasiviri yakatanye umurongo w’imodoka zari ziherekeje umwe mu banyacyubahiro wari witabiriye inama, bituma abari muri iyo modoka bahita batabwa muri yombi.
    Mu batawe muri yombi bagafungirwa kuri burigade ya Remera, harimo na musaza w’uwahoze ari Minisitiri w’ubuzima Agnes Binagwaho.
    Amakuru yizewe avuga ko dosiye y’aba bagabo bagera kuri babiri yahawe ACP Theos Badege umuyobozi wa CID ngo ayikurikirane.
    Binagwaho yabanje kugerageza kubafunguza biranga ariko nyuma abwira ACP Badege ko perezida Kagame yavuze ko yafungura abo bagabo, bagahita bafungurwa.
    Nyuma yo gufungurwa, amakuru dukesha abakozi bo mu biro bya polisi, avuga ko umuyobozi wa polisi y’u Rwanda IGP E. Gasana yahise abwira Minisitiri w’intebe ko ACP Badege yafunguye abashatse guhungabanya umutekano w’abanyacyubahiro ubwo bari mu muhanda bagenda.
    Abakozi bo mu biro bya Minisitiri w’intebe batubwiye ko Minisitiri Anastase Murekezi yihutiye kubaza perezida Kagame ko ari we watanze amabwiriza yo gufungura abagabo babiri barimo na musaza wa Binagwaho, umukuru w’igihugu akavuga ko yabeshyewe.
    Minisitiri w’intebe Anastase Murekezi ntiyorohewe.
    PM Murekezi yagishije inama perezida Kagame, amubwira ko yirukana Agnes Binagwaho muri guverinoma.
    Minisitiri w’intebe Murekezi mu ruhuri rw’ibibazo.
    Icyakurikiyeho nuko ACP Theos Badege, umuyobozi wa Polisi mu karere ka Gasabo n’uwayoboraga sitasiyo ya polisi ya Remera bahise batabwa muri yombi, bakurikiranyweho gukingira ikibaba musaza wa Binagwaho.
    Ibibazo by’aba bapolisi bafunze, kugeza ubu birimo gukurikiranwa n’urwego rushinzwe imyitwarire muri polisi y’igihugu.
    Amakuru duhabwa n’abantu bari hafi y’Umufasha wa perezida Jeannette Kagame, avuga ko yahise yitambika muri iki kibazo, agategeka ko Agnes Binagwaho yasubizwa muri guverinoma.
    Bamwe mu bakozi bo muri Minisiteri y’ubuzima, batubwiye ko Binagwaho yakunze kujya avuga ko kwirukanwa kwe muri guverinoma kwatewe n’ubwumvikane buke buri hagati ye na Minisitiri w’intebe. Ababizi bahamya ko aba bombi basanzwe badacana uwaka.
    Kugeza ubu ikiriho nuko umufasha wa perezida Kagame asaba ko Agnes Binagwaho yasubizwa muri Guverinoma cyangwa Minisitiri w’intebe akirukanwa.
    Kubera ibi bibazo bigaragara, amakuru duhabwa na bamwe mu nzego zo hejuru avuga ko ari yo mpamvu hataraboneka uyobora Minisiteri y’Ubuzima mu rwego rwo kubanza gukemura ikibazo kiri hagati ya Binagwaho na Murekezi, dore ko Binagwaho ari we ushinja Murekezi kumwirukana mu maherere bishingiye ku bwumvikane buke.
    Ku rundi ruhande ariko, amabwiriza yo kwirukana Agnes Binagwaho muri guverinoma, Minisitiri w’intebe Anastase Murekezi.


    Ariko muzi ikibazo cy’u Rwanda ukuntu cyoroshye kugikemura:

    ni uko ubuyobozi bwareka kwica no kwica abaturage gusa. Ni ukuvuga si ibintu bidasanzwe bisabwa, ahubwo ni ukureka imico imwe n’imwe mibi.

    Nta muturage ubasaba ubufasha arabazi, ahubwo arabasaba kureka kumubuza amahwemo.

    Abantu bose ntidukunda kurwana. Dutanze gasopo kandi.






    Twagiramungu Faustin umukwe wa Kayibanda Gregoire

    Twagiramungu FaustinTwagiramungu Faustin ntiyabashije kumvikana na Habyarimana

    Twagiramungu Faustin umukwe wa Kayibanda Gregoire wabaye Perezida wa mbere w’u Rwanda akaba na perezida fondateur w’ishyaka MDR Parmehutu ishyaka Twagiramungu yabereye umuyoboke n’umuyobozi mu 1991 ubwo ryongeraga kuzuka. Ese uyu mugabo yaba yarapfuye iki na Perezida Habyarimana ndetse n’ubutegetsi bwa FPR Inkotanyi.

    Perezida Habyarimana yagiye ku butegetsi mu ntangiriro z’ukwezi kwa karindwi 1973 ahiritse Gregoire Kayibanda wari sebukwe wa Kayibanda. Imyaka igera kuri 21 yari amaze ayoboye u Rwanda byari bigoye kuba yavugirwamo nyuma yo kwica Kayibanda nabi.

    Kuva icyo gihe Twagiramungu Faustin yatangiye kugirira inzika Perezida Habyarimana wivuganye sebukwe wari usanzwe ari se muri batisimu wa Habyarimana(Kayibanda).
    Byaje guhumira ku mirari ubwo Perezida Habyarimana yafungaga Twagiramungu Faustin. Bamwe bavuga ko Twagiramungu yaba yarazize ko yari afite ibisigisigi bya giparmehutu Habyarimana atarifuzaga ko ivugwa kuko yayitinyaga cyane.

    Abandi nanone bavuga ko yaba yarazize ikigo yayoboraga cya STIR bivugwa ko Twagiramungu yaba yaranyereje imitungo yacyo.

    Ubwo amashyaka menshi yongeraga kwemererwa gukora mu Rwanda mu 1991,Twagiramungu nawe yahise umuyobozi w’impirimbanyi mu mashyaka yahataga igitutu Habyarimana, kuva mu mwaka w’1993 nawe (Twagiramungu)yagombaga kwicwa.

    Mu mwaka w’1993 hari ubwicanyi bwabaye muri Ngenda (Kigali-Ngari), Mutura (Gisenyi) na Kirambo, bamwe mu basirikare ba Habyarimana babusobanuye bavuga ko ari ubwicanyi bukorwa n’ubutegetsi bwa Perezida Habyarimana, kandi buzaba n’ahandi henshi mu gihugu hatuye Abatutsi benshi.

    Mu nkuru yasohotse binyamakuru bitandukanye, ivuga ko Abo basirikare basobanuye ko ubwo bwicanyi n’imvururu byari bigamije kwica amasezerano yo guhagarika imirwano bityo Inkotanyi zari zaratangije urugamba zikananirwa kubyihanganira.

    Muri uwo mugambi mubisha abanyapolitiki Twagiramungu Faustin na Gatabazi Félicien n’abandi bagombaga kwicwa. Kandi koko Gatabazi wari umunyamabanga w’ishyaka PSD yarishwe na Twagiramungu akizwa n’Inkotanyi.

    Indege ya Habyarimna Juvénal ubwo yari imaze guhanurwa ku wa 6 Mata 1994, abasilikare kabuhariwe b’aba GP n’ Interahamwe, bitangazwa ko bagiye guhiga Twagiramungu Faustin ngo bamuhitane, bamuzizaga ko yatanze Byumba akarwanya n’ubutegetsi bwa Habyarimana akitwa n’icyitso cy’Inkotanyi.

    Gusa mu gihe Twagiramungu yahigwaga ngo yicwe Inkotanyi zaramukijije nyuma yo kubohora igihugu zinamuha kuyobora dore ko yabaye Minisitiri w’Intebe ku wa 19 Nyakanga 1994 kugera ku wa 31 Kanama 1995 dore ko byari no mu masezerano yasinywe I Arusha ku itariki ya 4Kanama 1993 hagati ya FPR Inkotanyi n’ubutegetsi bwa Habyarimana.

    Ese Twagiramungu byagenze bite n’Inkotanyi zamukijije?

    Ishyaka MDR ryaje kugaragazwa muri raporo y’inteko ishinga amategeko ko rifite ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside bityo rihita rihagarikwa burundu muri politiki yo mu Rwanda.

    Twagiramungu yashatse kugarura MDR ku mbaraga ariko ntibyamuhira ndetse ashaka kuza kwiyamamaza ku mwanya wa Perezida wa Repubulika ku itike ya MDR nabwo biranga ahitamo kwiyamamaza ku giti cye nabwo ntibyamuhira kuko yagize amajwi 3%.

    Twagiramungu, ubu ni umwe mu Banyapolitiki barwanya Leta y’u Rwanda, ntajya ashima ibyiza ikorera Abanyarwanda, byose aranenga mu gihe nawe yakoranye nayo igihe gito.

    N’ubwo ashaje yakomeje gushimangira ko adashaje mu mutwe, ku buryo yahamyaga kuzagera mu Rwanda uyu mwaka kwiyamamaza ku mwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu aho yaba anahanganye n’abakandida barimo na Paul Kagame wa FPR.

    Muri Werurwe 2015, aganira na radiyo Isangostar ikorera mu Rwanda nibwo yatangaje ko kuba ashaje bitamwaka uburenganzira bwo kwiyamamaza mu matora y’umukuru w’igihugu, ashimangira ko nubwo yakwiyamamaza mu matora ya 2017 agatsindwa, yaba atsinzwe ku bw’impamvu, ko ataba ari ukubera imyaka afite.

    Aho yagize ati: “Nshatse kwiyamamaza natsindwa kubera ibitekerezo byange, ntabwo natsindwa kubera imyaka mfite. Ibyo ni ibyo abantu baba birirwa baririmba , niba nshaje ntabwo nshaje mu bwonko, ibitekerezo byange biracyari bya bindi”.

    Iterambere Twagiramungu anenga, Abanyarwanda benshi bararishima, ni nayo mpamvu baherutse gutora ukuvugururwa kw’imwe mu ngingo yo mu Itegeko Nshinga iha uburenganzira Perezida Kagame bwo kongera kwiyamamaza.

    Gusa na none n’ubwo mu mbwirwaruhame ze anenga, aherutse gutangaza ku rukuta rwe rwa Twitter amagambo yatunguye benshi bigaraga ko nawe atangiye kumva ko Perezida Kagame hari byinshi agejeje ku Banyarwanda ndetse ko akwiye gushyigikirwa aho kurwanywa. Yasabaga abamurwanya (Kagame) kurekera aho.

    Yagize ati: “Abantu banga u Rwanda n’umukuru wa rwo kubera “iterambere”, nibabireke ntakamaro. Ahubwo barwanye abayobozi b’abicanyi n’abadashaka demokarasi”. Yabitangaje ku wa 21 Werurwe 2016.

    Muri Mutarama uyu mwaka, Twagiramungu yarongeye Ati: “Iki ni igitego mu bihugu bitatu byahoze biyoborwa n’abakoloni b’Ababiligi (Burundi, RD Congo, Rwanda) “ aha yashimaga inyubako ya Kigali Convention Center, yubatse ku Kimihurura mu Karere ka Gasabo, umujyi wa Kigali.

    Twagiramungu ubu uba mu buhunzi mu Bubiligi yakomeje gushimangira ko naho aba nta mutekano uhagije ahafitiye, dore ko mu 2014, yitangarije ko yarusimbutse.


    umwari Diane Shima RWIGARA

     Diane Shima RWIGARA

    Nyuma yaho umwari Diane Shima RWIGARA atangarije icyemezo cye cyo guhatanira umwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu byaragaragaye ko leta y’amabandi yishyize ku butegetsi nta mpamvu na ntoya yatuma ikumira uriya mwari nk’uko yabigenje ikora ibishoboka byose ngo iheze Nyakubahwa Padiri Thomas NAHIMANA ibuza Kompanyi z’indege kumugeza kubutaka bw’u Rwanda. Diane rero yaje ari nk’ihwa rihandana ubukana mu kirenge cy’umwicanyi n’abambari be kuko we noneho yatangaje icyemezo cye ari mugihugu kuburyo ku mubuza kukinjiramo bitashoboka.
    Byaragaragaye ko mu makinamico yitwa amatora yabanjirije iringiri, abagerageje guhatanira umwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu byagiye byoroha kubahimbira ibyaha bitewe n’ubwoko baturukamo bityo bakagerekwaho ingengabitekerezo ya jenoside hanyuma abanyarwanda n’amahanga bakabiha umugisha, Ni uko Faustin TWAGIRAMUNGU yibwa amajwi cyakora we aba umurame asubira ibwotamasimbi mugihe Madame INGABIRE Victoire umuhoza na Dr Thèoneste NIYITEGEKA bakomeje gukorerwa iyicarubozo mu munyururu.
    Nyuma y’uko Nyakubahwa Padiri Thomas NAHIMANA yangiwe Kwinjira muri gakondo ye Imana yagaragaje ko ntawe uhiga nayo maze ihagurutsa umwari batabashaga no kurota ko yagira ubutwari bwo gufata icyemezo gikomeye nka kiriya kuko bibwiraga ko we n’umuryango we babaciye umutwe bakora ibikorwa bya giterahamwe byo gukomeza jenoside ikorerwa abatutsi birimo kwica no gusenyera umuryango wa Nyakwigendera RWIGARA ASSINAPOL.
    1. Reka mpere kuri Diane :
    Kugeza ubu haragaragara inenge imwe gusa nayo y’impimbano kuko abahanga mu ikoranabuhanga bakomeje kugenda bagaragaza ko ariya mafoto ari amahimbano ndetse n’impamvu zateye abayakoze zikaba zumvikana ko ari ubwoba abicanyi ba FPR bafite bwo guhangana nawe mumatora dore ko kumurega ingengabitekerezo cyangwa se gukorana na FDLR bitabashobokera.
    2. Turebe Inenge za KAGAME
    Nk’uko twese tubizi ibyaha bya Kagame ni byinshi cyane ariko kandi kugiranga inyandiko itarushaho kuba ndende ndibanda gusa kubikorwa by’ubwicanyi yagiriye abanyarwanda b’ingeri zinyuranye ntirengagije abanyamahanga. Bimwe muri ibyo bikubiye murutonde Guvernoma y’abaturage ikorera mubuhungiro yashyize mu itangazo risyishyiraho ryo kuwa 20/02/2017 Mumwiherero wabereye i Paris mu bufaransa. Kanda hano usome iryo tangazo :
    N’ubwo twe tuzi ko Diane yaharabitswe mu mafoto ariko kandi haramutse habayeho amahitamo aho gutora umwicanyi nahitamo uwifotoje kuriya kuko ifoto n’iyo yaba ari iy’ukuri itavusha amaraso, idatera ubupfubyi, idatera ubupfakazi ntinatere n’ubuhunzi. Nongere kandi nanababwire ko uwabikoze yakwihana mugihe uwanyoye inkaba ahora ashaka indi ndetse bikaba binagaragara ko Kagame n’abambari be barenze ihaniro.
    Nibutse ko n’iyo Kagame n’abambari be bakwihana abacu yaducuuje batagaruka ngo twongere dutaramane nabo nk’uko byahoze atarabambura ubugingo.
    Wa mututsi we wavuye hanze, wibagiwe abawe yatsinze kurugamba kumpamvu zidasobanutse ?
    Wibagiwe abawe bakomeje kuborera mugihome ? ariko nako anakomeza kubica uruhongohongo ?
    Wa mututsi we babeshya ko warokotse kubwabo wibagiwe ko ubu ari wowe ugezweho kongera gukorwa mubikomere ?
    Wa muhutu we nkubwire iki ? Mpere he ngeze he ?
    Mpere i byumba, cyumba Kiyombe Kisaro, Mukarange Butaro, Rutare, Manyagiro, I Kibeho, mubuvumo bwo mubirunga, Ndondore Zaire yose ? Tingitingi Mugunga Katale … ? Njye muri za gereza aho benewanyu bashengukira ?
    None ndabona benshi muri mwe mwasizoye murangazwa n’ifoto y’impimbano mwibagirwa ubugingo bw’abanyu mwambuwe mukibakunze ndetse bamwe muri mwe mukaba mutanabasha no kubunamira.
    Ntawe ushobora kurondora abishwe bose kimwe n’ibikorwa by’urukozasoni byibasiye inyoko muntu byakozwe na FPR byose ngo birangire niyo mpamvu nifuje kubamurikira amazina ya bake cyane muri abo banyarwanda FPR-Inkotanyi iyobowe n’umukandida wanyu Paul KAGAME yagizemo uruhare.
    Nibutse ko uru rutonde ari nk’igitonyanga mu nyanja ukurikije ubwinshi bw’abantu bahitanywe na FPR- Inkotanyi.

    1. Gen-Maj Fred Gisa Rwigema (Tutsi) yazize inyota y’ubutegetsi ya Kagame n’ishyari kubera igikundiro Imana yari yaramwihereye haba mubasirikari cyangwa mubasivire ndetse no mubanyamahanga.
    2. Lt-Col Adam Waswa (Tutsi)
    3. Maj Dr Peter Bayingana (Tutsi) yazize kurusha Kagame amashuli.
    4. Maj Chris Bunyenyezi (Tutsi) izi ntwari uko ari enye zazize ko arizo zahabwaga amahirwe yo kuba zayobora igihugu FPR iramutse igeze ku ntsinzi naho Kagame akaza mumyanya ya kure.
    5. Senior-Officer Edison Mico (Tutsi), wayoboraga 21st Combined Mobile Force;
    6. Senior-Officer Kayitare Intare batinya (Tutsi), wayoboraga 101 Combined Mobile Force yahawe uburozi.Kayitare yari yarigeze kuba umwe mubarindaga Gen-Maj Fred Gisa Rwigema akaba n’inkoramutima ye. Kagame yamwishe kubera gutinya ko yazamuryoza urupfu rwa Rwigema
    7. Senior officer Ngumbayingwe (Tutsi) Yaguye I Kabuga bamurashe na machine gun bamuturutse inyuma babeshya ko ari haduyi wamurashe ariko ari Kagame watanze itegeko ryo kumwica. Yazize ubutwari bwe no kuba yari inkoramutima ya Kayitare Intare batinya. Nyuma yo kumwica hari hatahiwe Col Kazintwari Kadafi na Majoro kwikiriza Imana ikomeza kubahagararaho nabo bagombaga kuzira ibyo Ngumbayingwe yazize.
    8. S/Lt Charles Ngomanziza (Tutsi) wabaye muri Lukaga batayo ya magana atandatu yari ikambitse muri CND. Umucikacumu wenyine wari warabonye ako gapeti muri icyo gihe , yari yarize ku ishuli rya APACOPE. Bamwiciye i Kigali azira ko yari mu gikorwa cyo guhungisha imiryango y’abatutsi ngo abatabare rugikubita kandi Général Charles Karamba wari IO wa Lukaga na Général Charles Kayonga bari bafite amabwiriza yo kureka abapfa bagapfa ndetse ko n’uziha gutabara ari ugupfa nawe.
    9. Senior-Officer Gakuba (Tutsi), wari ushinzwe amahugurwa y’ingabo.
    10. Col Nduguteye alias Karisoriso (Tutsi) yakokomokaga mubugesera mubo bita abamere ariko akaba yarinjiranye n’inkotanyi baturutse Uganda. Uyu nawe yabaye muri High commande mugihe cy’urugamba. FPR imaze kugera kuntebe imuhemba kumwicisha uburozi.
    11. Col Alex kanyarengwe (Hutu) yakoranye na FPR ari perezida wayo igeze kubutegetsi imuta hanze nyuma imuha uburozi aratabaruka.
    12. Col Cyiza Augustin (Hutu), Ex FAR, wishwe Leta ya FPR ikabeshya ko yatorotse igihugu imodoka ye bayisanze ku mupaka wa Cyanika mu Ruhengeri aho Maneko za DMI zari zayijyanye nyuma yo kumwivugana. Aha twakwibutsa ko kumuhitana byageragejwe gatatu avuye kwigisha ULK buri gihe bagasanga hari umuntu yahaye lift bakabisubika, ariko ubwa nyuma hagatangwa itegeko ryo kumwicana n’uwo yari yahaye lift w’ umunyamulenge.
    13. Col Nzabanita Alias Dictionnaire (Hutu), Ex FAR, yarahotowe hakwizwa ibihuha ko yafashe ishati ye akayizingamo umugozi akayiyahurisha yimanitse.
    14. Col Lizinde Theoneste Mugabushaka (Hutu) wicanywe n’umucuruzi Bugirimfura;
    15. Seth Sendashonga (Hutu), Umuhutu wakoranye na FPR Inkotanyi akaba yaranabaye Ministiri wayo mbere yo kuzinukwa ibibi bya leta akiyemeza guharanira inyungu za bose. Umwicanyi Lt Mbayire Alphonse wari uzwi ku kazina ka Professor, (Tutsi), wahoze akora mu Kigo cy’Ubutasi cya DMI.afatanije n’ibiro by’ubutasi bya external, niwe wakoreshejwe mu gutegura no gushyira mu bikorwa urupfu rwa Seth Sendashonga, Lizinde na Bugirimfura bapfiriye igihe kimwe mu buhungiro, icyo gihe uyu mwicanyi yari Umunyamabanga wa mbere wa Ambassade y’u Rwanda i Naïrobi muri Kenya. Aka kazi k’ubuhotozi yagatunganyije nk’uko abari bamutumye babyifuzaga. Hanyuma arangije uwo murimo w’urukozasoni n’ubugome butagira urugero, agarurwa mu Rwanda ku kicaro cya DMI ahembwa gukubitirwa amasasu ku Kicukiro aho yari avuye mu kabari gufata rimwe.
    16. FPR yiciye mu ishyamba abasirikari b’abafrancophone batabarika bazira ko bize kurusha abanglophone, abandi ngo niba sintabeba, n’ubundi bugome bubabaje.
    17. FPR yishe abasirikari benshi kuva Kigali yafatwa kugeza n’ubu bakicwa, aba demob (abavuye ku rugerero) bahotowe nta kivugira bakazimira burundu, abasabwe kujya mu dutsiko tw’amabandi bakwanga bagahigwa na General Karake Karenzi ndetse na General Karimba; abacitse ku icumu ry’aba bagabo bakabuzwa kubaho mu gihugu, bikaba ngombwa ko baba impunzi mu bindi bihugu, abandi bagafungirwa mu byobo byuzuyemo amazi mu Kigo cya Miltary Police i Kanombe n’ahandi.
    18. FPR inkotanyi yicishije abatutsi benshi mu Rwanda ahagana za Ruhango, Gisenyi, Bigogwe n’ahandi hirya no hino mugihugu. Aho bategaga ibisasu bigahitana amamodoka atwara abagenzi benshi., maze bikitirirwa ibyitso, abatutsi bo muri utwo duce bakabyishyura bicwa banafungirwa ubusa, kandi ari abacengezi ba RPF babitegaga kugira ngo batere akajagari mugihugu nk’uko bari kubikora muri iyi minsi mumugi wa Kigali.
    19. Gapyisi Emmanuel, (Hutu), yari umunyapolitiki wakomokaga ku Gikongoro, akaba umukwe wa Perezida Kayibanda yishwe na FPR igamije guteza umwiryane hagati y’abayoboke ba MDR na MRND .
    20. Nyungura Emile (Tutsi) n’umufasha we (ababyeyi b’umucuranzi w’ikirangirire Corneille Nyungura ubarizwa muri Canada) umunyapolitiki wa PSD nabo bishwe na FPR, bari batuye ku Kicukiro.
    21. Gatabazi Felisiyani (Hutu) yishwe n’inkotanyi kunyungu za politique. Inkotanyi zamwishe kugira ngo zitere urujijo n’umwiryane mumashyaka y’imbere mugihugu, noneho abakombozi bo bahita bumva ko ari MRND na CDR bishe umukuru wabo, ni uko Bucyana anyuze iya Butare atararenga i Mbazi baramutangira baramucocagura kubera umujinya w’urupfu rwa Gatabazi.
    22. Bugirimfura (Hutu), umucuruzi wicanywe na Col Lizinde Theoneste;
    23. Col Ngoga (Tutsi), wiciwe Nasho hagakwizwa impuha ko yiyahuye.
    24. Col Cyiza (Tutsi), wahoze ayobora Charlie Combined Mobile Force, uzwi cyane mu birunga no mu majyaruguru, wishwe nyuma gato y’uko Kigali ifatwa amaze kwamburwa amapeti akagirwa S/Liyetona kubera ibibazo yagiranye na Kagame ku giti cye;
    25. Maj Rutayisire Wilson alias Shaban (Tutsi), wayoboraga ORINFOR, akaba yariciwe i Goma hagakwiza impuha ko yiyahuye;
    26. Maj Alex Ruzindana (Tutsi), wishwe na Maj Butera wa DMI muli 2003, amuhotoreye muli Nyungwe akoresheje imbunda ya masotera(pistol) yari yatwaye mu ngofero yari yambaye;
    27. Maj Birasa (Tutsi), wicanywe na Capt Eddy batezwe ambush (embuscade), dore ko bo banamenye abari bayoboye icyo gico, umwe agasakuza ahamagara umwe mu bicanyi (tudatangaje izina rye muri iyi Nyandiko) abaza ati [Afande nimwe mudukoreye ibi?] mbere yo kududubizwaho urufaya. Ni uko Leta ikwiza impuha ko ari abacengezi babasanze muri Kigali-Ngari;
    28. Cpt Eddy (Tutsi), wari ushinzwe Artillary i Byumba, akaba yarapfanye na Mjr Birasa batezwe ambush (embuscade) nk’uko bimaze kuvugwa haruguru;
    29. Cpt Donat Muvunanyambo (HUTU), Umuhutu wahoze mu Ngabo za Ex-FAR, nyuma akaza kujya mu Nkotanyi. Yarashwe amasasu y’urufaya n’Inkotanyi ku itegeko rya Kagame, kandi yari mu bayobozi bakuru bazo;
    30. Cpt Hurbert Kamugisha (Tutsi), wiciwe i bugesera ahawe masotera ngo yirase kuko yari yaciriwe urwa pilato n’ibukuru. Uyu yari umwe mu bayobozi b’inzego z’ubutasi mu gihugu, akaba yari yararongoye umucikacumu w’inyamirambo.
    31. Lt Claude Ruraza (Tutsi), umututsi w’umugogwe wishwe azira kwanga guhohotera abahutu no kuba yari ashinzwe imirimo y’iperereza muri DMI byatumye akurikiranira hafi iyicwa ry’abagogwe benewabo ritari rimushimishije kandi rikorwa ku mabwiriza y’abari bamukuriye abireba n’amaso ye kandi abyumva n’amatwi ye.
    32. Cpt Seruada (Hutu), wavuye Uganda bamurasiye i Gabiro mu mutara hamwe n’aba escorts be biganjemo abatutsi bakwiza impuha ko ngo bari bagiye gutangiza rébellion. Uyu n’ubwo yari yaravuye Uganda ntibyamubujije kuzira ko yari umuhutu wari ufite inkomoko i Butare kandi wari warabonye ibyo FPR yakoreye bene wabo bagatinya ko ashobora kuzihorera akaba yari yaranarongoye umucikacumu nawe wakomokaga I Butare bari bamaze kubyarana umwana umwe w’umuhungu witwa Mike. Bakaba bari batuye inyuma ya Cosmos i Nyamirambo. Bamaze kumwica urugo rwe rwahise rutahwa na Nyakwigendera Claude Dusayidi wahoze ari umujyanama wa Kagame.
    33. Cpl Jimmy (Tutsi), uvuka i Nyamirambo wabarizwaga muli 21st Batallion (akaba yari ashinzwe iby’itegwa n’itegurwa ry’ibisasu byo mu bwoko bwa mines, kandi yari yarize amashuli ya Normal Technique kera mu Rwanda), waciwe umutwe nk’itungo mu ibagiro, abamuzi bagasanga igihimba haliya no gushaka aho umutwe uherereye ntibyorohe, kandi nta aduyi wari hafi y’aho yaciriwe umutwe (mu gitero cyaje kwitwa icyo ku ya munani) dore ko n’iyo riba isasu ry’umwanzi byari kugaragara. Isasu ntirikerera umutwe ngo riwukureho riwushyire ukwawo. Uyu muhungu ufite icyo apfana cya hafi cyane na perezida wa FPR ubwe yari azwiho kutavugirwamo no kuvugisha ukuri mu kwamagana ivangura ryakorwaga n’ubuyobozi bwa gisilikali rigirirwa bamwe mu bana b’u Rwanda batavukaga aho ibutware bashaka, cyangwa baziraga ubujijuke bwabo. Ibyo akabigaya yewe n’imbere ya Nduguteye na Kagame ubwe iyo habaga habaye impamvu ituma bahura n’abasilikari muri rusange.
    34. Cpt Richard Isoke (Tutsi), wari Director of Criminal Investigation muri DMI, wishwe urw’agashinyaguro mu Burundi n’umurambo we ntugarurwe amaraso ye akaba yaramenwe na Lt-Col Karangwa John ubu ukora muli DMI. Yari yarashakanye n’umucikacumu rya jenoside kandi yari yarabanje kugirana ibibazo bikomeye cyane na Général Karenzi Karake ndetse na Patrick Nyamvumba kubera umucuruzi (izina rye ntituritangaza kubera umutekano wa benshi) bari barahejeje mu buroko nkana, maze bagataha n’urugo rwe ku gitsure cy’Inkota n’Isasu (iterabwoba). Capt Richard Isoke rero wari umaze kuvumbura amabanga y’ubusambo n’ubutindi bwari bwihishe inyuma y’ibi n’ibindi byinshi yari atangiye kurwanya, abigwamo.
    35. Lt-Col Karangwa Kadogo (Tutsi)
    36. Capt Rwapapa (Tutsi), wari mu bayobozi b’ingabo, akaza gufungwa Kigali igifatwa akarinda apfira mu munyururu nyuma y’imyaka irenga 15 nta rubanza nta no kwisobanura. Umuryango we warababaye urihanagura na n’ubu agahinda watewe na FPR-Inkotanyi karacyawuzonga
    37. Sgt Gahima Olivier (Tutsi), uvuka mu Bugesera akaba yarahoze akora muli CID, wicanywe n’umugore we i Kigali mu Kiyovu, hanyuma hagakwizwa impuha ko yarashe umugore we nawe akirasa.
    Uyu musore yari yabanje kugira ubwoba bwa Gacinya bari barakoranye arahunga, nyuma aza kugaruka anashyikirana na Gacinya wahoze ali shebuja mbere yo kwivuganwa n’inzego z’umutekano hafi (muri metero nkeya cyane) y’urugo rwa Général Ibingira n’Urugo rw’Umukuru w’Igihugu.
    38. Assiel Kabera (Tutsi), wabaye perefe wa Kibuye nyuma akagirwa umujyanama muri présidence kugeza ubu akaba nta anketi yigeze ikorwa ku rupfu rwe kubera amabanga yari afitanye na FPR- Inkotanyi.
    39. Pierre Claver Rwangabo (Hutu), wapfanye n’umuhungu we w’imfura n’umushoferi we mu ijoro ry’uwa 4 rishyira5 werurwe 1995, umuhutu wabaye Prefet wa mbere wa Butare Inkotanyi zigifata ubutegetsi, maze zigahita zimwivugana atamaze kabiri ahagana i Mbazi
    40. André Kagwa Rwisereka (Tutsi), wari Visi-Perezida wa green party, waciwe umutwe nk’itungo mu ibagiro azira kutavuga rumwe na FPR;
    41. Munyandamutsa (Hutu), Burugumesitiri wa Komine Rushashi uzwi cyane ko yagiye mu nama y’umwiherero y’ababurugumesiri ba MRND muri 1992 bakababwira gahunda yo kwica abatutsi n’abahutu batavugaga rumwe na MRND noneho Burugumesitiri Munyandamutsa bikamwanga mu nda akabavamo akabitangaza akanabyamagana kumugaragaro. Nyuma ya 1994, yakomeje kuba Burugumesitiri ariko FPR/APR iza kumutegera mu nzira iramwica;
    42. Rugambage Jean Léonard (Tutsi), Umunyamakuru w’Ikinyamakuru Umuvugizi yazize gushyira ukuri ahagaragara;
    43. Charles Ingabire (Tutsi), Umunyamakuru w’ikinyamakuru Inyenyeri
    44. Dr Ndamage Francois (Tutsi), umucikacumu wa jenocide wahoze muri TRAC. Bamutsinze munsi y’urugo rwa Perezida mu Kiyovu ahantu harinzwe kurusha ahandi mu Rwanda babanje kumwambura imyenda yose hanyuma bamurekera mu modoka barayihirika igonga igiti cyo ku muhanda, hakwizwa impuha ko yazize impanuka,
    45. Dr Claude Sibomana (imvange)(Gynecologue) wo mu bitaro bya kaminuza i Butare; wapfuye arozwe agaturika umutima; maze bikitirirwa ngo umunaniro (surmenage). Yavukaga ku babyeyi badahuje ubwoko, akaba yarabarirwaga mu bacikacumu ba jenoside yakorewe abatutsi.
    46. Bwana Theogène (Tutsi), umusivili ufite nyina uba ku mugabane w’ i burayi kuva kera, akaba yariciwe mu mujyi wa Kigali kuri Rond-Point mumwaka w’ 2007, azize ko yari yabonye aba GP (garde présidentielle) ba Kagame bica umu-demob wavuye i Buganda witwa Eric wari utuye hafi ya Peyaje i Kigali.
    Abo ba GP bahise bahabwa amabwiriza yo kwica uwo mucikacumu witwa Theogène wari wabonye ayo marorerwa bamugongesheje imodoka ya Ambulance nyuma y’iminsi mike itageze ku cyumweru iyicwa ry’uwo mu-demob ribaye.
    Nta perereza Polisi y’igihugu yigeze ikora kuri ubu bwicanyi, kandi abaturage batuye aho hafi y’inzu y’umukuru w’igihugu benshi barabihagazeho imbonankubone. Abategetsi b’ingabo zirinda umukuru w’igihugu bamaze gukora ayo mahano kandi bohereje umuntu wo gufata ku ngufu (viol) umukobwa wari fiancée wa Nyakwigendera Eric, ni uko ahita amutera n’inda n’ubundi burwayi maze umukobwa abura aho aregera kuko abigize bene igihugu alibo bamwiciye fiancé bakanamufata ku ngufu.
    47. Ihotorwa riteye isoni ry’abasenyeri 3 n’abandi bihayimana benshi; ryakorewe i Gakurazo muli Gitarama ku mategeko aturutse ku buyobozi bukuru bw’ingabo zari ziyobowe na Générali Kagame, muli kamena 1994. Aba basenyeri b’abahutu barimo na Archeveque w’Urwanda ni: Nyiricyubahiro Vincent Nsengiyumva, Archevêque wa Kigali, Nyiricyubahiro Thaddée Nsengiyumva, Musenyeri wa Kabgayi, Joseph Ruzindana, Musenyeri Umushumba wa Byumba, hamwe n’abapadiri icyenda, Innocent Gasabwoya, Jean-Marie-Vianney Rwabilinda, Emmanuel Uwimana, Silvestre Ndaberetse, Bernard Ntamugabumwe, François-Xavier Mulingo, Alfred Kayibanda, Fidèle Gahonzire na Jean-Baptiste.
    48. Musenyeri Phocas Nikwigize, (Hutu), Umushumba wa Diyosezi ya Ruhengeri FPR Inkotanyi zishe ahungutse mu 1996 avuye muri Congo (ex-Zaire) ;
    49. Claude Simard, umunya Canada wihaye Imana wishwe mu ijoro ryo ku wa 17 ukwakira 1994 kuli Paroisse ye ya Ruyenzi.
    50. Padiri Mudashimwa Gaspard (Hutu), wari uzwiho kuba yarahimbye indirimbo yitwa Inzirabwoba y’ingabo za kera; wahohotowe na DMI mu iseminari yo ku Rwesero Kigali itarafatwa. (Lt Col Rwahama jackson na col Mupenzi bari mu buyobozi bwa DMI nibo babazwa iby’urupfu rw’uyu musaza). Col Mupenzi uyu ubu yakuweho ikizere maze ajya kwihisha mubarokore.
    51. Ernest Werabe (Hutu), umuhungu wabo wa perezida Gregoire Kayibanda, wishwe nyuma yo gufungirwa ahantu habi (hagizwe ibanga) hatari ubuhumekero, nyuma gahunda Leta ya FPR yari imufititiye ikarangizwa no kumuhotora bunyamaswa.
    52. Capt Francois (Tutsi), Umucikacumu wa jenocide warashwe n’ umu escort wa Ministiri HARERIMANA Musa Fazil, akaba yarishwe akiva kwihugura mu bushinwa, akaba yari ashinzwe Pharmacie y’ibitaro bya Kanombe.
    53. Umucuruzi Nzovu (Tutsi), Umututsi w’i Kibungo w’umucikacumu rya jenoside. Yazize ko yari yatsindiye isoko rikomeye cyane rya za stations za Essence yapiganwaga na FPR ikaba itari yiteguye ko haba hari umunyarwanda wagira amafaranga ahita ashyiraho ako kanya akegukana iryo soko.
    54. Umucuruzi Mathias Myasiro, (Hutu) wacuruzaga ibikoresho byose by’ubwubatsi mu mugi wa Kigali mbere ya 1994 akaba yari afite amafaranga miliyoni 900 muri banki y’Ubucuruzi i Kigali FPR ikamwica ahungutse ngo ibone uko itwara ayo mafanga ye;
    55. Abana b’i Nyange ku Kibuye bishwe n’ingabo za FPR-Inkotanyi hagamijwe gutesha agaciro révendications za FDLR no kugirango bigaragare ko ari umutwe w’iterabwoba koko n’amahanga abyikirize, bityo ntihazigere habaho imishyikirano ihuza impande zombi. FPR igahita ibipfurika ibagira intwari ngo hatazava aho hagira n’uwasaba ko hakorwa iperereza;
    56. Abana b’abanyeshuli b’i Muramba ku Gisenyi bishwe na FPR ku mpamvu zimwe n’iz’ab’ i Nyange no kugirango FPR ibone uko yica Umuyobozi w’iryo shuli, umubikira w’umuzungukazi ukomoka mu Bubiligi (Belgique) bamuziza ko yari amaze kubona ubwicanyi bwinshi Inkotanyi zakoraga mu Rwanda ko yazaba umutangabuhamya w’impamo mu mahanga;
    57. FPR yiciye mu Rubirizi abana babiri b’abahungu b’imicuko (enfats mineurs) (Kadafi na Murumunawe) b’umugabo witwa Karangwa wari utuye kumumena ibaziza ko se yari umuyoboke wa MRND
    58. FPR yishe umugabo w’umuhutu wari utuye ku mumena munsi yo kwa honorable Byabarumwanzi witwaga Jean Pièrre (papa Yannick) imuhoye isura ye gusa. Umubare munini w’abacikacumu bari baturanye ukaba wararokokeye iwe.
    59. FPR yishe umugabo w’umuhamya wa Yehova witwaga Karori (Hutu) wari kavukire yo mu Rwampara hafi ya CESIK wambutsaga abatutsi abajyana ku irebero aho inkotanyi zari zikambitse akigarukira zirangije zibeshya ko ari interahamwe za mwishe.
    60. FPR yishe umugabo Bahufite Modeste w’umuhutu w’umunyacyangugu wari utuye mu Rwampara iruhande rwa CESIK imuhora ko yakoraga akazi ka Rujigo kandi yaminuje mu mategeko ndetse akaba ataratinyaga kugaragaza ibyo atekereza.
    61. N’ubwo ibitero by’abacengezi byabayeho, abanyarwanda n’amahanga bagomba kumenya ko FPR yagiye ibyitwaza igakora ikinamico ryo kwigabaho ibitero ubwayo kugirango ibonereho uko yica abahutu n’abanyamahanga yabaga yagambiriye kwica ahantu runaka nk’i Muramba n’ahandi henshi;
    62. Iyicwa ry’abahutu ibihumbi mu nkambi z’impunzi I Kibeho nyuma y’intambara ya 1994, ubu ntirikiri ibanga. Bitinde bitebuke Général Ibingira na Général Kagame bagomba kulibazwa;
    63. Iyicwa riteye isoni muri Kibuye ry’abatutsi bacitse ku icumu bicwaga n’Inkotanyi kugira ngo bivugwe ko ari Ingabo z’abafaransa zabivuganye cyangwa zatumye bicwa. FPR yakurikijeho gutoteza abanyakibuye birenze urugero. Aho abafaransa batageraga vuba Inkotanya zahabatanze basangaga zabamaze. Ibi ni Inkuru abacikacumu b’abanyakibuye bazi neza ariko bakicecekera kubera gukurwa umutima na FPR-Inkotanyi. Abantu bagendaga bazisanga basakuza ngo Inkotanyi zije kudutabara bazigera imbere zikabica umusubizo, bakabura aho bahungira handi.
    64. Iyicwa ry’abacikacumu b’i Rukumberi bishwe na FPR kugirango ibone impamvu zo kwikiza abantu yari yagambiriye kwica ibeshya ngo irabarengera.
    65. Abaturage benshi b’abahutu bishwe na FPR Inkotanyi muri Superefegitura ya Kinihira igihe cy’imishyikirano ya Arusha intambara yarabaye ihagaze (mu kitwaga “Zone Tampon”);
    66. Iyicwa ry’Aba-ofisiye n’aba-sous-ofisiye b’abahutu batahukaga bwangu muri 1994 bagahita bashyirwa mu rwakiriro(camp de transit) nyuma bakerekezwa iya Kami gukubitwa agafuni aho gusubizwa mu ngabo nk’uko byabaga biteganyijwe;
    67. FPR yashoye abanyarwanda n’abanyekongo mu intambara idafite icyo ibamariye igamije gusahura umutungo w’igihugu cy’inshuti no gutsembereyo impunzi z’abanyarwanda bo mu bwoko bw’abahutu kugera kurwego rwa jenoside nk’uko byagaragajwe na raporo y’umuryango w’abibumbye yiswe mapping.
    68. FPR yateje umwiryane mubwoko bw’abatutsi b’abagogwe, abanyamasisi n’abanyejomba yakoreshaga mubitero byayo byo muri Congo kugeza ubwo basubiranyemo baramarana maze ntiyaha umwanya imiryango yabo ngo ibunamire irangije ihemba umukozi wayo Général Ntaganda kumutanga I Lahay ngo ayibere igitambo.
    69. Leta ya FPR ikomeje guteza umutekano muke mu gihugu imbere imisha ama grenade mubana b’u Rwanda igamije gutera ubwoba abanyarwanda n’amashyaka RDI na PDP yahagurukiye kuyirwanya amaze iminsi atangaza ko yiteguye kujya gukorera mugihugu imbere. Izo grenades ziterwa na DMI ifatanyije n’umutwe wa Special Forces ndetse n’uw’aba GP barinda umukuru w’igihugu. Ibi bikaba bimaze kuba akamenyerewe ko grenade n’ibisasu biterwa n’inzego za Leta abaturage bagapfa abandi bakaba ibimuga, bikaba nta munyarwanda n’umwe ushobora gutinyuka kwigaragambya cyangwa kubaza FPR amahano ikorera abanyarwanda n’impamvu yayo.
    70. Nyuma y’intambara gato ubuyobozi bwa FPR bwatanze itegeko ryo kurasa abasore b’abasirikari barenga 40basagutse kubandi batagira ingano bari bamaze kwicirwa mu ibohero ryo kumurindi aho bari bafungiye bakajyanwa kurasirwa i Gabiro bazira ko bagerageje kugaragaza akarengane bari barimo icyo gihe ko gufungirwa ubusa mugihe abanyabyaha nyakuri bafungurwa kubera amasano bafitanye n’abidishyi.
    71. FPR yiciye abasore b’abasirikare 70 i Nasho mu mwaka w’ 1998 bazira ko Atari abega nka Kagame bazize gusa ko ari abanyiginya, ubwo bugome bukaba bwarashyizwe mu bikorwa na Général de Brigade Bagabo mu bufatanye bwa Colonel Zigira wigeze kuyobora Military Police.
    72. FPR yohereje abasirikari bayo benshi bafite isura nk’iy’abahutu bacengera mu nterahamwe bambara n’imyenda yazo bakorana nazo ibikorwa bya jenoside n’ibindi byose zakoraga kuko amasura yabo yatumaga ntawabakeka. Maze si ukwica abatutsi benewabo biva inyuma kugirango byose bitwererwe MRND n’abahutu bose muri rusange.
    Ikibabaje ni uko rimwe na rimwe nyuma y’intambara iyo habaga nk’umucikacumu ugize uwo amenya muri abo bakoreshejwe amahano amwibutse nko mubitero byagabwe kubatutsi bahitaga bamurigisa ubuziraherezo maze bakazatangaza ko yaguye kurugamba.
    Ibyo byagaragaye cyane mugisirikari aho abana b’abacikacumu babonaga abantu bibuka nko mubitero byarimbuye imiryango yabo induru bakayiha umunwa maze igikuba kigacika mugisirikari.
    73. FPR ikomeje kubeshya ko yahagaritse Génocide y’abatutsi kandi yaramaze abatutsi barokotse jenocide cyane cyane abagogwe bicwaga ku mugaragaro mu gihe kirekire inka zabo zigashimutwa maze zigataha inzuri z’aba Général mu Mutara. Ntibyagarukiye aho kuko bishe n’abatutsi b’abanyamulenge babasanze i Minembwe babaziza ko Général Masunzu yanze kwifatanya na FPR mu gusahura Congo, barangiza bakishushanyamo abacunguzi b’abanyekongo bavuga ikinyarwanda.
    74. FPR yakenesheje nkana abacitse ku icumu rya jenocide y’abatutsi ibarangariza mu bikorwa byo gusabiriza mu bigega by’ivangura no gushinja abahutu ibinyoma igamije kubaheza mu bucakara no kubateranya n’abahutu kugirango badatahura ibikorwa bibi byayo.
    75. Leta ya FPR yashyize mu bikorwa umugambi mubisha wo kumara abatutsi b’abacikacumu rya jenoside ibyitirira abahutu FPR ibeshya ko bagamije GUSIBANGANYA IBIMENYETSO (killing evidence).
    Inkotanyi nizo ziyiciye hafi 100% by’aba batutsi b’abacikacumu nyuma y’uko ifata ubutegetsi.
    Ibyo byacogojwe n’uko amahanga yashakuje abona ko ari ibintu bidasanzwe, abaza Leta ya FPR ukuntu yananiwe kurinda umutekano w’abacikacumu, mu gihe ivuga ko ifite ingabo zikaze zijya no kuwurinda mu mahanga. Ndetse bamwe (barimo abanyamakuru banyuranye b’abanyarwanda n’abanyamahanga) bakanifuza ko niba iyo Leta idashoboye kurinda abacikacumu yabivuga, amahanga akabirindira.
    Aha tuboneyeho kumenyesha abanyarwanda n’isi yose ko Leta ya FPR-Inkotanyi yabeshye amahanga ngo ishoboye gufasha mu gukemura ikibazo cya jenoside ibera Darfour muri Sudan yoherezayo abasilikare b’u Rwanda (RDF). Abasilikare bakoze jenoside ku benegihugu babo b’abahutu n’abatutsi bahagarika jenoside ya Darfour bate ikorwa na Bashir Perezida wa Sudan inshuti magara ya Perezida Kagame akingiye ikibaba ngo Urukiko mpuzamahanga mpana-byaha byo byibasira inyokomuntu rutamufata ;
    76. DMI (Department of Military Intelligence) igihe yayoborwaga na Rwahama Jackson nk’Umuyobozi Mukuru Wungirije yaremye umutwe w’abajura bitwaje intwaro ugizwe n’umubare munini w’abana b’abacikacumu rya jenocide, abavuye i Burundi ndetse na Congo (ex-Zaïre) bakayogoza imiryango itegamiye kuri Leta (ONG) yari yaraje gufasha abanyarwanda mu kaga igihugu cyacu cyari kivuyemo, abacuruzi bikorera kugiti cyabo n’ama Banki hirya no hino mu Rwanda ndetse no mu bihugu duturanye yarangiza ikabahemba kubica.
    Ingero nkeya cyane mu zindi nyinshi:
    – Nyakwigendera Sgt Kapiteni wari waravuye I Burundi,
    – Nyakwigendera PteKabano wakomokaga I Nyamata,
    – Nyakwigendera Sgt Mugabo Jules wakomokaga i Nyange ya Mugesera i Kibungo,
    – Cpl Aimable wakomokaga I Burundi,
    – Sgt Sandy wakomokaga I Bugande,
    – Cpl Maye wakomokaga i Goma ya Zaïre wari ikirangirire mu kwiba amamodoka ahenze ya za ONG n’abacuruzi,
    – SGT Gashumba wari uzwiho kutagira ubwoba
    – Pte TOTO wari waravuye iburundi ababyeyi be bakaba bari batuye ku Kimironko.
    – n’abandi tutarondoye;
    Aka gatsiko k’amabandi y’igihugu gifite guverinoma ibeshya ko ihagarariye abanyarwanda, kakaba kali gahagarikiwe kandi kanahabwa amabwiriza by’umwihariko na Générali Karake Karenzi (KK) [Ubu ukuriye Urugaga rw’Inzego z’Iperereza zose zo mu gihugu – NSS] wari ukuriye DMI icyo gihe, ndetse na Générali Dr Karimba wayoboraga Ishami ry’Ubuvuzi mu gisirikari (DMS), [ubu uhagarariye u Rwanda mu Ngabo z’Amahanga].
    77. FPR yashinze amagereza ya gisirikari atemewe n’amategeko agafungirwamo inzirakarengane zidaciye mu butabera; kandi nabwo wakwitegereza abayafungirwamo ugasanga ari bamwe gusa:
    – Gereza ya gisirikari yo ku Murindi,
    – Gereza ya gisilikali ya Kibungo,
    – i Kami mu kigo cya Gisilikari ahakubitirwaga udufuni na DMI,
    – ku Biro Bikuru bya DMI ahazwi ku izina ryo ku Kabindi aho abantu bafungirwaga ntawe uzi iherezo n’impamvu, akenshi bakahava berekezwa i Kami guhotorwa,
    – abafungirwaga mu Kigo cya Camp GP ku Kimihurura,
    – mu Kigo cya Military Police I Kanombe,
    – n’ahandi henshi, harimo amazu aboneka nk’asanzwe mu ma quartiers atuwe, yakodeshwaga na DMI kugira ngo ijye inigiramo abantu, iri banga rikamenywa na Nyumbakumi gusa n’abandi bayobozi bake, akenshi babaga barakoze cyangwa se ari abakozi ba DMI na Camp GP (Republican Guard);
    78. FPR yishe abantu bo mubwoko bw’abahutu batagira ingano kuri za stade zitandukanye babatumiye munama n’abo biciye muri za casho zitandukanye mugihugu.
    79. FPR yishe Abantu benshi ibabeshya ko ibajyanye gusarura umuceri i Byumba.
    80. FPR yiciye abantu benshi I Ndera abandi batwikirwa mumazu y’I Masaka na Gasogi ibavanye kuri stade amahoro ibabeshya ko ibarokoye.
    81. Colonel Patrick KAREGEYA (Tutsi) yarasiwe muri Afrika y’epfo aho yari yarahungiye
    82. Docteur GASAKURE (Tutsi) wavuraga KAGAME yiciwe muri mabuso ya Remera babeshya ko yashakaga gutoroka
    83. MAZIMPAKA Richard (Tutsi) Umucika cumu wiciwe iwe bakabeshya ko yiyahuye
    84. Umunyamategeko Me Willie Kimani, umukiriya we Josphat Mwenda n’umushoferi wabo Joseph Muiruri.
    85. Umunyamategeko Me Nzamwita Toy warasiwe mumuhanda avuye muri concert ya Kofi olomide bakabeshya ko yahagaritswe n’abapolisi akanga guhagarara
    86. Umucuruzi RWIGARA Assinapol (Tutsi) wishwe na FPR akanasenyerwa inzu ye azira gusa ko yanze ko FPR ivogera imitungo ye.
    87. Nyakwigendera Alphonse Rutagarama.
    88. Imam Munyengango warasiwe kumuhanda wa Kanombe ugana kumurindi bamuvanye mabuso nijoro bakabeshya ko yashakaga gutoroka
    89. Abatawe mukiyaga cya Rweru batagira ingano
    90. Itwikwa ry’abana bo mumuhanda bikozwe n’abanyerondo ba FPR
    91. Amarorerwa aherutse kubera mumurenge wa Bugarama kuwa 12 Werurwe 2017 akozwe n’ingabo za FPR bakabeshya ko ari abagizi ba nabi bahungiye i Burundi
    92. Majoro Kayitare wahoze ari mubashinzwe kurinda Kagame nyuima akamuhemba kumuhotora
    93. Lieutena BUGINGO Fidel wahoze ari RSM i nasho kuri trainning wing ya j2 waguye i Darfour azize uburozi
    Sinasoza uru rutonde Ntibukije abantu bakomje gufungirwa ubusa bazira impamvu zidasobanutse zirimo no gutinya demokarasi:
    1. Mme Ingabire Victoire UMUHOZA
    2. Déogratias Mushayidi
    3. Dr Thèoneste NIYITEGEKA
    5. Général Rusagara
    6. Colonel BISERUKA
    7. Colonel Thom Byabagamba
    8. Lieutena Joel MUTABAZI
    9. Sgt KALISA Innocent
    10. Muhdi BYUMVUHORE ufunzwe azira gutereka ubwanwa bakamubeshyera ko ari mumutwe w’iterabwoba
    11. Abafungiye muri gereza zitazwi
    12. Abafunze nta madosiye
    13. Abarangije ibihano ntibarekurwe
    14. Abanyamuryango ba FPR bose bafungishije ijisho.
    Ngaho namwe nimugereranye aba bakandida bacu mumbwire mubyukuri udakwiye guhagararira abanyarwanda
    Nk’uko Imana yakoresheje ukuboko kwa Dawudi akica Goriath ninako Imana izahagurutsa n’undi munyarwanda uwo ariwe wese kugirango u Rwanda Ruhozwe amarira.
    Banyarwanda bavandimwe ndabasaba ko twashira ubwoba, tugasenyera umugozi umwe, tukirinda ibiturangaza maze dushakire hamwe uko twarandura ubutegetsi bubi butubangamiye twese.
    Ikigaragara ni uko buriya butegetsi busigaye kumanegeka yimanga, agahenge bugifite ni uko twananiwe guhuza imbaraga zacui ngo tubusezerere.
    Imana ifashe u Rwanda n’abaruvuka bose.
    Bikorewe i Paris mu bu Faransa kuwaa 7 gicurasi 2017
    AKISHULI Abdallah

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