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    In the context of the operation “clean city”, the police has been engaged since this morning to arrests of vendors in Bujumbura. Police operations take place at the market “in Zion” in zone of ngagara, North of the capital.
    Witnesses indicate that children who sell water, lemonade and bags are the most targeted.
    Many arrests allegedly occurred.
    Last week, in the context of the same transaction, the mayor of the city freddy mbonimpa, did destroy several restaurants. These institutions were not to the standards.
    According to the mayor, more than 800 restaurants are concerned by this measure in the three municipalities of Bujumbura.


    Thanks to the accompaniment of campus France, a hundred young Burundi will begin their academic training in France.
    Meeting yesterday at the French Institute of Burundi. Often, the majority of the students of Burundi in France go to lille.


    Many people think that the selection was mono-Ethnic are Tutsi. Is it that the ministry of education would have been consulted? ??


    This academic training of our young people is necessary, but will the meet the needs of our country? Why don’t we have respect the ethnic quotas?


    Bush fires were seen burning on the hills of runtsinda, gashishima and nyambo in the zone busangana bukeye commune muramvya province in the centre of the country.

    The Administrator of the commune Bukeye estimates that more than 20 hectares are already gone up in smoke since this Monday, 29 August 2016. This administrator claims to have mobilised the population of these hills and the administrative at the base to help the rangers To extinguish that fire.
    He further reports that for the moment the origin of these bush fires is not known. This part of the forest reserve of the kibira was set on fire for the second time in less than two weeks.
    The Administrator of the commune Mr Bukeye is worried that it affects the population of this municipality of riparian the kibira to mobilise with the agents of the custody of this reserve to fight these fires that often manifested during the period of summer. Last week, more than 60 hectares of afforestation were burnt by bush fires in the province of mwaro.


    Mwaramutse Neza Mwese Mukunda I Gihugu C’uburundi! Mujeri Kagome Yabonyeko Ataronka Ibirimwa Vyo Mu Burundi Atakazi, None Yatanguye Kwitoza Utunyoni Ngo Ariko Yirukana Abarundi Bagirizwa Ububi, Ngo Abuze Humura Na Inzamba Kuvugira Iwe. Ndasubiriye Kubivuga, Kuki Yabahaye Indara Umwaka Wose? Kuki Atobarungika Mu Burundi? Kuki We Uwitwa Umuhutu Yarikumwe Na Habyarimana Afatirwa Ahariho Hose Kw’isi Bakamurungika Mu Rwanda? Ashaka Imigenderanire Myiza N’uburundi, Nabarungike Bose, Hama Yature Neza Imigambi Mibi Yose Yashatse Gukora Muburundi Ikaburijwamwo! Ikindi Abadandaza Ifi Batoye Inzira Yo Kuzicisha Muri Tanzanie, Burumatari Wa Makamba Ahagarare Neza Kuko Bazicisha Tanzanie Bagaca Bazitwara Mu Rwavu.Com! Twese Dukore Dukingire Igihugu Cacu.


    It’s shameful to want to make people understand that undertake is a crime! What’s more surprising that someone with degrees in business to get to his account and decide to stop business and sees his company liquidated?

    On average in France, 3 companies on 5 created do not spend the cape of 2 years. At least, him, because he is of the attacks directed against the current – libérat mfumukeko sg of the eac, dared to get to his account and this for more than 10 years while being involved in other noble Activities (Master of conference at Clark University – Massachusetts, USA, etc. ). He didn’t live social assistance as many of these hungry beaks currently crammed into the reception centres of refugees where the only income they have is none other than the money they receive by way of compensation of insertion. Others among them are pointing unemployed and live off the hook of the Belgian taxpayer, French and Canadian. Yet, here they are doing a bankruptcy in times of widespread economic crisis of the 2000 s an individual failure while elsewhere it is regarded as a rich experience!

    Did he been convicted of serious misconduct of management following this bankruptcy? Of course not! And from there be surprised that our country has not advanced for 40 years so that they are some political actors of this era and other strays and losers of the burundian political life that their offspring in the west to dirty our military, police and Politicians every time they are in the positions of representation abroad. …

    All these pseudo defenders of the rights of man (Ddh) is currently in kigali die the slab and instead of returning to their country and live there with dignity and peacefully are currently in the service of the niss / DMI who makes them do their dirty work .

    Some live increasingly in insecurity and fear: the fear of running out of food, the fear of not being able to pay the bills and buy the minimum subsistence, the fear of being expelled from their homes. They live more and more of isolation and suffer abuse of all kinds. Some people have decided to quietly “escape” Rwanda and return to the fold: Case of egide and aubry. For others, they have had no other choice than to leave kigali and settle in nyamata, distant suburb of kigali where rents are moderate.

    The depletion of these activists has created extreme conditions of life, which grows more and more certain in distress to strike at the gates of the rwandan intelligence in order to sell a bunch of papers insulting our country. According to some members of the association focode, the situation is linked to several factors, including the important budget cuts in social programs of governments during the last ten months: Fidh, eardh, pen international, International Media Support, freedom house and frontline defenders do More pay a dime to his freeloaders. Mfpss trying to meet some of their needs, the shalom house has put at their disposal a psychologist after that there has been a failed attempt suicide. Only the eu through eardh finance to account drop the radios inzamba and humura. Faced with this situation, the factors of embrittlement of the mental health of these “conquerors of futility” follow social isolation, indebtedness, marital difficulties and separation, as well as food insecurity. These problems of housing, precarious employment and financial insecurity affect them copieusemenr and led many to join the refugee camps, especially from mahama for propaganda and the recruitment of refugees who have to go to participate in military training at gabiro bigogwe, gako, And nasho. The Cadership Races (political mobilization) are provided to muhazi by the RPF.

    Most of them including vital nshimirimana and Pacific Ninahazwe don’t hide their feelings of helplessness, more avowedly demoralized and currently live in stress. Alcohol wreaking havoc and depression the win to the point where they asked psychological help to various Ngos, including that of maggy the crazy: Maison Shalom.

    To cope with this situation and come to plead for their cause (survival), the embassy of France in bujumbura will take care of the movement of three radical extremists located in Rwanda to participate in the 33th session of the human rights council The man in Geneva (12 to 30 September). Questions:

    1 / why the embassy of France finance these rebels in the power of bujumbura in supporting their displacement, hotel and costs of mouth so she doesn’t pay a dime to the burundian associations who solicit on site?

    2 / finally, these radicals who hide behind the hrsl will they really plead for the dh or rather for their well-being used?

    At least we will have realized that when you get in trouble to the point where we can no longer provide for its most basic needs, we’ll meet at the mercy of the slavery of modern times that make you do whatever they want. For our case, Arnaud, Blaise, vital, peaceful spend every morning at the headquarters of the rwandan intelligence get articles to post in different social media.

    Like the ivorians say
    If you take the path of I don’t care, you’re gonna find yourself in the village of if if I had known.


    International day against the disparity forces
    In Burundi, this day comes at a time when the journalists, the members of the body of the defense and security are not spared without forgetting many citizens.


    A few employees of the project African peace and security (Apsa) of the eac have recently increased their case to the court of justice of the eac. This is especially of gentlemen benoit bihamiriza (Burundi) and Patrice Mulama (Rwanda) which, in the scenes, loudly and proudly proclaim that they are victims of ethnic discrimination… because they are tutsi! Yet, the other 9 Employees (Tanzanians, ugandais and Kenyans) are clearly not tutsis. So the explanations are to look elsewhere…
    Our investigations reveal that:
    1. To 30/06/16 the project apsa accused a deficit of $ 474.807; the financier of the project (African Union on funds from the European Union) had nothing given for almost a year.
    2. On 27/07/16 the lessor gave $ 98.388 leaving a deficit of $ 376.419. in short, the eac manages since 1 year to pay on its own funds of wages for employees who no longer have any budget For the achievement of activities…
    3. Already 5 employees whose contracts expiraient on 30/06/16 have been thanked. For The 6 who remain, including those who have complained to the court of justice of the eac, the notice that they have been given the 20/06/16 comes to an end on 20/09/16. But if the council of ministers of the eac To be held on 05/09/16 in arusha happens to provide a solution, that is to say money to continue to pay the 6 employees who remain, so their jobs will be saved.
    4. One of the complaints of employees is that it would be for the council of ministers of the eac rule on the judgment or not of their jobs but:
    (I) ONLY 3 out of 11 are known of the council of ministers who ruled on their hiring in a report of 13/09/2008;
    (II) the council had then stated that their jobs will be on the terms of the project ua / EU of capacity-Building (who therefore has no more funds)… anyway, he is not a question of permanent posts to the EAC.
    Obviously it is simply the classic pattern of projects and programmes dependent on donor so that when the latter are leaving the pyramid collapses. And this has nothing to do with any delusion of discrimination anti-Tutsi. But it is not impossible that some attempt to use the ethnic fiber to mobilize the world in the face of “Bad Secretary-General” and save their jobs…


    Pierre Claver Mbonimpa barked again Yasubiye gukuga!

    Rapport yagacamutwe Pierre Claver Mbonimpa yaraye asohoye irambabaje cane. [ Yisome ngaha:…/enquete-de-laprodh-su… ] Uretse ko ari ububeshi gusa, yuzuyemwo amacakubiri y’amoko; aho yerekana ko igihugu c’Uburundi aric’abahutu gusa kandi amoko yose aserukiwe bikwiye munzego zose.

    Bavukanyi, kuva kera tugishikira ubutegetsi muri 2005, ntibahengeshanije kugaragaza ko badashaka intwaro y’Abahutu. Irementanya, ikinyoma ntivyahengeshanije gukwiragizwa kw’isi gushika n’ubu.

    Carafashwe kandi iperereza ritegerezwa kuba irya bene co birumvikana. Nayo Génocide bavuga ngo igomba kuba, bazoyirindira babure, amaso azohera munzira. Turi umwe, dufatanye munda ntaho bazoduca n’aho bogerageza gute.

    Mutere ivyatsi, fyonda “Like”, “J’aime”Gira ico ubivuzeko nawe.


    Amakuru aturuka hariya muri Somaliya mungabo za AMISOM ziri ahitwa muri HEDIKOTA aravuga umukobwa w’umurundikazi yirirwa akarara arata ibanga n’akaranga k’abarundi.
    Uwo mukobwa canke umugore yitwa
    NISABWE_Joselyne ariwe w’uyu mubona kw’ifoto ngaha,n’umusodakazi w’uburundi yagiye guserukira ico gihugu mumakungu,ariko akaba ariko aragitetereza mu gusambana n’abanyamahanga(abakenya,abaganda n’abasomaliya) adacaguye inyuma y’aho abarundi bamuhakaniriye ko atarico cabajanye,icabajanye bakizi.
    Uwo mukobwa abandanya amena amabanga ya gisirikare cuburundi murabo banyamahanga,mbere rimwe na rimwe agasuzuguza nabagenerari bamwebamwe.bivuzwe ngaha kuko amakuru adushikira ngo yoba yananiranye aho atukana cane kubamuhanuye aca avuga ko yobatanga i Bujumbura,bigatuma umubano ubandanya kwononekara.Ababijejwe babikurikirane kuko arambuye agahuzu ishusho y’abakobwa (abadame) babarundikazi.


    We, Burundian women in our diversity, ethnicities, women of civil society, political parties, civil servants, business women, Rural Women, the deputies, the senators,…, let’s make a peace March this Saturday 3 September 2016 in Bujumbura mairie. We want to carry far, the voice of the Burundian woman for:
    Say No to manipulation, “No ongoing genocide in Burundi”

    Say No to the organisations and countries who want to take decisions on Burundi without the consent of his government, Burundi is a sovereign country, it must be consulted before any decision that concerns him.

    Burundi, Bujumbura, Saturday September 03, 2016, the Burundi women, a peaceful protest was held by by hundreds of women to denounce foreign interference in Burundi.


    Ivyo tubikura mu rwandiko Pascal Nyabenda yasohoye kw’izina ry’umugambwe CNDD-FDD yararongoye, itangazo yateyeko igikumu ku wa 31/08/2016 aho arahira akarengwako atigeze ahakana ihonyabwoko ryabaye mu RWANDA muri 1994, ko ahubwo ngo abumvise ivyo yashikirije, ngo bamutahuye ukutariko. Muri iryo tangazo nyene, Pascal Nyabenda ariregurako ivyo yavuze ico gihe yarakirongoye CNDD FDD bitomuharurwako, ko vyorwa ku gatwe k’uyo mugambwe ngo n’aho ariwe yabiteyeko igikumu. Umuhinga mu vy’amajambo ati uko ni ugusha coba mu kurondera kwiyeza. Uyo muhinga ati imvugo ya Pascal Nyabenda yerekanako uyo mugabo asigaye arongoye Inama Nshingamateka ubu, ariko yihakana umugambwe wamureze, ku bw’amabi ariko akorwa na CNDD FDD ubonako vya vyaha 5 bihanwa na ya Sentare Mpanavyaha Mpuzamakungu bikorerwa kiremwa muntu: jenoside, ubwicanyi bw’agahomerabunwa, ivyaha vyo mu ntambara, uguhungabanya amahoro, n’intwaro karyanishamiryango arivyo vyaranze CNDD FDD. Mu gusozera uyo muhinyanyuzi mu vy’amajambo agasaba Sentare Mpanavyaha Mpuzamakungu kunyarutsa gushira ahabona ivyavuye muri ya matohoza yibanze yakozwe n’ubutegetsi bwa CNDD FDD ubonako na Pascal Nyabenda atanguye kwitakambirako amabi yakozwe n’umugambwe arimwo atoyaharurwako aho vyumvikanako yobazwa CNDD FDD ukamengo ico gihe hariho itandukaniro hagati yawe n’uyo mugambwe. Mbega Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe arihe ko yigeze kuvugako abihakana CNDD FDD nka kera ngo bakiri mw’ishamba, impera y’abantu nk’abo ngo baca bicwa?


    We have peace ful in BURUNDI we don’t need any police UN noooooo!!!!!!!!!!stay away of BurundiI.

    Mpaka bate bomoke izo mbunuza zamenyereye kubesha ngo ntamahoro ahari,ubu batakironka uko bayatoba twabahagurukiye haruwuherutse guturatura?kumatwita biriwe bagarura twatuziga twaya taliki 11/12/2015 hamwe imbwa zakubitigwa kumugezi zitahora zivoma.


    Paul kagame mu kirundi nakuze bambwira ko hari umugenzi soma mbike yaba ari umugenzi yakwibira inzoga y ubuki iri kurusenge akaguha ugasoma duke hama agasubiza iyo yayikuye intumva zagize Pirato KAGOME umugenzi zishira intore abana biwe bishwe na kigoyi none babahemvye urusoro. MANA nahawe kuko Bisaba kwihanga.


    Buramatari w’intara ya Cibitoke ari kumwe n’inzindi nzego bakiriye ibiziga vy’ababanyagihugu babiri b’Uburundi biciwe k’ubutaka bw’ugwanda, n’abasoda b’urwanda.
    Bakaba babakiriye kumupaka wa RUHWA.

    Uwaserukiye abaryagwanda bazanye ivyo biziga yanse gushikiriza ijambo!
    yanse nogushika ngo abarundi bamubone. Murimake yaterey ibiziga aca arigira.
    Batinye kuza ngo bavuge ijambo. Ariko twobamenyeshako babazanye muma sandugu adasa. Imwe itukura n’iyindi yera. Ayo mabara ateye amakenga cane….
    Muvyumva gute?


    No to the deployment of 228 police officers in Burundi, say the burundian women. They testify that burundi is bathed in peace.


    Abatavuga Rumwe n’ubutegetsi bw’iburundi abenshi muribo baramaze guta icizere kuvyo baharanira,uko iminsi ihera n’iko bata ingivu,aho n’imugihe ivyo Reta y’ibujumbura isabwa hakwirikijwe Amasezerano ya Arusha ivyinshi yarabisize Mungiro kuko nka 60% kubahutu na 40% kubatutsi nokwiyibagiza ubwoko bwa Batwa bikaba vyarasizwe Mungiro.n’ico gituma Abizeye ko i Biganiro vya ARUSHA ko harico bizoshikako Mugihe bicaranye na Reta y’uburundi bokura icizere,kuko Ivyinshi Mubizosabwa nka 80% yarabisize Mungiro havuyemwo gusa ikibazo ca Mandant ya 3,n’icumutekano.Amwe mumazina amenyerewe muri Politique y’Uburundi arashobora kw’ibagigwa burundu,hakazosigara “HARIHO na HARABAYE” “Mperaheze Mvuga ati: HARAKENEWE AMARASO MASHASHA N’IVYIYUMVIRO BISHASHA Muri Politic y’Uburundi.”Mugire Agatondo Keza Aho Iwanyu! “Murikumwe nanje Dr KIJANA.Tuguye kandi kwama twiyagira tubwirana bishasha akaruhuko kaheze.Ariko Amakuru Menshi Muzohora Muyasanga kuri Page yitwa “IJISHO RYAWE HAFI YAWE”.Ufyonda J’aime kugira uzohore uronka BISHA..

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