Just like some people have a phobia for snakes, spiders, devil worshipers, etc. the Rwanda Dictator Paul Kagame has issues with the truth and this seems to be the main ideology of the regime. Today he will be in one place bragging of the development he has brought all to Rwandans, while the majority can’t even afford access basic medical treatment-then next he will be wondering and asking his cadres how comes they were able to achieve victory in the war that brought him to power, but does not understand why there’s no medicine in hospitals??

The political situation in Rwanda has continued to be built on oppression and propaganda-the regime is at its highest level of paranoia and insecurity-the public is very insecure, and the tools of violence are being unleashed against Rwandans that show any signs of independent thought or are perceived not to be riding on the Propaganda bandwagon.

Paul Kagame has become a Public nuisance

The biggest problem in Rwanda is not  the truth, but not knowing and  denying it. The truth has become the biggest  causality and a threat to the regime. If you ever want to send Criminal Paul Kagame in a deep viral psychosis state, then mention or point to the truth, and you’ll see his desperation.

the Rwanda Dictatorship

We saw how it went in London when Criminal Paul Kagame pathetically bribed, and transported a band of parasites from Rwanda and Economic migrants from Europe, to parade their ignorance and denial of the truth on London Streets-this just shows you how pathetic criminal Paul kagame can become when faced with the truth.

Whenever his caught in any criminal act, he wil definitely deny any wrong-doing and instead call you all sorts of names.

Paul Kagame’s Old habits don’t die

The use of children by criminal Paul Kagame as foot soldiers for his criminality, just shows you what a nasty piece of work he can be.

The problem with that lot,  they lack the guts to reason with facts and commonsense, but abusive language and violence is what they’ve mastered. Thus, regardless of their education background (BA,BSC,Phds, etc.), they seem to carry a backward moronic mindset in their DNA. In spite of the world taking pity on them, and trying for the last 20 years to rehabilitate them in prestigious institutions around the world, they’re not  about to change today or tomorrow, but will continue to be a nuisance and a public hazard.

Gloria Kazungu


Free Rwanda

Paul Kagame has become a Public nuisance