As we begin a new year of 2020, the Rwandan Political groups(95%) are not yet clear to where they stand in terms of ideology.
This New year will have so many things happening, and we don’t want Rwandans to continue just following individuals that have No clear Political ideology.

Its absurd when politicians mostly within the opposition fraternity continue to flatter themselves that they’re politicians but with no clear political ideology that Rwandans can relate too.

Those political crooks have hindered a unified progressive force that can work as an alternative to Rwanda Patriotic Front, because they carry primitive bourgeoisie tendencies built with hallmarks of yesterday’s politics. The only time you hear of their existence is when they’re jumping on bandwagons issuing communiques, denouncing something that is already in the public domain or congratulating foreign entities. But, are always mute on daily political activism that affects the lives of Banyarwanda.

Politicians without a clear Political ideology should be Resistedrwanda

Free Rwanda is a Political Organisation with a Socialist ideology. They’re are not Marxist, Leninist or Maoist, but progressive Socialists, that believes in a true market economy that has no barriers of entry and a progressive society with an inclusive social system for all.

The social system under the previous regimes and the current one, has been tailored to benefit only two groups of people, mainly the Hutu and Tutsi. While the Batwa and mixed heritages have been dumped in the bin-no effort from the mainstream politicians in both government and opposition have raised that injustice. Those groups should also be represented in all spheres of society, as Rwanda is not a property of Hutu and Tutsi only, but all Rwandans.

Though, Free Rwanda being a socialist political organisation, it doesn’t mean that they can’t work with capitalists, anarchists,centre right etc, in the interest of Rwanda- Free Rwanda has to know what they’re dealing with, to help them prepare for that cooperation, and not just building useless platforms.

Free Rwanda political organisation is prepared to fight anyone that keeps fooling the Rwandan Masses-that they’re politicians, but are mere crooks and a waste of space.

Yes, they will be fought aggressively, as we know politicians without a clear political ideology tend to harbor genocidal tendencies!!!

Have a prosperous and a Productive 2020!!

Joram Jojo


Free Rwanda