The Chinese modern day exploiter, President Xi Jinping  is touring Africa to find backward leaders, he can use to exploit, the African People. Yes. its a fact, Chinese are the modern day imperialists. Today the exploiter is in Rwanda meeting Criminal Paul Kagame and his super parasites.

What Chinese bring to Africa, is less than what they take out of the Continent-they don’t create jobs for Africans, but themselves. Its in Africa were they can come and practice their shoddy work unabated. They have no respect for Africa people, and are very racist to the core. Though at times, they can build things- but at a price, as they have no respect for African environment and working ethics.

paul kagame

Today, authoritarian African scumbags are shamelessly romancing with China as if they’re high on Crack.  There’s no evidence of Chinese creating jobs and lifting Africans out of poverty. Its the other way round-Africa creates jobs for the Unemployed Chinese gang-masters. The only people that share Chinese exploitation, are regime bureaucrats and Parasites.

For the last week, Criminal Paul Kagame’s inner circle, have been in a frenzy -anticipating the visit of exploiter  Xi Jinping. The ordinarily Rwandan, as always, will not benefit, their income and purchasing power will remain the same, even diminish more. The Rwandan market will become a dumping ground for Chinese sub standard products. What’s funny, 99% of Rwandan elite, look down Chinese products! Thus, Rwanda will become the Fake village, of the African Great lakes region.

However, the killing machine of Criminal Paul Kagame will benefit the most, and they’ll be able to kill more innocent Rwandans systematically, using Chinese weaponry.

I’m not against leaders visiting Rwanda, but its not the first-time we’re seeing high profile exploiters visiting Rwanda. We saw Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, etc, coming with crocodile tears. To date, the majority of Rwandans continue to share one thing in common-abject poverty. As the benefit of all visits by super exploiters, have only benefited the elite class and RPF Parasites.

paul kagameAs long as criminal Paul Kagame and his parasites continue to take Rwandans hostages, no amount of visitation by high profile exploiters will pull them out of poverty-it will remain business as usual. The unemployed Rwanda youth, will continue to roam the streets looking for jobs, that’re reserved for a clique of people.  Innocent People will continue to languish in Paul Kagame’s prisons. Hardworking Rwandans will continue to be robbed off their businesses.The killing of innocent Rwandans by RPF criminal outfit will not end. But what might change, is the place were they’ve been dumping Murdered Rwandans-the world, has just discovered thousands of Skeletons in Nyungwe forest. We know it wasn’t the old Interahamwe, but the New Interahamwe masquerading as RPF.

After the demise of Criminal Paul Kagame and his Parasites, Rwandans will have the chance, to once again-enjoy what belongs to them. As Rwanda belongs to everyone, and not a clique of few individuals. We strongly also believe, the sisterly and brotherly love between regional neighbours, will blossom once again!

Down with Exploiters! Down with Puppets!!

Joram jojo