The notorious former Rwandan Refugee in Uganda, Criminal Paul Kagame, has  just bid farewell to Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi, who has just concluded a three-day state visit to Rwanda.

Just like other leaders-the president of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi, was attracted to Rwanda’s fake economic mirage. Yes, the development in Rwanda is fake-fake as real fake. As long as the populace is not sharing that so called success story- then, the whole thing becomes fake. The Mozambique leadership is being made to sniff  fake opportunities. Thus, with Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation (PSF) signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mozambique’s Confederation of Economic Association. Means that, Mozambique is not dealing with Rwandan sector, but Dictator Paul Kagame’s personal Parasitic enterprises.

However, the story of Criminal Paul Kagame romance with Mozambique, has a different outlook, and nothing to do with trade. But terrorism on the Rwandan community living in Mozambique. Unlike other Rwandan Migrants and refugees around the African continent-mainly Hutu. Its those in Mozambique that are doing extremely very well financially. They run most of the local businesses in Northern and western Mozambique.

Paul Kagame

The Rwanda DMI and special forces tried many times to infiltrate them by dominating born again churches and hotel businesses. A few were killed in a very brutal way, as they’ve been doing in Uganda during the Karekezi Kayihura reign.  This led to the head of intelligence and army chief of staff, being fired, by Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi. Lagos Lidimo was dismissed as director general of information and state security service; was replaced by Julio Jane, previously the commander of police,

This was with the help of Tanzanian Military intelligence. The Rwandan killers were using Mtwara in Tanzania to sneak into Mozambique, The Wakombozi Club- a group of War veterans in the Uganda liberation war to topple Iddi Amin, played a big part in busting Paul kagame’s criminal cells in Mtwara region.

Criminal Paul Kagame never gives up when he wants to kill-he is addicted to Killing and is mainly driven by envy, greed, and personal insecurities. Yani anayo Ushamba, Ushenzi na fitina!! Some of you remember when the criminal brothers of the FORONASA criminal outfit-Criminal Yoweri Museveni and Criminal Salim Saleh,etc, Recent visited Mozambique to trace their roots. NB they never fought or participated in the Liberation struggle of Mozambique. They just received basic training like any other Ugandan refugees and Front-line states refugees in Tanzania,  Commander Umaru (alias of David Oyite Ojok during the struggle) was an instructor in Mozambique FRELIMO, he trained many Ugandans, etc, But you never hear them singing Mozambique… blah… blah!

The Visit of Criminal Yoweri Museveni to Mozambique, painted with Propaganda….left Criminal Paul Kagame disturbed! Though Criminal Paul Kagame comes across as someone pragmatic, to some people, but what they’re seeing is actually someone dangerously dogmatic. Because of his authoritarian beliefs, its only him that should have access to people and places. For him wanting to have access to Mozambique through a Fake diplomacy, so he can Persecute Rwandan refugees using Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation. Is indeed an illusion, as Mozambique security service, are already aware of Criminal Paul Kagame’s terrorism. T

Those that understand the region-the Security of SADAC member countries is never negotiable. They’ll always come together and fight their enemy. To date, they’ve fought Criminal Paul Kagame terrorist Machine..from , Tanzania,Mozambique, and South Africa. We should also remember that, Tanzania is very influential in Mozambique security. However, mature leadership always uses diplomatic channels, to expand their dialogue in line with exploring possible business partnerships and follow up on any business opportunities.

Though in good faith, creating a dialogue path with Criminal Paul Kagame- sadly ends up being stabbed in the back!


Joram Jojo