As many of you are already very aware of the injustices taking place today in Rwanda,the situation will even get worse. The repressive project of Paul Kagame has been very busy arresting innocent People and locking them away in underground prisons. The disappearance of 45,000 Banyarwanda in a period of 3 months was not accidental, but a well planned crime by Paul Kagame, Dany Munyuza, Emmanuel Ndahiro and Jack Nziza.

Many of those that disappeared, were burnt to death in industrial furnaces, and their ashes dumped in rivers.

The cowardly arrests of Col Tom Byabagamba and Gen Frank Rusagara, was because they refused to participate in the heinous crimes against their fellow Banyarwanda. But like most before them, they had to sacrifice their freedoms so that oppression could be uprooted from Rwanda and dumped in the history bin, of oppressive leadership.

The Repressive Project has No Borders

Your motherland is in a very difficult period, as no single family apart from Kagame’s and Nziza’s- is dead worried that it could be their loved ones next. In-fact, even James Kabareebe himself,  is not sure what Paul Kagame thinks of him.

The brutal working of Paul Kagame does not discriminate, as to him every Rwandan is an enemy that should be liquidated- that’s the why he keeps his children in America spending your tax payers monies like tomorrow won’t come. Thus, he knows very well that its not if, but when the crimes against humanity catches up with him

Thank you.

Gloria Kazungu


Free Rwanda

Paul Kagame has become a Public nuisance