The Rwanda autocratic regime does not only spend fortune hiring killers to go around to kill Rwandans, but it also spends a fortune on Google search engine. Its very sad that Google is working with the Rwandan dictatorship to silence free speech. We’ve had top level domains, but Google does not list them, in spite of having good SEOs and good content. Though Google decided not to list anything associated with Free Rwanda political organisation, they failed to stop organic searches. In fact, Google has done us a favor on how to overcome  search engine apartheid.

Rwanda dictator

Its even ridiculous when it comes to listing anything Rwanda-Google has manipulated the listing in favor of organisations that have nothing to do with Rwanda. The Rwanda story is not about Paul Kagame and the genocide, though he triggered it, there’s more to Rwanda and Rwandans. However, their fascination with the Rwanda dictator will soon become a life-time embarrassment as its there for all to see.

Free Speech Compromised

This has not started today, but it has been going on for almost two years and we’ve come to live with it, as Google is not the only search engine on the web, and knowledgeable users of the web don’t use Google but other democratic search engine and applications. The problem with Google siding with a notorious dictator such as Paul Kagame, is a very bad investment, because Rwanda and Rwandans will continue to be there when dictator Paul Kagame is gone.

In fact, soon new comers such as Facebook will over take Google’s monopoly and we can’t wait to say good riddance to Criminal Paul Kagame’s search engine. The future of computing should be about using alternative applications and to avoid those that have been compromised by well known war criminals. The Internet was not developed to promote Dictators and their collaborators, but to share information that is useful to society.