The Free Rwanda Political Organisation believes in a very healthy society, and that service should be provided by the state for free and not by its citizens for a fee. The first thing we shall abolish after arresting Paul Kagame, is the medical insurance that was imposed by the capitalistic gang running Rwanda today. We find it very criminal to force peasants and other citizens to pay for a service, that the state should be providing for free, without extorting the little change they have. To hell with the capitalistic health model that is parasitic on the Rwandan Masses and long live the socialist health model that serves all.

Social DispensariesWe find it to be a descent thing to rehabilitate the Rwandan populace from their trauma(genocide & tyranny) by bringing a dispensary-clinic in their Mudugudu (local ward), as this will tremendously cut bureaucracy(Red tape) expenditure by 80% and capitalistic backhanders. Thus, the people will be empowered and their dignity restored. 

This can be achieved within ten years using our creative accounting model-it does not need parasitic foreign advisers such as the Tony Blairs’ of this world to make this vision work for Rwanda.Social Dispensaries

Social Dispensaries

Social Dispensaries

Social Dispensaries

On top of the local dispensaries, each village will have a mobile clinic to support them when required.

We don’t need Bureaucrats to design for Rwanda a workable medical service-its the accessibility to that service they want and not a white elephant that is there to be admired for its architectural elegance and beautiful nurses.

When you have a healthy population, then it can be very easy for them to participate in nation building programs.

Joram Jojo


Free Rwanda Communication