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    This might sound like a threat, but its the reality-the only way to cure Rwanda’s problem is to topple the current leadership. What we have in Rwanda today, is a psychotic criminal that has taken the entire populace of the region hostages. The best way to cure the regional problem is to tell the truth and also cure it.

    Paul Kagame

    Some people might be holding their breath that-uh.., not another genocide! The answer to that is a big No, and it won’t happen. As for the first time in the history of Rwanda, the oppression has not been directed to a particular ethnic group:be it Tutsi,Twa, Hutu,and Abaswayili, but an entire people. Those that understand and have lived the revolutionary process of Rwanda, will tell you that previously, it was about one group(Tutsi or Hutu) toppling one another and replacing the status quo with their own ilk. However this time, its a very different ball-game, as we see Tutsi, Twa, Hutu, Abaswayili and Congolese sharing the same pain….this pain is not only shared by those on the ground but also with the diaspora community-80% of Rwandans have a blood relationship of some-kind in Congo, and its heartbreaking watching your relatives plight on TV screens.

    Today Rwandans leave under fear and can’t even discuss social problems that affect them for fear of being killed,locked-away,exiled or even their limbs chopped off. What we have in place for society, is indeed an open prison. No….No, this cannot be allowed to continue and we have to stop it regardless of what support the Tyrant might have in different parts of the world, we shall take the fight to him. Enough is Enough!! Even a mouse when pinned in a corner, it will put-up a fight…..

    Everyday we get many different messages from officers within the military that they’re counting on us and we shouldn’t let down the populace as the suffering has become unbearable to take anymore.The Youth are being denied their dreams of a good education, family life, traveling abroad, etc. and instead sent to fight endless meaningless wars in Congo that only benefit Kagame.

    That’s why its very important for those officers still behind Kagame to wake-up and see the light and join their friends and relatives in Ihuriro Nyarwanda before its too late. Don’t forget that its those that love you and Rwanda that are talking to you-Even Fred Rwijyema would be saying the same thing to you today if he was alive!!The same message also goes to CNDP cadres. This is your last chance to do the right thing for the first-time in your lives-abandon Kagame’s nonsense and work with positive forces to build a better future. Listen to what the world is saying and do the right thing.

    The other main thing that is hurting Rwandans, is the community relationships in the region-today Banyarwanda are labeled killers, warmongers and arrogant. However, its not them that are benefiting from endless suffering of other people, but criminal Kagame and his clique of criminals.

    The arrogance of Paul Kagame is so infectious that its eating up Rwandese social fabric, to the point that they can’t even see the bigger picture of Tomorrow. The arrogance is so infectious that it led to disgraced former British Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell to behave like his boyfriend, Paul Kagame-abusing a public servant is what led to his downfall. The cop was so lucky that Andrew mitchell never slapped him, as Kagame is fond of slapping Generals for fun.

    Kagame and Museveni
    Paul Kagame and His Mentor, Yoweri Museveni

    The Psychotic Tyrant recent told his mentor, Tyrant Yoweri Museveni, that he has never at any-time stopped Congolese plundered minerals from crossing via Rwanda, why are the west now playing a different tune??? He wondered almost crying! That’s why western governments are not ready to see their Congo fixer, Paul Kagame leave now, because their Alibaba caves will be no more and are very keen to impose M23 killers on Congolese.

    Just only Kivu in the last five years,western companies made USD 24 trillion-which stands in stark contrast to almost three-quarters of the population in Congo and Rwanda who live below the poverty line. That’s why they’re so keen to coat the Rwandan populace with developmental mantra. However, the reality remains that the lives of 90% of the populace have not been improved.

    The picture that has been portrayed of Rwanda as a successful and model country for the rest of the world to emulate is very deceptive.This Narrative has been packaged and sold to the world by a very aggressive PR machine, but behind the story is a very ruthless and genocidal despot, Called Paul Kagame.

    When you visit Rwanda for the first-time after carrying in you head visuals/images of horrific things such as: dead bodies, blood scattered everywhere,people cutting and chopping anything that moves, etc.

    Of-course you’ll be amazed to find nothing of the sort is happening-everything has been cleaned up and everyone is moving in an orderly way and not chaotic.

    Definitely you’ll go back to your country and tell everyone that, Uh, Rwanda is a clean and organised place: the streets are well maintained, the traffic and street lights work.

    Now, this story will be passed on and people will be encouraged to visit Rwanda-but before they visit, in their heads, they’ll be carrying that dark gruesome image, and after visiting Rwanda, the same narrative will be told over and over.

    The fact about Rwanda well managed clean roads is not a new thing that’s how Rwanda has always been-for those that had been to Rwanda before the war in 1990 can support me on this.

    Most of the comparison made, is with countries that are 20 times larger than Rwanda-of course it will be logical for a tiny place to be cleaned and well-maintained.

    However,the landscape also helps with cleaning the roads as few roads are flat-Rwanda is a country that is hilly and when it rains, roads are naturally cleaned. The other aspect is also the road system that was constructed by the previous socialist regime of Habyarimana, like any socialist government in the world, they did a great job with roads. I should also make another point here, that of cultural trait.

    Its a bad thing among Kinyarwanda speaking people to be dirty. its one of the pillars of being a Munyarwanda.

    What is so sickening to 90% of Rwandans,is the developmental hype that some western governments keep using to shield Kagame’s autocracy. The fact remains that, Rwanda has always been that way and nothing-new.

    The Myth about Rwanda, is the well use of Donor funds and zero tolerance of Corruption.

    However, this is not the case-the regime in Rwanda is one of the most corrupt entities in the world, the corruption is managed and run by Paul Kagame and his relatives in a very sophisticated way.

    Though on the surface Rwanda might look like a government to the world, but its indeed, a tiny clique(less than 100) of people that execute and controls everything. In Kinyarwanda, its called Akazu(little house).

    Just early this year, Janet Kagame (the tyrant’s bitch) used donor money to transport 200 guests from abroad to her birthday bash-and only 15 local Rwandans were invited. The Next day her brother, Richard Murefu, used the same plane to UK, with a few friends to watch a premiership game. “Long live the British tax-payer for donating sweet money”. He was heard bragging!

    Who is Who is the Rwanda Criminal Ring:

    Jack Nziza: He is easily the most despised individual in the republic of Rwanda. He is particularly close to the first lady and labeled “her errand boy”. It is through Jack Nziza that Jeannette rules, disposing of enemies, planting her extensive network of spies in all sectors of Rwandan society( business, health, Govt, army,…) is carried out by him. Although he is a brigadier General, he has no field experience and is reported to have failed his senior officer’s course in Zambia. That does not stop him from being untouchable in the army and greatly feared by both his seniors and counterparts. Simply put, he runs the army on behalf of the Kagame’s.

    Jack has planted spies in all sectors henceforth:

    POLICE : Faustin Kalisa

    MEDIA : Patrice Mulama / Arthur Asiimwe

    PARLIAMENT : Kaboneka Francis

    JUSTICE: Ngoga Martin

    ARMY: Dan Munyuza and Richard Rutatina

    FOREIGN EMBASSIES: Amb. Eugene Kayihura

    PRIVATE SECTOR: Notable among the hundreds of local businessmen, the ones that stand out most are Ntazinda, Rushema, Alexandre, Ngarambe…….

    James Musoni. The twin to jack Nziza! He is the civilian equivalent. He makes or breaks careers in Rwanda at the behest of the Kagame’s, while enriching himself in the process. All kinds of people are known to line up at his office to get a business/political blessing from him. You only have to look at his protégés in the places he has worked in….. RRA, Ministry of commerce, Ministry of Finance and now Ministry of local Govt. Each of these institutions have been staffed with brothers, in-laws, cousins, village friends etc linked to James Musoni/wife or Mrs. Kagame’s.

    Manasseh Nshuti. He of the famous bombardier jets! He is fronted in many of the Kagame’s businesses, but technically viewed as incompetent and inept hence him losing the high Ministerial profiles. He abandoned his wife in Scotland with 6 children and is known to be a lousy skirt chaser.

    Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro. Former head of national security agency and another errand boy (he is known to detest his fellow errand boys as they all compete for the boss’s ear). He has recently fallen from grace and banished to the RDF/RPF Archives department for failing to assassinate General Kayumba Nyamwasa in exile thus bursting his egotistical bubble. Shrewd, cunning and unashamedly devious, he has sacrificed many friends and foes alike on Kagame’s sacrificial table. He could easily be described as a sex addict for the number of concubines he keeps! This is a man accustomed to taking big “commissions” in exchange for an audience with president kagame. One only need to see where he lives and the assets he has acquired both in Rwanda and South Africa. His wife represented a Kenyan cement factory “blue triangle” belonging to President Moi’s son which was used to supply cement to build the current Ministry of Defence (also known as the Pentagon). Such is the extent of his corruption.

    General Charles Kayonga. Under his reign as chief of General staff, the army has waned in popularity, morale and lack of a direction as a result of his paralyzing fear of Kagame which has ruled him ineffective! The scandal involving his theft of hundreds of cattle belonging to the Bagogwe in congo will forever be his legacy and haunt him for a long time. A bogus General who does not get along with his counterparts because he is widely known to be a tattle-tale.!

    General Fred Ibingira. An unforgivable Illiterate who is also the eyes and ears for the Kagame’s when it comes to idle gossip in the army. President Kagame put him on the commission to look into down-sizing land belonging to fellow officers not knowing that he was one of the biggest land holders(and still is).

    Aloysia Inyumba. After a brief recycling, she has been brought back from the dead. This is a woman whom the first lady had banished from presidential court but has shown the first couple that she is willing to help mend their image both at home and abroad. At the moment, she is in charge of winning Rwandan diaspora back to RPF before they can be swallowed by RNC, FDU-INKINGI and other opposition parties. She does this because Kagame can only trust her with RPF funds, used in buying loyalties.

    Ambassador Eugene Gasana. Eugene is Rwanda’s ambassador to the UN based in New York. He is the Mr £1200 a night Mandarin Oriental’s presidential suite while Kagame was attending the UN General Assembly in NYC early this year. Many Rwandans questioned his appointment because he has no academic background to back such an appointment let alone the experience. He is related to Jeannette Kagame and could be the only one they trusted to be their children’s guardian. Given that, all the Kagame children go to school both in New York and Boston. Any other ambassador would not take lightly to being assigned baby-sitting duties other than Eugene and Agnes Gasana! He run down ALTEL before being deployed as Rwanda’s ambassador to Germany, where he was in charge of purchasing the latest Mercedes Benz models in Kagame’s presidential fleet and German custom designed suits and dresses for Mr and Mrs Kagame.

    Richard Murefu. Richard is Madame Kagame’s brother and front man for many of her businesses. She bought two of Rwanda’s largest tea estates and Richard helps her run them.

    Richard Murefu is also the main fuel supplier to the Rwandan army and jet fuel supplier to the Civil Aviation Authority through Egide Gatera, a local business partner of Mrs Kagame.

    Richard Murefu also profits from the big Concerts staged by the Ministry of Youth through his events management company that he runs with another ‘artistic’ brother, Mutsar.

    Mutsar Murefu, the elder br

    other of Mrs Kagame runs Contact FM, the biggest (richest )private radio station in Rwanda.

    Pichette Sayinzoga. Pichette is the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance and married to President Kagame’s nephew Byusa. She was barely 30yrs of age with only two year’s work experience before being thrust into the position of permanent secretary, Ministry of Finance. The presidents careless spending of the treasury was proving tricky with other Ministerial officials therefore the need of using a relative to safeguard his secret siphoning/spending. This lady is said to run the Ministry of Commerce indirectly.

    Her husband, Byusa, the son of Paul Kagame’s elder sister, is fronted by Kagame in many of his business dealings and offshore accounts that are registered in his names. He can be found at the Kigali Golf club playing golf all day…..

    Pichette has an older sister working as the Human Resource manager in BANK POPULAIRE.

    Within this same bank, works another Jack Nziza operative called Allan Nsenga. These two people are used by the first lady to access funds for her various businesses because this bank has a huge cash flow.

    This bank is used to deposit salaries of civil servants posted outside of Kigali and Rwandan peasantry.

    The Sayinzoga girls are daughter’s to Mzee Sayinzoga who is charged with the commission of Demobilization and integration of retired army servicemen. This commission receives huge funding from govt and private grants!

    Innocent Gakwaya. He heads the National social security Fund in charge of pensions. He is married to the Presidents sister, cathy. He contracted one of the first Lady’s cousins to build the multi-million dollar headquarters of the NSSF.

    Flora Nsinga. She is married to Richard Murefu (brother to Jeannette Kagame) and heads the human resource department in Bank de Kigali (BK). She and the Managing Director James Gatera oversee Kagame’s interests in the Bank as it is also used to fund many of their projects.

    Agnes Binagwaho. Agnes is the formidable Minister of Health and die-hard fan of Mrs Kagame.

    It is through Dr Binagwaho that the first lady accesses donor funds from the GLOBAL Fund among many that the west grants Rwanda’s Health sector. Agnes is famous for sidelining many of her counterparts that have stood in her way in the medical field. She is a trusted friend and confidante of Mrs Kagame.

    Constance Mukayuhi Rwaka. Constance is a member of parliament and serves on many of the parliamentary commissions entrusted with making sure all the Presidents bills are passed without objection. She is related to Jeannette Kagame by marriage. Constance is the widow of Ndoba’s elder brother. Ndoba is the husband of Jeannette’s late sister, Maggie.

    Ruki and Diane Karusisi. Ruki is one of President Kagame’s trusted bodyguards after Willy Rwagasore. His sister Diane Karusisi Ngendo runs the country’s National Statistics Agency. She is the one in charge of doctoring many figures to flatter the president’s pet projects and exaggerated figures like the 7% economic growth or how business friendly Rwanda is.

    Ines Mpambara. Ines is chief of staff in the President’s office. Known to be forthright and tactful, she came highly recommended from the Office of the first lady.

    The Kalimba Family : Rosette, Armand, Basil and Linda Kalimba. This family was Jeannette Kagame’s adoptive family when she moved to Uganda before the RPF takeover in the 90′s. She lived with them in Jinja up to 1994, and she has rewarded them handsomely.

    Rosette Rugamba until recently was the director of ORTPN (she was the miss Gorillas in the mist).

    Armand Kalimba fronted for the Kagame’s in Rwanda metals, a company that traded in minerals and precious stones, like coltan from congo, until he was sent as the trade Representative in Rwanda’s embassy in South Africa.

    Basil Kalimba represents Mrs Kagame’s interests in Real Estate in South Africa and Dubai.

    Linda Kalimba works as the trade Representative in the Rwanda embassy in London after a long stint as a legal secretary in Rwanda Revenue Authority.

    The Kayihura Family. This is another adoptive family to the first lady of Rwanda when she moved to Kenya from Burundi before her marriage to Kagame.

    She has rewarded them handsomely too.

    Yolande Makolo, the daughter to Speciose kayihura, is the Communications guru to the President

    Yvonne Makolo, also daughter to Speciose Kayihura, is the Marketing Officer for MTN Rwanda(Kagame is the majority shareholder).

    Vivian Kayitesi, the daughter of Kaana Kayihura, is the head of Investments at Rwanda Development Board.

    Teta Rutimirwa, Gasumuni’ Kayihura’s daughter is the head of Urban Planning in the newly formed Lands office.

    Rama and Minega Isibo, journalists at the New Times (Kagame’s mouthpiece).

    Ambassador Eugene Kayihura, Rwanda’s ambassador to South Korea.

    In Part two we shall look at how the revolutionary fruits can be harvested.

    Viva Revolution!!

    Joram Jojo


    Rimwe navuye kigali njya Cyangugu ,ngeze Buhinga nikubita ku Kinini ,nkomeza ku Rwesero,ngeze ku karere ka Nyamasheshe nsura abo ku Ninzi,ndakomeza ngeze mu Kamiranzovu ndaterera nsura i Kagano.nkigera Kibogora mu i Tyazo nasuhuje aba Nyakirambo ariko mpopera abo ku Ishara,narakomeje no mu mu Nimba nterera Hanika ndakonkoboka n’i Macuba ahahoze akarere ka Gatare.narakomeje ngera mu murenge wa Karambi aho nakoze akazi nari ntumwe hafi y’umusozi wa Muzimu uri mu ishyamba rya Nyungwe.Bwarakeye nsubiza iyo nari naturutse nkomeza iya Kamembe ariko nyura ku cyahoze ari akarere k’Impala.naciye mu Kigaga nkomeza ku nkengero z’i kivu nikubita Kamembe nkomeza iya Bugarama.nkigera ku cyahoze ari akarere ka Gashonga nasuye uruganda rw’imitobe mfata ka jus bityo bimfasha gukonkoboka ngana cite aho nasuye uruganda rw’umuceri ,sima .amashyuza na Rubyiro bucya ngaruka nambuka mu Cibitoke.uwo munsi naragarutse nca iya Kibuye nciye Mugonero na Dawe uri mu ijuru ndara i Bwishyura mu mugi.aho nari ntegereje gukomeza .


    Hari mu masaa yine ubwo kuri uyu wa Gatandatu tariki 7 Gicurasi 2016 umwe mu bashinzwe irondo ry’isuku muri gare ya Nyabugogo yakubitaga umwe mu bagore baba barimo gucuruza utuntu muri iriya Gare aba bazwi ku izina ry’abazunguzayi, uyu mugore akimara gukubitwa akaba yahise yitaba Imana.

    Ubwo umunyamakuru wa yageraga aho byabereye yahasanze abaturage benshi buzuye muri gare bahangana na Polisi n’akababaro kenshi batewe n’urupfu rw’uwo mugore wishwe bamureba.

    Uyu wishwe abamuzi bavuga ko yari umugore wo mu kigero cy’imyaka 28 akaba yitwa Mahoro, abari kumwe nawe bavuga ko ushinzwe umutekano yamusanze ari kuzengurukana ibicuruzwa muri gare ya Nyabugogo ahita amukubita.

    Abantu benshi bazengurutse umurambo wa nyakwigendera bavugaga ko badashaka ko imbangukiragutabara imujyana ngo kuko atari uwa mbere bishe kuko ngo n’undi bishe mbere batazi aho bamujyanye.
    Nyuma y’urupfu rwa Mahoro hakurikiyeho imvururu z’abaturage bahangana n’abashinzwe umutekano

    Abaturage bahise bajya kwigaragambiriza imbere y’ibiro bya Polisi ahari umurambo wa nyakwigendera ndetse n’uwamukubise.

    Bamwe mubiboneye ushinzwe umutekano akubita uyu nyakwigendera aganira na yasobanuye uko byagenze. yagize ati:”yarari hirya yanjyee ari kumbwira ngo nimuguranire muhe jus ikonje mpita mbona baraje ari 2 ndamubwira nti”Maho baragufashe “ bahita bamujyana arababwira ngo”mwambariye” ni icyo yababwiye gusa ubwo umwe ahita amukubita ikofi mu misaya aradandabirana ahita amukurura amukubita ivi mu gatuza ahita agwa hasi mbona birarangiye mfata akantu yari yambaye ndahungiza ariko ahita apfa”
    Abaturage bari banze ko umurambo uvanwa muri Gare

    Undi ati:”jyewe namubonye baza bamutwara ubwo inkeragutabara ihita imukubita ingumi hano(yanyerekaga mu misaya) ntiyagwa ahita amukubita ivi mu gatu ahita agwa hasi”
    Bavugaga ko badashaka ko umurambo we ujyanwa na amburance.

    Aba baturage barwanye na polisi bavuga ko umurambo w’uyu mubyeyi ambirance itawutwara kuko ngo hari n’undi wigezwe kwicwa gutyo bamujyanye aburirwa irengero .

    Uyu avugana agahinda n’amarira ati:” bimujyana di, na Nyinya ntituzi aho bamushyize, ubu kuko umuntu azajya yicwa nk’inyoni”

    Imbangukira gutabara yari yaje kumutwara yahise yigendera nyuma yo guterwa amabuye n’abaturage ibirahure bikameneka, ubwo twakoraga iyi nkuru abaturage bari bakiri benshi barwana na Polisi yifuzaga ko umurambo ugenda. Uwakubise nyakwigendera yari yafungiranywe mu biro bya polisi.
    Amburance bayiyiteye amabuye ihitamo kwigendara batangiye kuyimena ibirahure.

    Ubwo twandikaga iyi nkuru mu gitondo cyo kuri uyu wa Gatandatu ntitwashoboye kuvugana n’inzego z’umutekano ariko ku gicamunsi Makuruki ikaba yashoboye kuvugana na SP Emmanuel Hitayezu umuvugizi wa Polisi mu mujyi wa Kigali avuga ko Ndayizigiye Joseph wishe Mahoro Theodosie ntaho ahuriye n’ibikorwa byo gucunga umutekano atubwira ko yari asanzwe ari umukozi w’isuku ya kampani ikora isuku mu mirenge ya Muhima na Kimisagara.

    SP Hitayezu yagize ati: turagira ngo tubamenyeshe neza ko uriya muntu wishe Mahoro atari umuntu ushinzwe umutekano, yari umukozi ushinzwe usuku muri kampani Agrup.kuba yagize gutya agakubita umuntu agapfa arabihanirwa nk’abandi bose akurikiranyweho icyaha cy’ubugome kandi ubu iperereza ryatangiye kugira ngo abazwe ibyo yakoze.ntabwo yari ashinzwe umutekano nta n’uniforme yari yambaye

    Abakorera muri gare ya Nyabugogo batangarije makuruki ko igikorwa gukubita bakica abazunguzayi muri Nyabugogo atari ubwa mbere kihabaye.Makuruki yifuje kumenya ikigiye gukurikiraho ndetse n’ikigiye gukorwa mu kurengera abana nyakwigendera asize.

    SP Hitayezu yagize ati:Ubu icyo tugiye gukora nka polisi tugiye gukora iperereza tumushyikirize inkiko zizagene ibijyanye n’indishyi z’akababaro,ikindi kigiye gukorwa n’ukwegera abaturage ko bagomba gucuruza mu buryo bwemewe n’amategeko bakibumbira mu makoperative,hakabaho no kwegera abantu bashinzwe kiriya gikorwa(kwirukana abazanguzayi)bakegera abantu babo bakabigisha indangagaciro n’imyitwarire bakirinda kujya bahohotera abantu muri buriya buryo.

    SP Hitayeze yakomeje avuga ko uyu Ndayizigiye yihaye ububasha n’inshingano adafite ahohotera umuturage bimuviramo urupfu ubu yagejejwe mu maboko ya Polisi kugira ngo akurikiranweho icyaha cyo gukubita byateye urupfu.

    Mahoro Theodosie witabye Imana ubu umurambo we wajyanywe mu bitaro bya Polisi kugira ngo hasuzumwe ko nta bundi burwayi yaba yari afite, kugeza ubu ubwo twandikaga iyi nkuru hari hataramenyekana aho yari atuye n’abana asize mugihe bagenze be bavugaga ko yari afite abana.


    Mu murenge wa Kinyinya, umugore witwaga Nyirasafari Jeannette yasanzwe mu murima w’ibigori yishwe. Abaturage baturiye aho yasanzwe bavuga ko na bo bamubonye mu gitondo batazi igihe yiciwe,

    Uyu mugore wari mu kigero cy’imyaka 34 y’amavuko, yasanzwe mu murenge wa Kinyinya, akagali ka Murama, umudugudu wa Ngaruyinka, aho baturage bavuga ko umurambo we wabonywe n’abantu babiri bari bazindutse bagiye gusukura urusengero bahanyura bagasanga umurima w’ibigori n’ibishyimbo urimo inzira igaragaza ko haraye haciyemo abantu niko kwitegereza bahita babona umurambo w’umuntu.

    Abaganiriye na bose bemeza ko batazi igihe yapfiriye kandi ko na bo batunguwe.

    Uyu yagize ati:” na twe twahurujwe n’abo bantu bari bagiye gusukura urusengero tuje dusanga yapfuye n’igikapu cye bagishwanyaguje ubwo tubona irangamuntu ye igaragaza ko yavukiye I Nyamagabe gusa twamusanganye n’ibipapuro by’urubanza.”
    Umurambo wa nyakwigendera wasanzwe mu murima w’ibigori.

    Aba baturage kandi bavuga ko batamenye ikishe nyakwigendera ariko bagakeka abo baburanaga.

    Uyu tuvugana yagize ati:”ku bwanjye ndabona ubwo yari afite impapuro ziburana isambu abo baburanaga wasanga ari bo bamwishe.”

    Aba baturage bahuriza ko kuba batazi igihe yapfiriye bishoboka ko haba hari n’abamwishe bakaza bakamuta aho ngaho.
    Abantu bari aho bavuga ko na bo batazi icyamwishe.

    Ku rundi ruhande ariko hari n’abavugaga ko bigeze kumva induru ivuga inshuro imwe ni joro ariko ntiyongera kuvuga bagira ngo ni ibisanzwe n’ubwo banze ko tubafata amajwi.

    Umuvugizi wa Police mu mujyi wa Kigali SP Emmanuel Hitayezu yahamirije aya makuru, avuga ko umurambo w’uyu mugore witwa Nyirasafari Jeannette wabonetse mu gitondo cyo kuri iki cyumweru, ubonywe n’abantu bari bagiye gusenga.

    SP Hitayezu yatubwiye kandi ko ubusanzwe uyu mugore yakoraga akazi k’ubuyede mu mujyi wa Kigali, ariko ngo muri iyi minsi akaba yari yaragiye iwabo mu karere ka Nyamagabe, mu ntara y’Amajyepfo, akaba yari yagarutse mu Mujyi wa Kigali ejo ku wa gatandatu.

    Yagize ati:”..yari asanzwe akora imirimo y’ubuyede, nta mugabo yari afite nyine basanze yapfuye, nta bikomere bamusanganye ubwo rero polisi ikimara kuhagera yahageze umurambo ujya gupimwa kugira ngo hamenyekane icyaba cyamwishe.”

    SP Hitayezu yakomeje avuga ko kugeza ubu nta muntu urafatwa akekwaho uru rupfu, gusa ngo iperereza rikaba rikomeje kugira ngo hamenyekanye icyateye uru rupfu ndetse n’ababa barwihishe inyuma.


    Imodoka zahagaze ndetse n’abambuka barinze guhekwa mu mugongo

    Imvura idasanzwe yatangiye kugwa mu rukerera rwo kuri iki cyumweru mu karere ka Gakenke, mu ntara y’amajyaruguru, yahitanye abarenga 30, abatari bake barakomereka ndetse ibitari bike bikaba byagirijwe n’iyi mvura birimo umuhanda munini Musanze-Kigali watengukiyemo inkangu mu gice cy’ahitwa Buranga ku buryo byatumye utari gukoreshwa n’ibinyabiziga byari bisanzwe biwukoresha mu ngendo za buri munsi.

    Iyi nkangu yatewe n’imvura nyinshi yaguye muri aka karere kuva mu masaha ya saa cyenda z’igitongo ikaba ari bwo igihita muri aya masaha.

    Nkuko amakuru aturuka muri aka karere abivuga, aravuga ko iyi mvura yibasiye cyane imirenge ya Gakenke, Mugunga ndetse na Mataba yose yo muri aka karere.

    Ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Gakenke bwatangaje ko mu murengw wa Gakenke abantu 16 ari bo bahitanywe n’iyi mvura,icyenda ni abo mu Murenge wa Mataba, mu murenge wa Mugunga hapfuye umuntu umwe, muri Coko abagera kuri babiri nibo bitabye Imana, Minazi ho hapfuye batatu ndetse no muri Muyongwe hakaba hapfuye abantu batatu.

    Uretse aba bitabye Imana kandi abagera kuri 19 bakomeretse bakaba bahise bajyanwa kwa muganga.

    Iyi mvura kandi yahitanye ibintu bitari bike birimo amatungo agera kuri 20 ndetse n’umuhanda munini Musanze- Kigali watengukiyemo inkangu kuburyo byatumye uyu muhanda uba ufunzwe by’agateganyo.

    Umuvugizi wa polisi mu ntara y’amajyaruguru, IP Innocent Gasasira, wabwiye ko uyu muhanda watengukiyemo inkangu bigatuma kugeza ubu utari gukoreshwa nkuko bisanzwe.

    IP Gasasira kandi yatubwiye ko abakora ingendo zerekeza mu mujyi wa Kigali bashoboye bari guca mu karere ka Muhanga, mu gihe uyu muhanda ugifunze kugira ngo ubanze ukorwe neza.

    Imvura nyinshi ikunda kwibasira cyane uduce tw’intara y’amajyaruguru, aho mu ijoro ryo ku itariki 18 Mata 2016, imvura idasanzwe yaguye mu karere ka Musanze isenya amazu 37 ndetse inahitana amatungo magufi.


    Mu kwezi kwa kabiri uyu mwaka, mu Mujyi wa Kigali hatangijwe ku mugaragaro gahunda yiswe SMART KIGALI, aho imodoka zirenga 400 zishyirwagamo ikoranabuhanga rya interineti mu rwego rwo gufasha abagenzi igihe bari mu ngendo mu mujyi wa Kigali gukoresha interneti. Gusa muri iki gihe abagenzi binubira iyi serivisi bavuga ko idakora ariko ubuyobozi bwa kampani yatanze iyi connection muri izo modoka bukaba bugaragaza ko ibi bikwiye kubazwa abashoferi n’abakonvayeri.

    Nubwo hashize amezi arenga abiri iyi konegisiyo (connection) itangijwe ku mugaragararo mu mujyi wa Kigali, abagenzi bavuga ko ari baringa kuko iyo bagerageje kuyikoresha iyo bari muri izo modoka basanga idakora.

    Mu gushaka kumenya icyo kampani yatanze iyi connection ivuga kuri ibi bibazo, yaganiriye n’ ubuyobozi bwa kampani Ollen Rwanda Network (ORN) yatanze iyi connection buyitangariza uko babona iki kibazo n’ icyo bateganya kugikoraho.

    Umuyobozi mukuru wa kampani ORN, Han-Sung Yoon yavuze ko kuba hari ibibazo bya connection ya 4G yashyizwe mu modoka zitwara abagenzi mu Mujyi wa Kigali biterwa n’uburangare bw’ abashoferi n’aba Konvayeri (Convoyeurs) bo muri izo modoka.

    Yagize ati: “Ibibazo bya connection yo mu modoka abagenzi bajye babibaza ba convoyeurs n’ abashoferi, mu modoka twashyizemo utwuma dutanga connection, abashoferi n’ aba convoyeurs ntibita kuri utwo twuma bigatuma twagirika bya hato na hato, iyo tugize ibibazo ntibatubwira ngo tudusane bigatuma abagenzi badahabwa servisi bagenewe”.

    Uyu muyobozi akomeza avuga ko mu bavuga ko iyi connection idakora hashobora kuba harimo abatazi uburyo bashobora kwinjira (login in) ngo bayikoreshe, akavuga ko bagiye korohereza abagenzi mu kumenya uburyo iyi connection ikoreshwa.

    Yagize ati: “Birashoboka ko hari abatazi uburyo iyi connection ikoreshwa bitewe n’uko bisaba kwiyandikisha mbere y’ uko utangira kuyikoresha, tugiye gukora udupapuro tugaragaza uko ikoreshwa tudushyire ku byapa imodoka zihagararaho kugira ngo abagenzi bamenye uko bakoresha iyi connection”

    Abashoferi baravugwaho uburangare butuma abagenzi bishyurira connection badakoresha, mu gihe nabo bavuga ko buri kwezi batanga amafaranga ibihumbi 135 nyamara bagahora bashwana n’abagenzi bapfa iyi connection bavuga ko idakora.

    Kampani ORN yatangije ku mugaragaro ibikorwa byo kugeza ku banyarwanda connection yihuta kurusha izindi,4G, mu mwaka wa 2014. Kuri ubu iyi connection imaze kugezwa mu turere 27 muri 30 tugize u Rwanda, ariko bikaba biteganyijwe ko bitarenze umwaka wa 2017 iyi connection izaba iboneka mu gihugu hose.


    Rwanda: by secret negotiations with France, Paul Kagame has granted the creation of the Zone Turquoise in 1994!
    The World-Africa publishes good stories from the book of Jean-Pierre and Pascal Bat Airault French Africa. covert operations and affairs of state. Back on the secret negotiations conducted by Jean-Christophe Rufin and Gérard Prunier from RPF Kagame.

    Returning from a mission for the release of hostages in Bosnia humanitarian, Jean-Christophe Rufin, then advisor to the defense minister Francois Leotard, goes directly to the Hotel de Brienne, his ministry. A military – probably General Mercier, head of the military office of the Minister – the apostrophe in the corridors, “You do not want to go to Rwanda. It is not clear what our Brussels Contact RPF forward to his leadership in the field. ”

    At the beginning of July 1994, France is in full cohabitation when a genocide is underway in Rwanda. Command the forces of Special Operations (COS) were deployed in Butare (Western Canada) as part of the “Turquoise” operation. Clashes have just taken place with the rebels. Officially, the mission of the two emissaries is to install a direct link between Paul Kagame and the French military, as well as negotiate the establishment of a humanitarian zone.

    Two French envoys to the Rwandan hills

    Initially hesitant, Jean-Christophe Rufin lets finally convinced after getting permission to take a specialist in the Great Lakes region. He naturally thinks of his friend CNRS, University Gérard Prunier. This historian has advised a few days earlier, the French military recommending them to deploy the “Turquoise” operation in the southwest of the country, where the threatened Tutsi were, rather than northwest, where were gathered remains of the army of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, in order not to appear as the saviors of the Hutu genocidal regime.

    The mission is validated ex tempore by Edouard Balladur, then Prime Minister of cohabitation, and Francois Leotard. “Without even changing me, I went to look Prunier his apartment above the [restaurant] Trotter, the Halles,” said Rufin. Branch Airport. The two emissaries boarded July 2, 1994 for a flight to Brussels, where they rallied Kampala, Uganda, with Sabena. Once there, they rent a van to go to the Rwandan border.

    The bus will make the soul on the slopes of the Ruwenzori Mountains. “With my one small linen jacket carried in Bosnia, I’m frozen to the mountains,” recalls the writer. Another vehicle is sent the next morning by the renter. It will introduce them to the Rwandan border, where they intersect Patricia Allemonière, reporter for TF1. The two men will do the rest of the way by car, crossing the rebels dams, to the headquarters of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), in Mulindi.

    The welcome is not warm. “What you just fuck it! All our heads are in operation, “their address, by way of welcome, the manager of the place. “We are the representatives of the French government and just explain the official point of view”, say the two emissaries. “It’s amazing that they send us another Jean-Christophe!” Retorted when they host Rwanda in reference to Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, former Africa adviser to his father very unpopular for his support to the Habyarimana regime . Their host was Pasteur Bizimungu, a Hutu who joined the RPF and become President of Rwanda, July 19, 1994, before Kagame became vice president, not the hunting of power in 2000.

    The three men will discuss some of the night after a brief meal to white rice. In the morning, a 4×4 takes them to an unknown destination. “Bizimungu told us the story of his family. It was terribly impressive. We borrow pits and winding paths regularly crossing small groups of soldiers and haggard displaced, terrorized, ragged. ”

    Mission stale and shortened

    On July 4, in the late morning, they enter Kigali, every just taken by the RPF. Sporadic gunfire are heard again. They are taken to a barracks with orders do not move until we see the “head”. At the stroke of 16:30, Paul Kagame arises, cold, penetrating gaze.

    Steeped in the culture of the National Resistance Army in Uganda, itself inherited from the Maoist ideology, it is “not the kind of guy who says” Hi boss’. ” Rufin talking to him with deference. “Night was falling and his entourage dared not turn for fear of disturbing the lamp, he recalls. I gave him a map of our operations and a list of weapons that we would deploy. ”

    France then mandated to create a humanitarian area in the southwest and the emissaries are there to set up a hotline to avoid clashes with the RPF troops. Paul Kagame is now very suspicious, thinking the “Turquoise” operation intended to prevent it from taking control of the country: “If you want to save lives, let us deploy us throughout the territory,” intimate -t it.

    In this shadow theater where plays daily life of the people and soldiers, Rufin finally convince someone to deploy a brand Immersat satellite phone for a first contact. He called General Lafourcade, commander of the operation “Turquoise”, it passes Kagame. Through this link, the deployment of safe humanitarian zone will be no military confrontation between the RPF and the French troops.

    In the evening, a villa is made available emissaries. The next morning, Kagame is back and offers Rufin to follow. The rebel says that he is very annoyed because four French journalists were ambushed by driving his men. Two of them were injured. Isabelle Staes was shot in the stomach and José Nicolas another in the knee. ” You are a doctor. Did you go see them? How can we evacuate? “Asked the rebel leader. Journalists are then taken to the stadium in Kigali. Other colleagues are on the scene. Rufin-Prunier mission is then immediately revealed.

    Mitterand, Museveni and sulfur Paul Barril

    In Paris, Dominique de Villepin, cabinet director Alain Juppe, the foreign minister, into a rage. Juppe received on 21 June, Jacques Bihozagara, the RPF representative in Europe, and Theogene Rudasingwa, an intellectual close to Kagame. He will not be dispossessed of the dossier. According to La Lettre du Continent, head of the DGSE, Jacques Dewatre, also came to complain to his “brother”, the Lanxade Admiral, Chief of Staff of the armies, saying that such an operation was the spring of services and not the Directorate of military intelligence (DRM).

    The two envoys are repatriated on the spot. Several journalists will discuss negotiations for the release of COS soldiers. Information always denied by the applicants, who regret having been called “spooks” once fanned their mission. The Elysee is not happy either not to have been informed.

    For two years, France Mitterrand tried to block the progression of the RPF it sees as an Anglo-Saxon attempt to strengthen its influence in the region. Bruno Delaye, Africa advisor to the President, tries an ultimate reconciliation with the sponsor of the rebel RPF, Yoweri Museveni, whom he met on 30 June in London.

    In the past, the Ugandan president unsuccessfully sought in exchange for his intervention to restrain the rebels military aid (including surface to air missiles) to the South Sudanese rebel leader John Garang, which he uses as a bulwark to progression of Arabic influence. Received at the Elysée on July 1, Museveni Mitterrand asks: “Who brought down Habyarimana’s plane? “The French president is not responding and slides on the mission set by” Operation Turquoise “and fears of clashes with rebels of the RPF.

    Museveni also wants clarification on the role of Paul Barril, military advisor to the Habyarimana regime. Mitterrand pretended not to know him and said “do not trust him.” “He retired from the army, assigned by the President. It is a mercenary. He never worked for the Elysee. “Clap end. Museveni will not hold Kagame however concede that the creation of the humanitarian area to avoid clashes with the French.


    Mu kinyarwanda baca umugani ugira uti : « akamasa kazaca inka kazivukamo»! Uyu mugani uragaragaza neza ko amaherezo inkotanyi zizamarana zigapfa nk’udushwiriri kubera kugira ubuyobozi bubi bw’agatsiko gashingiye k’umuntu umwe uhora uribwaribwa no kwica abantu ! Nyuma y’uko hishwe abasore benshi barindaga Kagame bagahambirwa mu bigunira bakoherezwa mu kiyaga cya Rweru, abasigaye nabo bari kuraswa ku manywa yihangu bakavuga ko batewe na FDLR !

    Mu gitondo cyo kuri uyu wa kane taliki ya 5 Gicurasi 2016 ahagana saa moya n’igice, mu karere ka Musanze umurenge wa Busogo (Ruhengeri), umupolisi witwa AIP Richard Kabandize, yarashe umupolisi umukuriye CIP Jean Bosco Mugabo aramwica hanyuma akomeretsa mu buryo budakomeye mugenzi Sgt Bigirabagabo Gilbert ; amakuru agera kuri « veritasinfo » yemeza ko AIP Richard Kabandize yahise yirukira mu cyumba cy’ububiko bw’intwaro kiri kuri iyo station ya Polisi arifungirana ariko abandi ba polisi bakaba bahise bahabwa amabwiriza avuye hejuru ko bagomba guhita bica uwo mupolisi ntacyo avuze ; akaba ariko byagenze kuko uwo mupolisi AIP Richard Kabandize yahise yicwa.

    Uyu mupolisi AIP Richard Kabandize ashobora gukurikirwa n’abandi bapolisi bashobora kwicwa cyangwa bakanyerezwa kugira ngo amakuru bazi yo kuri ubu bwicanyi atajya ahagaragara ! Amakuru agera kuri « veritasinfo » avuye mu bapolisi banyuranye yemeza ko umugambi wo kwica umuyobozi wa station ya polisi CIP Jean Bosco Mugabo yapanzwe n’inzego za polisi zo mu rwego rwo hejuru, uyu muyobozi wa polisi akaba yagombaga kwicwa ari n’ijoro bityo bikitirirwa ko yaguye mu gitero cyagabwe na FDLR ; ariko uyu mupolisi AIP Richard wahawe ubutumwa bwo kwica umukuriye akaba yaramushakishije n’ijoro ngo amurase akamubura bigatuma akora ikosa ryo kumurasa mu gitondo abantu bose babibona bikamuviramo nawe kwicwa! Iyi gahunda yo kwica uyu mu polisi mukuru CIP Jean Bosco Mugabo ihishe umugambi mubisha wo kwikiza abapolisi bamwe na bamwe n’abayobozi b’abasivili ndetse n’abaturage bo mu karere ka Musanze iyo station irimo bakekwaho gushyigikira FDLR !

    Uretse aba bapolisi bicanye ku manywa yihangu ; kuwa kabiri taliki ya 26 Mata 2016 saa munani z’amanywa, umusilikare w’inkotanyi wari witwaje imbunda yo mu bwoko bwa SMG, yinjiye mu Murenge wa Ntyazo (Butare) afite umugambi wo kwivugana uwitwa Munyaneza Wellars, yamurasheho amasasu aramuhusha, abaturage batabaza abasilikare, kuko hari ku manywa yihangu kandi bose bakaba batari bazi ubutumwa uwo musilikare yahawe bahise bamwica! Mu nkotanyi iyo uhushije uwo bagutumyeho cyangwa ukaba ushobora kugaragaza uwagutumye bahita bakwica utavuze, anketi zigafata ubusa! Ni muri ubwo buryo inkotanyi zagiye zihabwa ubutumwa bwo kwica abanyepolitiki nazo zahitaga zicwa zitavuze uwazitumye ! Nyuma y’icyumweru uwo musilikare yishwe nibwo Brig. Gén. Jean Jack Mupenzi uhagarariye ingabo z’inkotanyi muri ako karerere yakoresheje inama yo kubeshya abaturage ko umuntu wishwe wari witwaje imbunda ari umusilikare wa FDLR !

    Amakuru menshi « veritasinfo » itarabonera gihamya aremeza ko mu karere k’u Bugesera naho hari abasilikare ndetse n’abayobozi baho bacyekwaho kuba bakorana n’abarundi kuburyo maneko za Kgama ziri gutegura igitero cy’ikinamico kizagabwa ku gisilikare cy’inkotanyi bari mu Bugesera, ahasigaye abaturage n’abasilikare bose bari kurutonde rwo gukekwaho gukorana cyangwa kumvikana n’abarundi bakicirwa muri icyo gitero abarokotse bagatabwa muri yombi cyangwa bakanyerezwa ! Ibi bikorwa byose bigaragaza: n’ubwoba,kwishishanya, urwicyekwe, imishahara isumbana cyane, biri mu byamunze igisilikare n’igipolisi bya Paul Kagame kuburyo izo nzego zishobora kwisenya nk’ubufindo


    Amakuru yageze kuri Free Rwanda muri iki gitondo, tugitohoza aravuga ko Maj Gen Richard Rutatina, yaba yafashwe agiye gutoraka muri iri joro rya cyeye.

    Maj Gen Richard Rutatina yari amaze igihe afungiye iwe kuva mu kwezi kwa kabiri uyu mwaka ( Feb 9,2016 ), ubwo yari amaze kwirukanwa igitaraganya ku buyobozi bw’Ishami rya gisirikare rishinzwe iperereza J2. ( DMI ), iyi ikaba yari ku nshuro ya kabiri yirukanwa kuri uyu mwanya kuko ubwambere akurwa kuri uyu umwanya ukomeye mu gisilikare nabwo yahise atabwa muri yombi akekwaho ubucuruzi bwambukiranya imipaka yakoreraga muri Repubulika iharanira demokarasi ya Congo, nyuma aza kubabarirwa na Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika Paul Kagame umugaba w’ikirenga wa RDF.

    Biravugwa kandi ko afite imitungo itari mike mu gihugu cya Uganda irimo naza Geste House asangiye na mushiki we Rosette Kayumba umugore wa Kayumba Nyamwasa, sibyo gusa kuko no mu Rwanda Rutatina ahafite amahoteri n’amazu akodeshwa meshi, akaba numwe mubari barigwijeho ibikigi mu Ntara y’Umutara, ibyo byose bikaba bigaragara ko atari kubona umwanya wo gufatanya ubucuruzi nakazi nka kariya yari ashizwe gakomeye mu ngabo z’igihugu.

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