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    burundiFear of murders encloses ‪#‎members‬ of cndd-Fdd online in the middle of intimidation, threats, hostility and targeted killings after a list of a few individuals has been prepared by the members ‪#‎sindumuja‬ via known under the name of his Page: –
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
    Many lives of characters of high profile and the Patriots Pro-government have already been lost in separate impacts throughout the Burundi in the middle of this systematic conspiracy, a practice of the political culture of fierce rivalry in Burundi. Lieutenant Col Ikurakure Darius was murdered after a certain Nininahazwe‬ Pacific Him inscribed on a black list on her facebook page. We are very worried.

    President Pierre Nkurunziza
    .Political rivalry, lies, false accusations, hostility and violence serious are the weapons of the only opposition since his excellency mr Pierre Nkurunziza came to power in 2015. This culture of political violence has nothing new to us, because We have gained independence in 1962. Although corresponding to the height of political rivalry and intimidation on Facebook, the so-called ‪sindumuja‬ were terrorising members pro-government for some time.
    Most of these allegations came after us, intwari defended our state against the lies propagated by these same people that we are doing this on a regular basis. Only our government of burundi and the staff facebook can track down these terrorists-accusers criminals and stop their accounts. They can’t see anything rather than the shade of the blood of innocent people. There is a serious public disinformation with regard to the notion of “Imbonerakure” and the activities carried out by this youth movement pacific belonging to cndd-fdd party.
    We, intwari za cndd-Fdd, has not concluded from illegal activities, and during all the years of our service volunteer activism, we have fully complied with the terms and conditions of Facebook users, we have no involvement at all appeal to the political Violence, ethnic or genocide and we refuse to be held accountable for any question taken by our political opponents as threats, because we are a social group free and peaceful like the others.
    As a group of true Patriots, we love absolutely one of you and most of the fans of our party; we wouldn’t be anywhere without you, and we would never make you feel disrespected or used by this group of Killers ‪Sindumuja‬.
    We, however, to ask you all not to take part in the display of rumors and gossip on the Internet without facts clear. We also ask that these people please refrain from attacking other people by making false statements via social media such as Facebook.


    Inyuma yaho umuvugizi wa CNDD FDD hamwe numugambwe wiwe bagirije amashirahamwe akomakoye yi Burayi ko ariko afasha guhungabanya umutekano mugutanga ubushimwe bwamahera MENSHI kuri CLAVER MBONIMPA hamwe na Maggy Barankitse, abo bene guhabwa ubwo bushimwe bahisemwo kutaguma bacecetse!

    Ubwa mbere bwo ,Pierre claver Mbonimpa abandanya ashimira ayo mashirahamwe aho agirako anayasaba kutumviriza reta ya Nkurunziza nabariko barayikorera !
    MBONIMPA ATI : ” Ibikorwa vyiza vyacu dukorera abarundi biwacu ntawutabibona kiretse reta ya Nkurunziza numugambwe wiwe CNDD FDD! ATI agashimwe kerekana ibikorwa umuntu aba yakoze! kurubwo rero na Gelase Ndabirabe narindire ibikorwa vyoguhohotera abarundi azobironkera agashimwe kandi vuba!”

    MBONIMPA abandanya avuga ko bimaze kugaragara ko reta ya Nkurunziza yarushe ,iriko ita wakuba yongera ijebajeba kubera guta umutwe ! kuriwe ati hageze ko ibikorwa bibi bariko bakorera UBURUNDI n’Abarundi babironkera agashimwe ! ..

    MBONIMPA abandanya ahumuriza abarundi ATI rema naho muremerewe kuko ngo ntibicaye ! ati turiko tubandanya tuvugira Igihugu nabanyagihugu kandi amakungu ariko aradutahura !

    Mbonimpa asanzwe arongoye Ishirahamwe Aprodh akaba yaronkejwe agashimwe nkumuntu wambere yagwaniye democratie hamwe nagateka kazina muntu ,aho yagahawe ninama nshingamateka yi Wallonie I Bruxelles mu Bubirigi !

    MBONIMPA uti, Igikorwa canje cokugwanira agateka kazina murundi wese kirabandanya kandi sinduha ! nayo abarundi ngo: Rema !

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