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The Rwandan spies stationed in USA where directed to tress and track the where about of Eugene Gasana

While Pope Francis was canonizing Mother Teressa as a saint at Vatican, on a tinny corner of the world, a woman and former de facto vice president and presumed queen was paying for her earthly sins committed against innocent civilians. As Burundians were enjoying a concert of their prodigal son –Kidumu; in Rwanda, one of Burundi’s re-known daughter – Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame/Gasana is going through severe domestic abuse at the hands of criminal Paul Kagame. I repeat, she is going through severe domestic abuse.

The current domestic abuse surpasses the ones she underwent in late 1990s when she used to flee to Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa’s house for her refuge, in the late 90s Kayumba Nyamwasa’s house in Kimihurura had become Jeannette Nyiramongi’s second home. Unfortunately, we all know how she repaid them, with the actual seizure of Rossette Kayumba’s shares in Greenhill Academy, the demolition of their house and the numerous attempts on Kayumba Nyamwasa’s life.

To women, especially RPF’s historical female cadres, the demise of Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame/Gasana is a blessing in disguise. In mid-2000, as internal power struggles where taking shape within the RPF, criminal Paul Kagame started bringing into fold Jeannette Nyiramongi, as the children grew, the love and trust started growing. Jack Nziza who was then Kagame’s trusted errand boy started putting sweet words about Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi Kagame/Gasana on Kagame’s ears; overnight she turned into real first lady and the face of Rwandan women.

In trying to consolidate her powers, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame/Gasana moved quickly to crush all influential female RPF cadres, the hammer started with Emerita Kajangwe for the reasons that we all know – the concubine game. Emerita Kajangwe and her family were barred from stepping a foot in Kigali, her late husband who had given everything – wealth to the RPF including his children was reduced to a destitute and a life of misery. The female who received Jeannette Kagame’s wrath include, Jeannette Rwigema, Christine Umutoni, Isabelle Kalisa, Davina Mirenge, Consolate Miko, Rose Musemineli, Immacule Mugabo, Nathalie Mukagatete, Thereza Karuretwa, Annociata Karemera, Edith Gasana, Rose Kabuye………etc.

For Jeannette Rwigema, the wrath was unprecedented and dehumanising, in mid- 2000s Jeannette Rwigema was also subjected to constant CID interrogation at the hands of the then CID chief Mary Gahonzire who was acting under the instructions of Jeannette Nyaramongi Kagame/Gasana. The extent of her devilish behaviours in tarnishing her good name trough DMI’s newspapers like Igihe, was callous and to the extreme. We all remember the children who popped up from nowhere giving interviews on Igihe as Fred Rwigema’s bastard children; that was the work of Jeannette Kagame and his mate, the criminal Jack Nziza.

In July of this year, after the African Union summit in Rwanda, the relationship between Paul Kagame and Jeannete Nyiramongi Kagame/Gasana turned for the worse. Reliable information point out that, this was the time when Paul Kagame received the DNA results of Ian Kagame. This also prompted the re-call of Ambassador Eugene Gasana from the UN in New York. Eugene Gasana sensed danger – tipped off, thus giving family excuses, asking for the permission to arrive at the end of July. At the end of July, Eugene Gasana was nowhere to be seen prompting the dictator’s foreign office to instruct Eugene Gasana to immediately report to Kigali. This time, he gave excuses for health problems and medical appointments as a reason for not coming as agreed before.

In early August, criminal Paul Kagame decided to send James Musoni and Hatari Sekoko to America to meet Eugene Gasana, and try to remove all Kagame’s wealth written under his names. The mission was to retrieve the wealth written under Eugene’s names and be transferred to Hatari Sekoko, who is Paul Kagame’s nephew and business confidant. To their surprise, by the time they arrived in New York, Eugene Gasana and the family where AWOL. They had moved from the usual address and all the contacts not working. The Rwandan embassy in Washington contacted the police asking them to inquire on the where about of their UN ambassador, the info is that they received a reply informing them that, the Ambassador is safe and for security reasons they can’t tell – inform the Rwandan Embassy in Washington on his where about.

Rwandan spies stationed in USA where directed to tress and track the where about of Eugene Gasana, his usual friends in USA where spied on and there was no sign of Eugene Gasana. The decision to sack him was derived after more than a week of searching and looking for him. The return to Rwanda of James Musoni and Hatari Sekoko without ownership transfer of criminal Paul Kagame’s wealth from Eugene Gasana’s names incensed criminal Paul Kagame, turning him from a madman as he is known to a crazy man, putting all anger and wrath on Jeannete Kagame…
……….to be continued.