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Contribution of participants in Brussels in front of the truth and reconciliation commission

My name is niyongabo Philippe
I’m a journalist graduate here in Belgium and independent and spokesperson of this committee to support democratic and transparent elections in Burundi.
I’m one of the elders who you rest and who saw a few dramatic events in Burundi.
In 1972, I was in 7th year preparatory to makamba
Has the date of the first may 1972, we organized a football match with those who come from Nyanza-lac and I saw with my school mates of the simulacrum mureristes hutu rebel (depending on the version of the tutsis) who were attacking the Burundi from rumonge-Nyanzalac. A procession of the vans new flamey as if it was a non-governmental organization who arrived and without resistance to the forces of order to makamba. This is very cryptic this day because we the gawkers if vibe around them.
On the same day in the afternoon military trucks from bujumbura arrive. Burundian Soldiers of micombero accompanied by military personnel from the Congo of mobutu. Another coincidence and instead of going to combat these mureristes, the military have arrested our teachers of the secondary and primary school as well as our directors and they murdered them on the river mutsindozi. Because I saw the bodies myself because me and a few students instead of crossing the border to go to Tanzania via nyabigina, we came back to take our bags and go home. I was with school friends of tutsi origin of vyanda, mugamba, rutovu, bururi etc. I knew only later that my colleagues were tutsi because we were oriented in 1973 at the atheneum of gitega in 8th school year where I haven’t met any student of origin hutu on almost 500 students all Tutsis.
In 1973, at the athenaeum of gitega, ethnic cleansing had taken place and I find myself a single hutu, and I’m beaten to death by the elders of the 9th year and my woe plus I hadn’t had A bed in a dorm planned for the class and I became the first target for the baptism in the atrocity. Fortunately in Burundi, there are some good tutsi who have protected me if not I’ll no longer be alive.
Anger fell on me because of the students of rwandan origin that aroused the others. Despite everything that I suffered i testify openly that all the tutsis are not bad as a few individuals thought. My colleagues tutsis saved me from the hands of bloodthirsty and I had the chance at the time after the fateful year of 1972 and I say that I had the chance to live until today.
My contribution to burundi
By an overwhelming testimony of the instigators of which you go read the detail in a memorandum that I deposited in front of the truth and reconciliation commission, we ask to bring to justice the former President Buyoya Pierre who is accused of killing his successor ndadaye melchior in 1993. Having participated in the genocide in 1972 against the hutu people, to have massacred thousands of citizens by methods guy since his return Nazi in power in 1996, to continue mourning burundians today by the creation of the insurgent movements Through the sindumuja and the cnared it funds.
• My second contribution, it’s like to have put on this memorandum the contents of an analysis of the volunteers who have studied point by point the report of the united nations in 1997 and the evidence indicates that this report is the most biased in the world
You will have the opportunity to browse for better gather the conflicting ideas of one or other.
In summary the group of reflection and action for burundi creates at the initiative of asbl arib (Association of reflection and information on Burundi, this group newly created the grab included, these intellectuals of burundian nationality specialists in various fields, such as History, law, political science, International Relations, Sociology, the psychopedagogy, the languages and the exact sciences in an extended report they found that the international investigation report on the assassination of president melchior ndadaye and acts Of violence who followed him, report carried out by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, on request of the security council of the latter, this report seems to go into the same logic of letting go, and even complicity Towards a state criminal. This is the state of Michel Micombero, Jean Baptiste Bagaza and Pierre Buyoya three military dictators guilty with the help of the army and the oligarchy that they have put in place since 1965, of the worst crimes against the people of burundi As a whole.
In roughly, the group of reflection and action for burundi has been clear in relation to the report of the commission of inquiry on burundi.
Another contribution contradictory of a girl who get sindumuja and who hasn’t experienced a lot in the history of burundi as nee in 1988 the same fateful day of ntega and marangara you understand what we consume in his ears.
In the break, I was able to meet this youth who had to claim sindumuja and I gave him my point of view. For the name chosen by irresponsible, it shows the teaching of indiscipline for our youth of tomorrow. How can a young boy does he give full trust to a girl who revolts against any nature, to a boy who revolts against any nature, any politician who revolts to manipulate innocent people, the same set of revolt without Show what he wants to be apart of others. The girl finally will be able to understand that those who have given a name that in kirundi wears a curse do not seek war happiness to our future generation. A Case to follow in another comment that I prepare you on the aftermath of the event of this 13 July 2016 in Brussels.