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The Assembly of the countries of the East African community is to account for sanctions against Burundi.

In the wake of a visit by the president of the assembly of the countries of the East African community is in the Senate. Rwandans, the honourable Daniel Kidega announced that his institution had heard and closely followed the series of measures taken by the Burundi against Rwanda in particular the Recent measure against the free movement of goods and people between the two neighbouring countries and belonging to this same community. Daniel Kidega explained has the press that he must have had to take measures against Burundi.

Daniel Kidega has also announced that the assembled countries of the Eastern Africa will “urgently” an investigation into violations of the freedoms of people and goods on the borders between the two countries.

The community of the Eastern Africa is made up of 5 countries including Burundi, Rwanda. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. A Convention of free movement of goods and people of this community binds the 5 countries that form.

Since the crisis of April 2015, Burundi has taken measures against the Rwandan nationals, some of whom were killed and others put into prisons. There’s a week Bujumbura has forbidden of Rwandan transport companies to carry passengers and their property between the two countries.

From 18 to 19 the presidents of the community had to meet in a mini-Summit to discuss the issue of security in Burundi.