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Rwandans are dictated on what to do and what to say

Most people believe that President Kagame is a dictator but as I mentioned in earlier notes, president Kagame may be the most democratic president that the world have ever had based on the fact that even though he has the means and power to dictate everything to everyone in the Rwandan soil, he has rather chosen a unified government where power sharing agreement between RPF and the opposition is still maintained since the end of Rwanda’s four year civil war and genocide but at the moment; Rwanda’s leadership(RPF) is identified by the fact that everything is for the people but nothing is by the people.

I recognize that there is a huge difference on how Rwanda is led today and how it was used to be led under one party system. However, even though nothing is hundred 100% right but what is happening in Rwanda is deliberate action to cause harm and fear hence , Rwandans are dictated on what to do and what to say and they are to do what the government deems to be right. However,r the dictatorship is not from the political party on power the RPF but some opposition leaders who try hard to maintain power in the helm of their political party through injustice and terror and these kind of behavior affect the whole nation . They do so behind President Kagame’s success of liberating Rwanda from one party system and nepotism form of leadership and these opposition member cover up their illegal behavior and conduct in office by bribes and the only bribe that seem to work all the time is to praise the president Kagame or say what he would like to hear and be happy such as “President Kagame is our hero, president Kagame is the messiah of this nation, president Kagame is baba wa taifa (father of the nation)” and all these praises from opposition members especially those who have held political office for too long come as a bribe to limit president Kagame’s independent judgment.

A man , an opposition leader with zero challenges in the helm of his political party and who is in charge of our nation’s important institution and because democratic values are absent within his political party, he or she will be likely to crush his political opponents within his party and the only method that may be used is to make baseless accusations against these political opponents will be made and people will be likely to be killed and all will be blamed to a democratic president Paul Kagame and his political party and surely have a negative impact towards our nation .

Our country should not be failed by opposition members who vision nothing but maintaining and getting in a political office hence I have suggested that the RPF should make sure that its democratic values are reflected in other political parties that are in coalition and some reform are overdue such as no member of opposition should hold office more than two five year term and that will allow more room for other leaders with flesh and new insight to come forward.

In Rwanda, we have members of opposition who have held the political office for more than 2 decades and these opposition members end up feeling untouchable and end up making decisions that are not in the interest of the people and our country, Rwanda. The Rwandan leadership system must ensure that these leaders are humbled and are brought back to terms and conditions that are found within democratic values and where they make mistakes be accountable which is not possible at the moment in some political opposition parties.

These opposition members are far more dictators than President kagame himself because even he would notice their wrong doing, he may not have power over them; so he can fire them from their office as they are appointed by their political party in which these opposition members have absolute power.

I therefore remain convinced that in the coming Rwanda’s presidential election 2017, if RPF wins elections must rule all Rwanda’s institution and opposition members who wish to gain political office must gain it not being rewarded for it. And, in that way, democratic values will take hold and where police force and other security agents are well functioning, will ensure nonviolent society otherwise, freedom and democracy are being hindered and obstructed by these hidden dictators in opposition political parties and dictatorship mainly from these political parties in coalition with RPF.