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There’s a picture of a naked Ange Kagame that has been circulating on whatsapp since a few days. As a photographer, when I saw her I had doubts and I quickly thought about the editing photoshop. Anyway, I was literally shocked by the comments and the scale of distribution of this photo via whatsapp. What have we become? What a nude picture we advance in our daily lives? Who was hungry and who became satiated by sending it to all his contacts? Who was thirsty and who doesn’t want to buy a beer after seeing this photo? We had a moment a thought to this lady that our society in evil of morality has dragged in the mud of social networks? I saw a comment fool of the photo who invited him to commit suicide. Let’s say Ange Kagame should have actually attended a brothel and that the photo is true, she would deserve death for this? Good thing it’s fake. What I have to say (excuse me if that shocks you) is that if you’re a woman and that you have distributed this photo, you displayed your own corp. This nakedness is yours. If you are a man and that you have distributed this photo, you have displayed the corp of your own wife, your daughter, or worse, your mother. Because they all have in like to be a woman. I don’t know this lady on which our infinite thirst of moral high ground is trying to destroy. But by far where I live, woman I kiss you virtually and squeezes you tight. My right hand, receive my true compassion and the setback of the left hand, wipe your tears. Then slowly, by the back I’ll push you gently and say: go, walk, rest up, you’re beautiful, you’re young, life is in front of you. I know you’ve cried a lot, you suffered too much, and the person who made you only wanted this, but wife, is stronger than she is. Finally, wife, forgive us, we don’t know what we have done.