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Passengers who are headed for the Uganda and Rwanda say they meet a lot of difficulties in their travels. Only the bus from the otraco (office of public transport) are allowed to travel all the way in Uganda. These vehicles pass in Tanzania and prints the road ngara, mutukura and masaka to arrive in kampala. The passengers are saying that this path is painful and cost very expensive ” we spend a day and a whole night in the vehicle, a part of the road is not paved, which makes the journey more difficult and we spend a lot of money for the Restoration “, laments a passenger met at the travel agency of the market otraco at Zion. The ticket of transport is 100 thousand francs to drink while on the other travel agencies that pass by Rwanda is 80 thousand francs drank. This agency explains the increase in the price of ticket by the costs they give to the Tanzanian border.
The travel agencies buses that go in Rwanda, the offices are open but there was no transport vehicles. “we rent private vehicles to transport our clients until the border, at the side of Rwanda our vehicles carry them up to kigali” explains an employee of that agency. The passengers say that travel to Rwanda and Uganda became very painful since the travel ban to Rwanda. Other come in by the drc via the town of bukavu. They ask the government of Burundi to lift this measure.