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Niyombare was born in 1969 in bujumbura where he grew up in the neighborhood kamenge. His Father, a personality hutu, was killed in 1972 during massacres targeting managers, military and political hutu. Niyombare was raised by his single mother, a teacher.
Young, niyombare became adhering to the party for the liberation of the hutu people (Palipehutu). In 1991, he completed his secondary education at the jesuits in bujumbura and between the office national telecommunications. After the election of melchior ndadaye in 1993, first hutu president of the country, Burundi knows of new violence. Niyombare joined the rebellion, the defence forces of democracy, in 1995 and in which he became commander of region.
In 2009, niyombare became the chief of staff of the burundi army and, in 2013, Ambassador of burundi in Kenya. In 2014, he was appointed to the head of the intelligence services of Burundi (Snr).
On 13 may 2015, during the protests against the candidature of President Pierre Nkurunziza to a third term, he attempted a coup [3], before he announced his surrender.
He then took the head of the Republican forces of Burundi (Forebu), whose purpose was to ensure the arusha agreements, a rebel movement whose creation was announced on 22 December 2015 and whose aim is to overthrow Pierre Nkurunziza and “restore democracy.