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Kagame and nkurunziza are all dictators but here’s the difference between the 2:
Nkurunziza is simply a ‪‎dictator‬ very stubborn who thirsts for the ‪‎money‬ and ‪‎power‬. It is a dictator who has bad ‪‎advisors‬ also thirsts of money. Kagame is a very stubborn more ‪‎dictator‬ that nkurunziza, a dictator too thirsty of ‪‎money‬ and ‪‎power‬, it is a great ‪‎criminal‬ in the history of Rwanda and the region of Great Lakes, it is a dictator who promotes a single ‪ethnicity‬ (Tutsi), it is a dictator who has proceed has the ‪‎revenge‬ after 1994, it is a dictator responsible for the death of More Than 7 million hutus. Nkurunziza even though he’s dictator, he doesn’t favarise no ‪ethnicity‬, he didn’t ‪‎avenge‬ his ethnic group after taking power in 2005.
So, 1) that kagame takes care of Rwanda!
2) that kagame just keeps his mouth shut!
3) that the Burundians are not blind by Kagame.
4) that the Burundians seek them even how to get out the country of the crisis.