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The real General meets the fake general. Within Kagame’s militia, Brian Kagame has more powers than his father’s house boy the fake general, James Kabarebe.

In the land of the self-imposed king, we all know how military ranks where rewarded and how they are still being rewarded up to now. After the 1994 genocide and the capture of Rwanda by the RPF/RPA; field commanders were over looked in terms of ranks, Paul Kagame opting to promote his house boys who were stationed at his headquarter in what was then known as Mulindi 1. To those that may not know, during the RPA/RPA military struggle Mulindi was divided in 3 military zones/heaquarters.

All those that are labeling themselves heros, now leading Kagame’s militia, where stationed at Mulindi 1 (Kagame’s headquarter) or Mulindi 2 (Recruitment, training and DMI). These were idlers and cowards who spent the best part of the struggle killing innocent young Tutsis who had come to join the RPA/RPF struggle, sleeping with young female recruits, talking shit (amatiku) or eating and enjoying Uganda waragi.

Unlike the fake and self-proclaimed heros who are being postered by the criminal ruler; we all know the real heros!! And we know where the criminal ruler put them. He sent some to their graves, others are in streets of different capitals as refugees, others are living a fearful life in their little houses around Rwanda, others are in Agatebe living a beggar’s life style with no single right to get a job in Rwanda and others are casualty living as destitutes in Rwanda.

Now, the tell of the war is being told by those who spent the best part of the struggle wanking themselves out….what an irony. Currently in Paul Kagame’s militia, the RDF, his wife Jeannette Kagame has the power of command in the militia apparatus than the minister of defence, James Kabarebe or the CDF, Patrick Nyavumba.

For the past two years, she has been appointing her loyalists in different sensitive positions within the Kagame Defence Force (RDF). Soon, the head of DMI position will be filled with her francophone loyalist Col Jeannot Ruhunga, unless Paul Kagame questions the decision.