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I get from time to time messages in box, as a reaction to my post. Some are hostile, others applaud.
Today, this is not the case. Day before yesterday, riding in the circle at a banquet hosted by the presidency of the Republic I’ve met a certain “Mimi”. I’ll tell you here an incredible story.
This is the first day of school, I advance class of the first kindergarten to the second. It’s the old athénée primary. Madam we receives, (madam it’s the encadreuse but this is how we used to call him. Salutation). Madam asks us to introduce ourselves. Everyone was present except “Mimi”. By the way “Mimi”, This is Michaela. Everyone had his chair, only the table was common. Much to my surprise I found myself alone, with an empty chair next to me. I asked myself why. I don’t find out the truth that the next day. Mimi comes in with his mom, key of contact in hand, a lovely little girl hair bun with a bag of pink color and a watch.. Madam spell to speak with the mom of Mimi, certainly she justified the delay of his 4-Year-old girl.
Mimi who waited outside, and I am sure she understood nothing of the conversation. After the bye bye, madam takes by the arm and the leads to where, I was sitting, she chewed a bazooka, smelled a sweet perfume. The faces of all my classmates changed immediately. Mimi was envied by all the class. She came from Paris where his dad worked as a counselor of ambassador. She understood kirundi but, he was very difficult to express themselves. Three days later, a certain anitha, jealous, raises the question of why mimi is sitting next to me. Gold, she didn’t know me either, that madame made us sit in alphabetical order. And so, karire must sit next to karorero. Before starting any activity, we began to pray and madam would oblige us to greet us. The jealousy of anitha who lived has kiriri, has not stopped here. She’ll go up to prohibit mimi of pass me the hand: ” uwo mwana wo mu bwiza azokwanduza mbandakara!! ” did she whispered. Sentence I’ve heard, but without knowing what it means to “mbandakara”. (Mimi lived neighborhood inss).
While I was wondering the meaning of “mbandakara”, I was watching anitha without batting an eyelid and hear it scream: ” Mada, mada, bagire bankubite!!!!! “. I’ll never forget this lie, because as soon as I have been accused of terrorism. And I paid. Therefore, I managed so that my elbow don’t touch that of Mimi. Gold, it’s mom itself that I washed and dressed me. My big sister toto who lives in Brussels at the moment, she’s the one who had the responsibility to check up on me. And so, for my safety, while going to school, mom gave him orders well clear. Walking to school or the house, she doesn’t even leave me alone a sole. And so, how do I catch this ” Mbandakara? ”
The more days advanced, more mimi changed. One day, she ventured to ask me to explain to her, what means “integuza”. “Slate”. Then: ” Mbandakara nor ukuvuga iki? “. ninde yabikubwiye? I asked him. “neither anitha yabimbariye”. However, I already had the answer, I’ve been waiting for confirmation. I won’t forget the day, the promenade, who had held the end of each quarter. The children of the guardian, went to the public garden, those of the first year and beyond, the mausoleum of Prince Louis Rwagasore. Mom bought me some doughnuts with two fanta. While Mimi came with two bottles of grenadine and 4 Packets of biscuits “little butter”. I remember that diluting this grenadine, more than 20 children have been drinking and ate his cookies except me. The cause? “mbandakara”. This disease of the skin due to the lack of hygiene, he had been presented as the plague. So, the disease scared him and me, the shame. I have repeatedly asked madame de separate us without success. In desperation I was crying. Gold, Mimi was nice. Very nice if you want. Only, she had been poisoned by Anitha and me I hadn’t of explanations, the more that I don’t even understand what it means “mbandakara”.
2006, I’m in dar es salaam, Tanzania Capital. I’m staying at the hotel California “. It is 8 in the morning, I’m waiting for my tea watching France 24. Mimi descends. She was housed in the 4th floor and me in the 2th. She was very tired. She seemed even sick. She was surprised to see someone who follows the news in French. Mimi looked at me a long time without me noticing. She leaves his table to join me and told me: ” Uri Umurundi? ” ” kubera iki? ” I tell him. ” oya namaze kumenya ko uri umurundi kandi nibaza ko woba warize kuri athénée primary. “and continue:” ndakubwire izina ryawe? Wêwe nor karorero, nanje ndi karire Michaela, batazira “Mimi”.
Mimi, had grew, grossi…… I woke up to greet the brotherly. ” none wêwe ntuhinduka? “. she said to me. “jewe naciye ndakumenya”. The Suite? Long story. She became my sister and I know she is in the process of read me. She was waiting for a container loaded breakbulk and I came from lusaka in Zambia. Mimi begged me not to leave dar es salam before the arrival of its container. She was too tired, she had done more than 3000 km by car. ” it is you who has the wheel! ” throbbing Mimi, ” we’re going down to the port to see if the container is already happened “. Arrived in port, he had to wait four more days. Leaving the port of dar es salam, Mimi asks me to stop me at the beach, where we were served the meal of midday and we stayed until the evening. Here, she reminded me of a few songs, my panties etc… Meanwhile her husband was in the air from Bangkok. Suddenly, around 19 pm, his cell phone rings. It’s her husband who arrives at the airport. Mimi said to me: “while I rule the invoice go behind the wheel I’ll be right there, we’re going to the airport”. ” oya woca ufatwa na mbandakara, oya ntuhave untako ishari madam.” Do I have credentials. And Mimi smiled shyly and murmured: ” NARI AKAJUJU MBE, anitha ageze hehe?” (Mimi was a car audi brand 80). Then, I took care of all operations up to bujumbura. Today in welcoming me, she said: ” my brother ” and her husband said, ” brother ”
I’ll be back to this unforgettable school year, after the proclamation, we were at 6 to receive envelopes closed. The content? Don’t ask me. I’m heading straight towards the class of my big sister toto who was in the sixth grade. We proclaimed always. At the end of the proclamation, I give her the envelope and she opens it. That said the letter addressed to the direction of the school and the parents? ” the child doesn’t need to spend in third kindergarten, he can start the first year in the month of September. ” in the annex, there was the list of school supplies to buy, I was with Mimi, but, she immediately left the athenaeum for independent school. In the first year, that’s where I met some of my friends on face book: Assumpta Buzu, merry mbonankira, Patrick Nijembazi, edouard nyahoza, placide kakana, adelin bambonyirugu, abbas ntakagero ndayiziga, Manu, Thierry Rutababiza, Alice Ntibandetse, Oliviane Ryobara, Didier Bihorubusa, Eliane Mugororoka, Gaston Nkurunziza, didacienne, etc… Three years later toto congera, Francis Rohero, pretty mukesha kanyana, Chantal, Claudine Murekezi, Claudine Rusagara (Mbegeti), fiacre bizimana who are has kigali, except francis rohero and toto congera, if I’m not mistaken. And this is the unfortunate billionaire khadil seif of origin omaniene, if I’m not mistaken, today in prison in the islands Maurice who came we monitor when the lady was making a move. This is how we became friends with Mimi. And Thus: “urakora iciza wigendere, kuko ikidahura nor imisozi”
To all my former students, I’m going to try to establish the list and you go help me. To all those who have attended kindergarten with Mimi, she wants to see them again. Unfortunately, the only way that I have, it is the communication on face book.
To be continued…