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SYLVERENTAKARUTIMANA, a former journalist on the radio isanganiro, adviser to the truth and reconciliation commission (TRC) reveals the rpf journal of Rwanda ” Newtimes ” the motives of the burundi crisis: ” the authorities are selfish ( Love each other), they do not serve the general interest of the nation “.
Sylvere Ntakarutimana praised to Paul Kagame he runs well Rwanda.
Sylvere Ntakarutimana had been invited to a conference of African cvrs.
A question arises: how is it that an institution like that cvr is eaten from the inside by the members who hate burundi and the authorities, who have put them in place? ?
Can we expect an honest success of the cvr if one sees such excesses of some of its members???
Of all the ways, insults against the burundian authorities must be severely punished.