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A few employees of the project African peace and security (Apsa) of the eac have recently increased their case to the court of justice of the eac. This is especially of gentlemen benoit bihamiriza (Burundi) and Patrice Mulama (Rwanda) which, in the scenes, loudly and proudly proclaim that they are victims of ethnic discrimination… because they are tutsi! Yet, the other 9 Employees (Tanzanians, ugandais and Kenyans) are clearly not tutsis. So the explanations are to look elsewhere…
Our investigations reveal that:
1. To 30/06/16 the project apsa accused a deficit of $ 474.807; the financier of the project (African Union on funds from the European Union) had nothing given for almost a year.
2. On 27/07/16 the lessor gave $ 98.388 leaving a deficit of $ 376.419. in short, the eac manages since 1 year to pay on its own funds of wages for employees who no longer have any budget For the achievement of activities…
3. Already 5 employees whose contracts expiraient on 30/06/16 have been thanked. For The 6 who remain, including those who have complained to the court of justice of the eac, the notice that they have been given the 20/06/16 comes to an end on 20/09/16. But if the council of ministers of the eac To be held on 05/09/16 in arusha happens to provide a solution, that is to say money to continue to pay the 6 employees who remain, so their jobs will be saved.
4. One of the complaints of employees is that it would be for the council of ministers of the eac rule on the judgment or not of their jobs but:
(I) ONLY 3 out of 11 are known of the council of ministers who ruled on their hiring in a report of 13/09/2008;
(II) the council had then stated that their jobs will be on the terms of the project ua / EU of capacity-Building (who therefore has no more funds)… anyway, he is not a question of permanent posts to the EAC.
Obviously it is simply the classic pattern of projects and programmes dependent on donor so that when the latter are leaving the pyramid collapses. And this has nothing to do with any delusion of discrimination anti-Tutsi. But it is not impossible that some attempt to use the ethnic fiber to mobilize the world in the face of “Bad Secretary-General” and save their jobs…