However, in spite of the president considering that the unilateral and indefinite cease-fire declared by our organization is the right way, it seems contradictory and reckless to order the intensification of the offensive actions against the FARC-EP Guerillas in truce, to the extent that the continuity of the unilateral ceasefire is still being put at risk.

Common sense indicates that there is no consistency between the words that extol the truce and those that order the intensification of war.

The practical impact of the end of the conflict could be felt from this moment on, long before the signing of a final agreement, if we proceed to cease fire and hostilities, to agree an armistice, which could be a prelude to the end of the war, which would imply something deeper, like overcoming the causes that generated it.

We have created a context for the discussion of the item of VICTIMS and essential aspects of END OF CONFLICT. In this regard, the progress that has been made on the first shows the need of starting the discussions on the latter right away, understanding that the issue ABANDONMENT OF ARMS does not only concern the FARC-EP Guerillas; it concerns the two parties mutually. The de-escalation of the conflict’s intensity should not be rhetorical, but consistent determinations to avoid more deaths on both sides, using our common sense.

As we announced publicly at the time, we want to inform the country that since October, the guerrilla fighters that make up the technical sub-commission – to deal with matters relating to the end of the conflict- are in Havana, preparing our proposals and waiting for the officers of the various forces appointed by the government for that mission.

It is important to specify that if they come here in their capacity as a Transition Command, they will meet a Guerrilla Normalization Command to discuss with.

Besides, for our part we are ready to begin discussions that should help clarifying the phenomenon of para-militarism and defining solutions to overcoming poverty, inequality, lack of democracy and the restoration of sovereignty, among others. These issues should be discussed, considering the comprehensive and simultaneous nature that the discussion of the points from the Agenda should have, which are not two but three if we consider that there is a sixth about implementation.

Finally, we report that our delegation is also ready to start the discussion of the caveats and mechanisms of countersignature right away. We can only thank the Colombian people for all its support to the noble cause of making peace.

Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP

Havana, Cuba, site of the peace talks, January 14, 2015