In this special report, the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP presents the exclusive images of the release of the General, ex-commander of the Task Force Titán, Alzate Mora by the Colombia Revolutionary Forces.

Colombia Revolutionary Forces

It is a detailed story of the journey made by two members of the Peace Delegation, Pastor Alape and Boris Guevara, to the jungle of Chocó, to hand over three POW.

In that forgotten jungle, the barriers of the uniforms and the rifles are broken and we can see a glimpse of what will be imposed by history in a near future: peace with social justice.

The operation to hand over the General and companion, once devoid of the sensationalism and the intentionality of the mass media, is a message of reconciliation. This is the way it will go down in history.

Peace Delegation of the Colombia Revolutionary Forces (FARC-EP)