We alert our guerrilla forces around the country about the difficult situation

Since December 20, warmongering sectors of the Colombia regime,  have maintained their efforts to sabotage the unilateral ceasefire and the peace process. They operate from state institutions and from the command of the army in particular.

Across the country, military attacks are intensifying. The deployment of troops, accompanied by bombings, landings and assaults, have caused to date 6 guerrillas killed, 6 wounded, 2 captured, and the also unfortunate balance of 14 soldiers killed and 5 wounded.

President Santos: in the midst of a process that seeks reconciliation, it is inconsistent to provoke in this way the restarting of war and the attacks against the economic infrastructure of the state, rather than promoting the silence of the rifles. Such irresponsibility has produced a negative atmosphere and makes the unilateral ceasefire increasingly untenable.

In Chocó, your troops, Mr. President, are distributing leaflets with photos of our spokespersons for Peace, promoting the defection of the guerrilla combatants with the fallacy that their comandantes are on vacation in Havana. Instead of distributing dirty propaganda, and persecuting and murdering popular leaders, you should do something to generate conditions that will lead to peace. It doesn’t cost you anything to reply to the guerrilla with reciprocity and grandeur.

You have rejected the bilateral ceasefire arguing that the guerrilla used the truce to strengthen itself politically and militarily, but what we’re seeing is that it is the military who are leveraging our unilateral cessation of offensive actions, to take military advantage, as they easily patrol in areas where they couldn’t do that before, because of the presence of a militant guerrilla.

While we alert our guerrilla forces around the country about this serious issue, we launch an SOS to the social and popular movement in Colombia, to the Frente Amplio por la Paz, peoples and friendly countries, to defend this process and call for the cessation of provocations by warmongering sectors that seek to destroy the hope of peace.

Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP

Cuba, site of the peace talks, January 27, 2015