One might expect the Rwanda opposition in diaspora to be progressive-well informed and dynamic, but its not the case. It has become a routine for the elite of the Rwanda opposition in diaspora, to feed on stories that have been planted by the dictatorship in Rwanda-the stories are always meant to act as a decoy from the real issues of the day. Thus, the dictatorship sets the agenda and they pathetically salivate for it.


Today, Rwanda is faced with a very absurd situation-we continue to witness the curbing down on freedom of worship, the continuing cold murders of Banyamulenge refugees in Rwanda, the illegal closure of Human Rights Watch in Rwanda, the arbitrary arrests and murders of innocent people, the endless arrests and disappearances of members of the Rwanda People Salvation Movement(PSM)-Itabaza, the outright theft of the Rwigara tobacco business by Dictator Paul Kagame, and of course the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement , that is to be signed by African heads of state in Rwanda this week.

In-spite of all the events happening in Rwanda, the so called Rwandan opposition in diaspora(over 20 groups) are discussing with vigilance a tabloid story of an alleged affair between the Infrastructure Minister James Musoni and a separated woman. Its very disappointing to see nearly all the political class falling for such a setup story.. though the story might be true, but is it the most important thing to be discussing at this crucial moment?? However, this should not come as a surprise because 90% of the Rwandan opposition lack a clear political ideology-they rarely produce their own stories because they lack non-80% of their stories are copy & paste-recycled.

The only time they produce something similar to a story is when they’re trashing each other..Kayumba Vs Marara..Marara Vs Kayumba..Byiringiro vs Irategeka……Rudasingwa vs Kayumba..etc..etc. How do these fellows expect serious people to ever work with them, when they’re mediocre themselves.. .. However, we should not abandon them, but give them consul as their ways will never change-you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Though they might sound appealing in their documents and radio stations, they’re politically bankrupt and a few of them,with a questionable past of gross human-rights abuses.

That’s why we call upon the international community and supporters of democracy in Rwanda, to instead put their support behind political activism already in Rwanda, Namely:  Rwanda People Salvation Movement (PSM)-Itabaza, FDU-Inkingi, Free Rwanda, Social Party Imberakuri (Bernard Ntaganda faction), and PDP-IManzi of Deogratias Mushayidi.


Joram Jojo