Fellow Comrades, after spending almost two years trying to reach-out to progressive Rwandan political groups, we came to a conclusion that such a thing  doe not exist; the Rwandan politics is mostly dominated by remnants of Juvénal Habyarimana and Paul Kagame’s regimes, whose  political ideologies are based on groupies and not the Rwandan masses.

Rwanda Opposition Politics Lacks Collectiveness

We also found out that, 99% of Rwandan political organisations including the (RPF) Rwanda Patriotic Front- shared many things in common. Apart from peddling well crafted propaganda around the world and manipulating the truth, they have no idea on how to address the inequalities and  the poverty levels facing  Rwandans today. They all carry peti-bourgeois tendencies-their Love for Rwandans is mainly in their big intestines and not their hearts. Thus, its about pleasing  whom it may concern, and with a deep hatred for collectivity.

To our amusement, we didn’t find any difference in terms of vision presentation and capacity building, as it was the same people going in circles to the same people. Thus, the Rwanda opposition political class lacked mobilisation skills; their interaction with the youths and the Rwandan peasants, was very poor.

Fellow Comrades, the struggle to liberate Rwanda from the dictatorship of elitist politics is a very easy task.  However,  the problem we still have is the yesterday political class that continues to occupy the political landscape of Rwanda and fooling the people, that its only them with the legitimacy to opposition politics. This is not viable in the long-term, especially when they don’t have a clear political ideology and an alternative to the calamity facing Rwandans today.

After understanding the working of the political class, we have decided to go back to basics and build a Free Rwanda political organisation with a Military component, the Free Rwanda Army(FRA), that is free from mainstream elitism and yesterday’s nostalgic hangovers of Paul Kagame and Juvénal Habyarimana.

The Free Rwanda Political organisation will also be presenting to Banyarwanda its 50 years plan, that will transform Rwanda from a predominantly peasant society, to a progressive and dynamic country.

We can also proudly inform Rwandans, that we have been very successful at building international solidarity and support groups that we can learn from and also share skills.

The minor set back we suffered, was  the search engine Google website deliberately not listing us, because they are buddies of Dictator Paul Kagame. However, Google not listing  Free Rwanda is laughable, because when we first set-up the RPF/RPA (Rwanda Patriotic Front/Army), we didn’t go to anyone to be approved or even searched. Not  even Paul Kagame was among the founders/members. In fact,  Paul kagame was among the most annoying people that never paid for RPF membership cards. But today he sells himself around the world as its founder. The only known person that visited us in 1988 at Kabale , western Uganda, when we were less than ten  activists and took us serious, at the time, is General Kayumba Nyamwasa. Today we’re in thousands and buying our time.

Free Rwanda Army

After our bad experience in the months of October, November and December 1990 with the Rwanda Patriotic Army(RPA) when the political class shamelessly betrayed us , we’re not about to repeat the same mistake with the Free Rwanda Army(FRA) as 50% of our members are already with the Rwanda Defence Forces(RDF) waiting for orders.

We shall publish our New websites and other media platforms in the next communique.

Thank you.

Viva Rwanda! Viva Free Rwanda!

Nkunda  Kafirika


Free Rwanda

Free Rwanda