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What should we expect from Arusha?

In order to answer this question, it should be well define the purpose of the displacement of the participants in this session. It is an inclusive dialogue summoned by the mediation and no negotiation.
The question that is asked is to propose solutions that can put an end to the political and security crisis in which the burundi is dipped since the end of April 2015, has the announcement of the candidature has the presidency of the Republic by the Congress of the party cndd – Fdd.
What has been noticed, the plant of the violent insurgency has not been spontaneous, because several signs before riders showed although the fire was brewing under the ashes for several days to see for years. The movement di ‘ Halt 3TH MANDATE ” had already stuff its weapons and insurgents and putschists only wanted the kickoff. This is reflected by some of the speeches activists of civil society. I quote as an example the intervention very alarming of Gabriel Rufyiri in the month of January 2015 in the conference room of the hotel king center.

He said in essence this in National Language: ” wanka kugarura impéné ikiri hafi, yarenga umurambi ukabira nkayo. ” a warning too severe. This is translated in French: “if you don’t watch your goat, when she’s gonna get away from you, you’re gonna scream like she”. Said of a person insensitive to the advice and the dangers that threaten.
It seems that some participants hope that the conclusions of the ongoing dialogue will have a similarity with the negotiation of 2000., but the reality is very different, for two reason.

The first is that the participants of Arusha 2000 had no mandate of person. Then the conclusions reached were based on lies. At the time the conflict was mainly ethnic. However, in the camps and the G7 G10, Bahutu have represented the tutsi and hutu and the tutsi. This is serious, they knew each other mutually, and knew full well that there was some participants under a fake label. But, whatever. This is how the ethnic quotas were a result hardly earned, because, both sides weren’t getting along, and if accusing one another and the majority of bahutu have to yield. 50-50.
The political crisis of today must be objectively analysed in all its aspects in order to be able to prescribe a remedy. Hence, participants should not behave like that doctor who seeks to treat the symptoms without seeking to address the root of the disease. Because, that is, history has repeated itself and burundians are again in arusha buy peace.
As announced by the ombudsman, the agenda is the question of security and the one in connection with the management of the country. Concerning Safety, which deteriorated in some areas of the city hall of bujumbura, participants will have to answer the questions correctly to know, why, there’s got abandonment of studies, dead, houses and vehicles burned, displaced persons and Refugees. Have the courage to ask the question has the international community, which is present in the room to listen to and who has not done anything still does nothing but put pressure against bujumbura for him to do softpaws with terrorists they have armed and funded And that the latter accepts as well as to swallow the snakes of the sponsors of the crisis. And so, goodbye independence.

This willingness to burundi in the situation of politico-economic dependence. And already manifest. Since the suspension of direct support to the government, the aid for the country are managed by Ngos chosen by the partners and who do not serve to something else that has maintain the burundi in a situation of poverty and war. To end this situation of neither peace nor war who observe today, participants should stand up and denounce Rwanda which leads to militarily those who disrupt the peace and security in some parts of burundi before we head back to the same country . Some of them have even become strangers in their own country. Because, they do not dare to go back to where they came because of what they know well the most emblematic is the order given by the governor of the province of rumonge hunt all newcomers no natives of this province.

The participant must not stop there, to put an end to the crisis, we need some repairs. Material damage estimated at close to 105 billion human lives not included. Who will pay? I think this issue should be addressed after proving that this is the presidential term which is at the origin of everything that comes from living the burundi since more than a year, since even the revolt began before the announcement of the candidate of the party Cndd-Fdd.
To all my compatriots in the diaspora who demonstrated in the streets of several western capitals, to propose solutions are also, because the burundian issue is not the prerogative of only participants and am convinced that in interrupting your activities, you did it In Soul and conscience.
Good day to all.