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The burundi crisis hits the trade vehicles

The warehouses of the port of Bujumbura where are parked vehicles from abroad are empty. Reporting of met on site say that before the crisis more than 100 vehicles entered a week. Currently the port welcomes less than ten. Customs agencies who dédouanent these vehicles say they have reduced his staff because of idleness.
The devaluation of the currency and the Burundi crisis affecting the country are the major causes ” I thing to five to ten vehicles per month from Japan but currently i just clearing the way for a single vehicle after three months, the dollars make me default it n There’s no profit ” indicated a trader of vehicles at the port of Bujumbura.
Who taking drivers of vehicles from the port of dar es salam say they are forced to unemployment forced because traders do not command more vehicles ” I was one of the drivers of the hauling of business vehicles toyota but there is no more Of work, last month this company ordered four vehicles of type toyota hilux while at the screen transporting it were of more than twenty vehicles “.
The Office of Burundi Recipes Obr explains this vacuum in the sheds by a new law introduced, which facilitates the clearance of vehicles.