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Rwanda: who is the hero of the revolution of 4 July 1994?

It is in the process and the euphoria that has been observed on the rwandan territory this Monday 04 July 2016 that I get up on my keyboard driven by a sense of regret for the simple fact that our brothers rwandans lack of gratitude towards their Burundian brothers.
We’re talking about a victory ripped off after a long and heroic battle. A question: ” is this thanks to the bravery of the combatants of the rpf?
I’ll try to shed light on what happened exactly one week before so that each one of my friends gets an idea. Truth be told, this frieze ingratitude, in view of the actions of Rwanda vis-à-vis its neighbor to the south.
Hold: when the Lieutenant Gaston ntakirutimana has tried to overthrow buyoya Pierre, I was on the ground of Rwanda. More specifically in nyamata. The Radio announces the closure of the borders and the airport. And so, I was blocked. I’m calling bujumbura to inform my situation. And to all my friends, who attended the bar located has mutanga sud commonly called “Chez Judge Red”, This is the same, where I lived, this is even where, I was meeting with Ernest Manirumva every night.
This night, was one of the longest of my life, since all my thoughts, it was the money left in a drawer which is not closing. And the money didn’t belong to me. It was the taxpayer s’ money burundian. I was sitting in the middle of a group of a dozen students of the military academy of gako. Iscam (Burundi). All those officers were already became friends, because they came from time to time take a glass of amstel and a bunch of goat has low prices has disrupted the border-Rwandan Gasenyi has. Captain x, I call him x for his safety, singling me out after I ordered a bottle of mitsig to me and said: ” my brother, it’s not this coup that we wanted. I wonder why, the military burundians have left ntibantunganya occupy the palace. “and continue:” What’s gonna happen? We are going to rip each other apart, while the rebellion mends itself. ” I will stop here, I think you understand that what is happening today.
24 hours later, I don’t know if it’s the night that brought council, Gaston Ntakirutimana had already evaporated and buyoya spoke on the waves of the National Radio. And here I am, in bujumbura. Everybody needed to know how kigali reacted against this situation. Colonel Zihabandi, one of the companions of the revolution buyoyiste pulls me by the sleeve of the shirt and isolating myself. ” wabonye bavyifashemwo gute? ” I gave him my point of view. By the way, my conclusion was that the rpf do not wish to see the power of bujumbura surrenders has arusha to negotiate the cease-fire. The wish of kigali was to fight until the last drop of blood. Colonel Zihabandi shook his head as a sign of disapproval, took a little time to think gritting my teeth and throbbing after a few minutes: “iyo uja kubimenya” (if you knew). And silent.
By the way, this is not the place to talk to you about everything that’s happened, suffice it to say that some military camps had resisted well has the occupation of the rpf, had pushed up to the ugandan and tanzanian borders, Had been the intervention of the burundian paratroopers ordered by the late colonel appolinaire nzunogera…
To be continued….