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Rwanda Soldiers Kill innocent Muslims in Central Africa

The Muslims of the central African Republic are still mourning following the barbarous acts committed by the Rwandan contingent of the minusca on the civilian population in km5 outside the precinct of the 3TH DISTRICT OF BANGUI.
The victims:
1-Mohamed Saddam
2-oumar saidou
3-souleymane djiddo
4-Issa Mahamat
5- Hassan BACHIR
6-mahamat adoudou
7-ahmat bourma
It is time that the government and the elected representatives of the nation to take their responsibility to appeal to the head of the minusca. The Peoples Central Africans must actually know what’s going on, let’s start with the assassination on 05 June of the young bear during the match RCA – Angola.
And those of km5 on June 20, perpetrated by the same contingents of Rwanda. Its not the first time that Rwanda soldiers have killed Muslims.