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Rwanda farmers continue to record Poor yields

Do you love tomato soup? You might also like the vegetable as salad. Well, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to enjoy that tomato soup or salads after the wholesale price of tomatoes rose by Rwf2,000 to Rwf8,000 per basin in various city markets, from Rwf6,000 a week ago. They go for Rwf800 a kilo, from Rwf500 previously. Most Rwandan homes and restaurants use tomatoes as soup or source, so the increase is not good news for many people.

Traders attributed the rise to low supply, adding that farmers recorded poor yields. They also noted that the prices have been going up over the past few weeks.

According to market survey by Business Times, banana prices have also gone up by Rwf30 to Rwf380 per kilogramme in Kimironko Market last week, from Rwf350 a kilo, while that of yams rose to Rwf400, from Rwf360.

The price of fruits has also increased, with the price of oranges now at between Rwf1,200 and Rwf1,400 per kilogramme, that of mangoes ranges from Rwf1,400 to Rwf1,600 per kilogramme, while passion fruits cost up to Rwf1,400 per kilo from Rwf1,200 in Nyarugenge Market.

Meanwhile, beef was unchanged at between Rwf2,200 and Rwf2,400 a kilo in Kimironko, Nyabugogo, Batsinda and Gakinjiro markets, but goes for Rwf2,500 in Nyarugenge Market. The rice from Pakistan costs between Rwf800 and Rwf900 a kilo, while that from Thailand ranges from Rwf1,000 to Rwf1,100 per kilo gramme. Avocado is at between Rwf100 and Rwf200 (depending on size), carrots cost Rwf600 per kilo gramme, salt goes for Rwf400, while cassava flour ranges from Rwf350 to Rwf500 per kilo.

Sugar is between Rwf1,000 and Rwf1,100 a kilo, the price of milk ranges from Rwf400 to Rwf500 per liter across the city and suburbs.