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God loves the good works (actions) and honours in his time their authors. (a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to apollinaire ndayikeze who just offered me a surprise of a poster of honor who touches me a lot and fits me right in the heart)!
Yes it’s true, our works that they are good or bad are our companions, they follow us everywhere all our lives even after death. A good deed, even in the shadows, never stays without reward from God. Happy all those who do good works (actions) that provide peace and joy to their own kind. They are truly unhappy those who do that sow death, insecurity, poverty, suffering etc… in their own country, in the country of their neighbours or anywhere in the world!
Thank you, my God, you are the master of my time and all the circumstances of my life. Your Mysteries are unfathomable, your promise is never barren and your time is always the best. The seasons of my life belongs to you alone. Don’t leave any time disturb by my past, by the sadness, anxiety or deprivation of anything, but whatever happens help me always to look to the future and to keep my calm and trust in you alone despite the short time that . I don’t ever doubt in the darkness of what you told me to the light. One thing is for sure, you will do to your time!
Lord, my creator, whatever the time that my situation can take before a successful outcome, that I still holding firm. That my life on this earth is a masterpiece. The truth always rises through my actions, and like a chicken in front of the omelette, that I can contemplate the whole of my work and draw joy and happiness for your only glory. This is my prayer for this new year 2017, in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour: Amen!