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The photos below are of Captain Ivan Cyomoro Kagame (2013 – 2015), the 1st son of the Banana republic of Rwanda. The photos show the boy living a western celebrity life style with private jets on the house, courtesy of Paul Kagame’s corrupt money. I totally don’t blame the boy to live a life of excess, the dad is a billionaire in US dollars, not Rwandan Francs; all obtained at the hands of Rwandan tax payers, state coffer and plundering congo.

I refered Ivan Cyomoro Kagame as a captain because in July of this year, the RDF held military promotions in Rwanda for soldiers who are based in diaspora as refugees or those with dual citizenship. These are Rwandese boys who live in different communities outside Rwanda but come under the control of external intelligence. This July, most of them where given ranks and others promoted under a secret ceremony held at the ministry of defence which was presided over by Gen Jack Nziza and Gen Fred Ibingira.

For those Rwandans living in diaspora, if any of the Spy – Maneko suspect happen to have travelled to Rwanda this July, know that they had gone for rank awards. It was during those awards that Ivan Cyomoro was promoted from a Lt to a Captain attached at presidential military intelligence.

After Ivan Cyomoro Kagame dropping out of west point military academy in 2010, due to lack of interest in the army. Project Cyomoro had a set back, the plan to enter the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) through a front door dealt a severe blow, a back door plan was envisaged, going through short military courses in South Korea and China. Project Ivan Cyomoro Kagame, still hasn’t kicked off, the boy is totally not interested in the army shit or RPF’s crap politics despite the father’s pressure.

The father has shifted his attention on plan B, it is not Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame/Gasana, not Ange Kagame nor Ian Kagame/Gasana; but Brian Kagame. The dictator sees his image, resemblance and character on Brian Kagame. In Brian Kagame, the dictator sees a quite, intelligent and disciplined child. He listens and talks less, traits that young Paul Kagame had as he was growing up.

The young boy doesn’t drink, not interested in music or girl/femele indulgences, the boy is focused. Like Paul Kagame, the boy never and never laughs but smiles only. The boy loves the army and army life, army career his preferred route course. The King’s ruling flame-work evolves around his last Child.

As the french say, “L’homme sera toujours planifier et Dieu aura toujours Ses réponses différentes au plan de l’homme, surtout si elles sont mauvaises.” Despite Paul Kagame’s conniving projects of turning Rwanda into a dictatorial kingdom under the Kagame monarchy, God will not allow it. God is always on the side of truth, no matter how long it takes for truth to prevail. At the end, it will always prevail.

In his 22 years of criminal rule, the dictator has failed to solve basic amenities, there is lack of water, electricity, the education system collapsing with half baked graduates being released from the dictator’s education system, youth unemployment at more than 70%, a bankrupt health system….etc. But, nostalgia goons and hypocritical sycophants will continue to support this criminal regime due to their inapt to control their zealous greed.