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My biggest downfall is that I assume everyone has the same heart as me. And I’m not just talking about romantic relationships. I see things in people that they don’t see in themselves. I see the good in them that they already see, and I see the good that they don’t.

I see the bad in people, and I want to believe that they have the power to overcome it. I learn to love the bad in them as much as I’ve learnt to love the good.

I learn to love every piece of a person.

I see how they light up when they talk about certain subjects, and I see how they shy away from others.

And the biggest lesson that I’ve learnt in the past few weeks is that not everyone has the same heart as you. Not everybody is able to see the good and bad in you, and still love you unconditionally like you do for them. And loving those people anyway, can leave you more vulnerable than you realize you ever were.