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In Henry David Thoreau’s 2007 book “Walking”, he stated that “A fool thinks himself to be wise, a fool will always appraise him/her self without any consideration and a fool will always demonise those that question his/her foolishness. A fool will always assume that, he/she is wiser than others.” Today Paul Kagame assumes that is the only wise person in Rwanda.

Are you really wise, Paul?

You have proclaimed yourself as the king of wisdom, the master of ideas and a professor of human philosophy. After the creation of your satanic projects of Umubano, Gacaca, Come and see, Ubudehe, Imihigo, Agaciro and of recently Ndi Umunyarwanda; this does not make you a wise person, but instead the state of your mind has been put into a question. Political commentators have now affirmed that Rwanda is ruled by a crazy man.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

You always project yourself as the bravest and most patriotic man, labelling your opponents and perceived enemies as cowards and unpatriotic citizens. But your acts prove contrary; as you’re a day time robber, a human right abuser and a genocidaire. I hope you don’t consider yourself brave for killing defenceless civilians! This week your former comrade Kayumba Nyamwasa told the whole world how he saved your sweating ass while you’re hiding in banana plantations.…/kayumba-nyamwasa-say-pa…/

But all Rwandans already knew that you’re a coward who has killed defenceless children, mothers and fathers. The word brave and patriotism does not appear on your face; you’re just a virtual hypocrite and a pretender that try to camouflage the situation and divert attention.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Imprisoning political opponents by using your kangaroo courts through dubious laws and fabricated charges don’t make you a brave man. The assassinations you unleashed to your former comrades like Col. Steven Ndugute, Col. Charles Ngoga, Col. Vedaste Kayitare, Col. Lizinde, Col. Biseruka, Col. Rutayisire etc do not make you a brave and a patriotic man; but a coward. I would like to inform you that the children of those people you killed have grown up and they know you are a mass murderer.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Rwandans in Diaspora have showed us how a coward you are. Demonstrators in London held you hostage in a Kraal, only to be saved by the British police; otherwise they were going to ask you for their relatives you have killed, murdered and assassinated. Despite your prior threats to teach political opponents in Diaspora a bitter lesson; now and then you have run away from them fearing to face them. Paul, you’re a coward individual and all Rwandans know it.

Amazing, Paul!

If you are really brave as you want us to believe, why don’t you personally confront the protestors in mutual debate? No, sorry you’re a man with no ideas on how to conduct debates as you became a president through demagogy. But, amusingly you assume to be a wise man.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

We have reliable information that on the 20th November 2013, while at Marriott hotel in Dubai, where you were staying during the Afro-Arab summit. After reading an article on Inyenyeri news about your Childhood life, you smashed your personal laptop and Maj. Gatarayiha had to enter your room thinking that something had happened to you only to find a smashed laptop on the floor. Paul, don’t be ashamed about your childhood; your childhood should have made you a great leader, but unfortunately it has turned you into a human hater, egoistic and selfish.

It’s incredible, Paul!

Paul, it is really incredible how your speeches are a reflection of a five year old child. A clinical psychologist friend once told me that Paul may be suffering from a bald mind. Then I did not understand what she meant, but after your Ndi umunyarwanda mayhems I now understand the terminology. You have a bald mind, Paul! Man, you’re not fit to lead, you are weak and a lazy thinker; your Ndi umunyarwanda can be a test to this.

Are you brave and patriotic, Paul?

Closing independent news papers and journalists does not make you brave and a patriot. The killing of Charles Ingabire and Jean Leonard Rugambage stamped your vampirism. Oh Paul; today is exactly two years since you assassinated Charles Ingabire. You killed his body but not his ideas, as Albert Henstein once said that “Ideas can’t be killed.” Paul, when will you leave us alone? Rwandans need their peace.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Paul you’re the only dictator in the world who has confessed to be a dictator; but that does not make you brave or patriotic. When your idiotic clappers cheer you, I hope you don’t assume that they love you. As in private they all curse you, despise you, and pray for your soul; but its pity that you believe these clappers by assuming that they love you. Yoooo! Do you think Bamporiki Eduard, Bernard Makuza, Pierre Habumuremyi, Louise Mushikiwabo etc love you? Paul, please just stop fooling yourself. As you know Louise Mushikiwabo or your “wife” Jeannete are already tired of you and your sinking ship.

When the clappers cheer for you; yes we know you love it. It’s unfortunate that you missed praises from teachers, while you were at Ntare School as your reports had nothing to be praised; on the core subjects you were below average. This is because you were a loner without a friend to do revision with.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Paul, you are indisputably greedy and obsessed with domination, this prompts you to treat your country as your family property and regard your Country men as foreigners. You have treated Rwandans as your own subjects. Treating your ministers like house boys or house girls does not make you brave dear Paul, just unveils your immoral behaviours.

Paul, you are engaged in business in spite of the fact that your business activities conflict with your role as a head of state. Oh no sorry, I forgot that you have personalized and monopolized state institutions. You blatantly grab land and confiscate people’s properties. Paul, do really think Rwandans love you? It’s unbelievable! Seizing our inalienable rights doesn’t make you brave Mr!!

Paul, do you think you are morally justified to preach the subject of Ndi Umunyarwanda? Rwandan’s don’t think so. If you are really patriotic as you claim, why dwell on killing fellow Rwandans. Rwanda has more concerns, other than you deploying assassins around the world to hunt for your perceived opponents. You are not confident of your ability as a leader and that is why you all engaged in mass killings. A confident leader believes on his or her abilities.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Your wife Jeannette Kagame recently announced to the whole world that she is the one wearing trousers and you are wearing the skirts. Paul, you have lost the control of your own house no wonder you are failing the Country. Those who grew up with you can test that women have always been your problem since your young days. During your senior four leaver’s dance day at Ntare School; all your class mates had girl friends from Merry hill high school to dance with a part from you, as all the girls rejected you. Paul, when Jeannette Kagame controls you; Rwandans understand, because you lack female handling skills.

Please ask Boniface Rucagu and Corporal Jack Nziza to give you advice on women, as they are experts on charming women. You know it well that while men and women where fighting during the liberation days; you and Jack Nziza where in Kampala living a celebrate life style; with Jack Nziza enjoying himself with all kinds of women at the RPF Ntinda house. Paul, I hope the rank of major general you gave to Jack Nziza is in relationship to a number of women he has slept with. It’s unbelievable that you and Jack call yourselves brave.

Paul, we know that as a teenager, you used to love VIP underpants very much, but that does not give you the right to call Rwandans who oppose you, all sorts . Your love for VIP underpants shouldn’t be confused as patriotism; as you don’t love Rwanda as you used to love VIP underpants. Unfortunately you still love VIP underpants up to date!!

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

I understand that now you have a doctorate, exactly in what? May be the subject of hell creation! You have new assassins positioned in Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Paul, you are a joker! You should just spend that money to develop Rwanda. Paul, those who oppose you, are seated with you in Village Urugwiro; if you still think that killing your opponents is the solution, you may continue with your heinous games. (Sic)

These days you refer your political opponents as undesirable elements of Rwandan society, leading to many greed apologists to believe that you are a patriot; what a shame. While each month you were collecting more than 2 million dollars from the dirty deals in M23/RDF controlled areas, the rest of Rwandans were receiving bags of dead relatives from your Congo adventures. What a patriot you are, Paul!

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Paul, your corporals saluting you doesn’t make you brave. All Rwandans know that all the current generals in Rwanda were cowering with you in Kabale, Mbarara and Kampala while others were fighting. Yeah! you are a master of intrigue, you are able to identify fellow cowards and address them with beeps of generals; but this does not make you brave Mr! Imagine Col. Vedaste Kayitare if he was to return back to this world and finds that Jack Nziza, Richard Rutatina, James Kabarebe etc, are now generals; he would get a heart attack that would send him to his second death.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul!

Killing President Juvenal Habyarimana through intrigue, tricks, lies and covert operation does not make you brave and a patriot. You killed a man that had accepted all the conditions that the RPF demanded, a man that you had personally hugged before killing him; it’s just a shame that your apologists call you a president. Paul, you’re not my president. You’re a despotic ruler who loves human blood.

By killing president Habyarimana, president Naryamira  and President Mzee Kabila; don’t make you a brave man, but a weak sibling with no soul. Paul, do you think that you will live indefinitely? I hope slapping Mzee Tharcisse Karugarama, Corporal Fred Ibingira, Corporal James Kabarebe, Richard Rutatina etc, does not make you a brave person; but a coward with no respect for his comrades.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Greedy whites like Tony Blair praising you, it does not make you a patriot. You know it that your RPF government is built on top of blood and lies; but the bubble is soon bursting. Paul, by telling your fellow genocidaire to repent does not exonerate you from the genocide crimes you have committed. When are you repenting to Rwandans and foreigners for all the Crimes you have committed? Paul, who gave you the authority to speak for Tutsis? Paul, how many Tutsis have you killed? You are the first person that should have repented to the Tutsis.

Paul, marginalising the Hutus does not make you a brave man. Do you see your acts against the Hutus as a sign of a brave and a patriotic person? Contrary, your acts have elevated you to the rank of modern Hitler; the black Hitler. Paul, what happened? How come these days you’re not talking too much? Eugene Gasana – Jeannette Kagame effect is hitting you!! Yooooo, what a shame, Paul!

Paul, why don’t you, your thieving gang/killers and your government pack a go back to Toro in Uganda? We need our peace; you’re not a leader but a thorn in our life, peace and happiness. It is evident that you are a coward and unpatriotic. Your self-aggrandizement will be your down fall, and it’s near.

Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Kidnapping and assassinating of Rwandans who have run away from you does not make you brave or a patriot. Paul, when you look at yourself in the mirror what do you think of yourself? We, Rwandans see a blood thirst creature; Paul, its unbelievable how low and cheap you are. Imagine killing even a grandmother that you have personally known, killing an 89 year old grandma Mulungi Joylace does not make you a brave man, Paul! Yooo, you even killed her son Maj. Chris Bunyenyezi; Mr; You have an evil soul, Paul. Do you feel that you’re brave now? Oh, NO!!

You are a pure coward, Paul! Are you really brave and patriotic, Paul?

Paul, I know very well that you have an obsession with on line Rwandan news papers and blogs. I hope after reading this massage that I have written to you, at least you can tell Rwandans one single thing that define you as a Rwandan. Please, you may also tell Rwandans one single action that profile you as a brave man.