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HOTEL Vs Dr. Machar’s supporters!!!!
The name HOTEL is so sweet to villagers as some have never had a chance to see it or dine in.
In city those who have had a chance to lodged in a HOTEL describe it as very conducive with very relaxing environment.
Big conferences in the world are always held in great HOTELS.
Today the name HOTEL in south Sudan politics is gaining momentum.
The name HOTEL is having great impact on dr machar supporters as in most cases they switched sides in HOTEL.
1997 Khartoum peace agreement was destroyed by a HOTEL in Khartoum.
Now 2015-16 igadplus brokered peace is under terrible threat from a HOTEL in juba which accommodate general Taban, dr dhieu, löl gatkuoth and the rest.
My request to south Sudanese is that let us put HOTEL in our prayers so that those politicians who go to a HOTEL would come out peacefully and not ending up destroying south Sudan and peace we all yearn so bad.