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A glass of milk (story to touch the heart my friends)
An Orphan was selling small items from door to door for a living and pay her studies. One day, he was so hungry and had hardly any more Force because he had just spent three days without eating and without that his articles are sold. So he decided: ” has the next door, I have to ask the food,… come what may!”.
He arrived at the door and toqua: TOC TOC TOC, a beautiful girl came out and said to him: Karibu! Karibu! Seeing the girl, who had almost the same age as him and very beautiful of view, he felt ashamed to ask him food and rétracta:
Hello sister!
Hello my brother!
eh, eh,… mmmm… I’d like to request of the water if possible.
The young girl who was staring at him straight in the eye, said simply: sit down, I’m coming.
She came to the house to return a few moments later with two big cakes and a big cup of milk with a glass of water on a large plateau: ” we have not yet prepared the food, want to please accept this to calm your hunger momentarily …. and….. here’s your water that you requested.”
Missed the boy what to say, and said softly: “…… thank you!” after I finished eating and drinking he asks:
– my sister what is your name!
– my name is suza limbe!…. finally… Suzane Limbe!
– how did you know that I was hungry?
– two reasons: the first, “the eyes are the mirror of the heart” always said my grandmother, the mouth is not the only way Communication, the eyes are the most powerful ways to communicate that the mouth. My brother, the eyes transmit messages strong
That the mouth can’t transmit. Secondly, my parents have always taught by saying: “always gives bread and milk to the one who request the tea”. that is all. And you, what’s your name?
– Alfred…, my name is Alfred
– now you can wait peacefully the food….
– no…. no… No, I beg you, it is sufficient, even very good enough for me, allows me to leave!
– okay! I’m honored,…. and…. I wish you so good continuity!
– thank you for your generous heart, always doing the good and the heavenly God will reward you one day.
Years passed, all parents of suza died and she remained only with his little sister. Suza became ill and the doctors have diagnosed with cancer of the uterus beginner: ” Suza, if you have the means, you need to have surgery; and especially in one of the major hospitals. If the intervention is well made, you have the chance to survive.” suggested the doctor.
– I only have $ 500, will be sufficient?
– I don’t know, but you have to try your luck.
Suza and his sister went to the big city. Arrived at the hospital, saw the urgency, the doctors have first surgery then the bill came after. This amounted to $ 3750 suza had neither the wealthy family, nor the friends who could borrow this colossal sum, and she had no material goods that she could either pawn or sell to get this money. She stayed almost two weeks in the hospital for lack
Money. She didn’t know what to do. Alihishiwa.
One morning, a nurse comes to give him an envelope containing the ticket out of here and a letter. She began by cry seeing the
Ticket out. Then she opened the letter that was written as follows:
Hello sister!
Hello my brother!
– eh, eh,… mmmm… I’d like to request of the water if possible
– sit down, here I come…… we still haven’t prepared the food, want to accept this to calm your hunger momentarily…. and….. here’s your water that you requested.
– thank you! To continue making property; one day, the Almighty God will reward you.”
She remembered in the history of the world and she wept aloud. Her sister didn’t understand anything at all and asked him: ” but ya suza what’s wrong, why are you crying without telling me?
Suza replied softly: ” do good to everyone, even strangers, one day the Almighty God will reward you.”
At the end of the letter it was written: the 01 of next month, you start the job here at the hospital, at least if you’re okay.

Your fresh Intervention were paid by a glass of milk………….. Dr. Alfred
She cried and accepted the job. She was completely healed.
Cher (E) S FRIEND (E) s do good to everyone, even strangers, one day the Almighty God will reward you because there is the day of woe to any man. Plant in the morning, plant at noon and plant in the evening, because you don’t know what a seed will give fruit.
If you have learnt one lesson from this story, we need the “share” to educate others. Rain of blessings on you.