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The regime in power in Rwanda attempted to eliminate dissidents and opponents in Belgium, announces Het Belang van Limburg based on solid evidence. Kigali would use it for efficient commandos sent in our country. The state security should already provide protection to more people.

armored Mercedes

The story began last year. A Canadian journalist Judi Rever, who wrote articles critical of the regime of President Paul Kagame, is on a working visit to Belgium. During his one-week stay, she must move armoured Mercedes accompanied by two officers of the Police, the newspaper writes.

An agreement with the Sûreté

The State Security obviously not comment on that, but Het Belang van Limburg was able to consult the agreement signed on this subject by Judi Rever and Belgian services.

Canadian journalist also says: “The agent informed me that Belgium had serious reports that the Rwandan Embassy in Brussels was a threat to me.”

Approached to liquidate opponents

Het Belang van Limburg also collected testimony from a former ally of Kagame, Robert Higiro approached by Rwandan intelligence to liquidate opponents, he also gave testimony to Judi Rever.

The story of Judi Rever is further confirmed by our colleague VRT, expert on Central Africa, Peter Verlinden who had the opportunity to meet last year in Belgium: she actually enjoyed this time of protection of a member of the Police, evidenced by the VRT journalist.

Peter Verlinden also points out that many Rwandans are under protection, permanent or temporary, such as former Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu, possible target of death threats in May 2014.

In pieces in the channel

The VRT journalist who denounced the passage a “criminal and murderous” regime evokes for example the most tragic case Colonel Patrick Karegeya, a former head of the intelligence services, strangled by 1 January 2014 at a hotel in Johanesburg or what Rwandans found in pieces in the canal in Brussels, two cases that end up in the list of Rwandan opposition political assassinations abroad compiled by Het Belang van Limburg.