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fifty young people arrested and parcels of weapons seized
These young people were transferred manu miltari on the morning of Thursday 28 juillet2016 at National Intelligence Agency of bujumbura blindfolded. 23 are natives of the commune bururi, 12 are from the province kayanza, two of mwaro and one of the commune burambi and others whose origin was not yet been determined.
They had been arrested by the police in the night of this Wednesday, 27 July 2016 at kizuka on the road-Bujumbura, rumonge commune and rumonge province in the south of the country. All were aboard three vehicles of types hiace from bujumbura toward rumonge. Police seized in these vehicles, four types of kalashnikov rifles, grenades, several more miles cartridges, 12 Chargers, seven with grenades, 11 boots more than 160 police and military outfits.
These weapons were packed in the form of packages as goods. Provincial Administration Rumonge claims that these young people are combatants from Rwanda who wanted to settle down in the south of the country. But sources on place in rumonge say that some of these people were simple passengers travelling to rumonge without any connection with these weapons. In the month of June of this year, armed men had organized an attack in zone gasanda commune and province of bururi.