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Ohhhhh when Paul Kagame is on your ears trying to convince you, it is highly advisable to run away. Before 2000 he used to refer to Museveni as Uncle, but in 2000 his forces – RPA wiped out UPDF batallions in Kisangani. Before 2012, he used to refer to Jakaye Kikwete as a great friend, but in 2013 he was around threatening to kill Jakaya Kikwete the former president of the republic of Tanzania due to Kikwete’s advise for him to start talking to political opponents-dissidents. “I will Just Wait For You At the Right Place And I will Hit You,” Rwandan General Paul Kagame Threatens Tanzanian Jakaya Kikwete in 2013.

He used to refer to Burundi’s president as brother, but last year 2015, his intelligence net-work created political havoc in Burundi, supporting and financing a failed coup, sponsoring assassination attacks in Burundi for the sole purpose of turning Burundi into a failed state.

In 1996, he was calling Laurent-Désiré Kabilaa Congolese patriot, in 2001, Laurent-Désiré Kabila was assassinated by people who were close to Rwanda’s intellingence services – the Francis Gakwerere axis.

To Paul Kagame, there is no friendship, to Paul Kagame death and man hunt befalls any one who tries to question his criminal policies. He was taught the art of elimination since his early twenties, over the years, he has grown to believe that all political differences should be resolved through killings. He sees all human freedoms and rights as subversive activities that should be crushed at all cost……Say NO to political criminals.