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I propose that we withdraw definitively the arusha dialogue and the African Union. At the same time, we have to close the embassies of Rwanda, Belgium and France. How a man who works with our enemy kagame can he continue to be chief mediator? (I’m talking here of museveni). By refusing this gentleman, he can no longer hide behind its status as a mediator to concoct plans to push the Burundi in the pit all by saying that he’s looking for peace in Burundi. If he wants to do it, it will be under another status and this way the world the will of the aggressor as the Rwandans kagame. Me, I don’t want that, he continues to be called ombudsman main while he is our attacker.
What’s this shipment of 200 police officers in a peaceful country where the dead are the fact of terrorism.
? How many dead records do we have in France, the USA under the effect of terrorism? The naked will they send police officers in these countries? In France, terrorists strike so that there is a state of emergency, Burundi, there’s not a state of emergency and we managed to keep the peace even in the insurrection neighborhoods of Bujumbura. So, between France and Burundi, which protects better its population? Well it’s the Burundi. So why France, always happen to the Burundi by giving proposals in favor of the people of Burundi so that it protects the population better than her?
The world knows, Burundi is more secure than France and even the Rwanda. Which proves it is this plan to kill a lot of innocent people in Burundi to justify sending African soldiers in Burundi. So, why all this? The hidden plan is not to bring peace in Burundi but to give this country to the coup who will sell our country by allowing the exploitation of the wealth of the region of the great lakes Africans.
I Lance so a call to all those who can hear me to involve our friends who are well feared by westerners to block the path to the latter. Today, the battle for control the Burundi gets to lua, because at the United Nations, the Russians and the Chinese have destroyed the westerners. Like there’s no Russians and Chinese in the au, westerners do not want to miss this opportunity. Faced with this, I believe that the time of diplomacy cunning is over, we must act. When the fire breaks out, we bring the water to turn it off. One of the ways that I propose is to let go of the diplomacy and break without delay relations with Rwanda, Belgium and France and to prepare for war.