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Hafsa Mossi is a victim of having sympathised with the burundian refugees of mahama
The Director of the radio tv renaissance innocent muhozi in exile in Rwanda declares that hafsa mossi, politician and burundian congresswoman suffered these last few days of threats and intimidation of the senior members of the government of bujumbura. And for good reason, this great personality has shed tears during an official visit in the camp of the burundian refugees to mahama in Rwanda.
“the tears shed by hafsa mossi in front of the burundian refugees in Rwanda in the camp of mahama have cost her life” according to innocent muhozi.
According to innocent muhozi, after his return to bujumbura hafsa mossi confided in him ” my life is in danger and if something were to happen it will be to have cried in the camp of burundian refugees in Rwanda, cars and people Weird roam around my home. ” did she say,
This journalist senior burundians in exile claims that hafsa mossi has subjected to threats and intimidation from some of his colleagues in the party in power and some members of the government. The latter felt that the burundian member of the East African community would never shed tears for the burundian refugees of mahama if she was still on the side of the government of Burundi.
The Director of the radio tv renaissance adds that threats have been so strong that the victim took the care to ask for help to the president of the Republic. Pierre Nkurunziza had tranq hafsa mossi he’s going to load itself of this matter, before being brutally murdered this Wednesday, 13 July 2016.