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Since 12 until 14 July 2016, he was held in arusha on 2TH INTER-burundian dialogue.
Unlike the first dialogue held at the end of April 2016, this 2th round of dialogue saw the participation of several figures of the opposition and civil society, from either of bujumbura either from the outside of the country.
When there were going to have the official opening of the dialogue, the delegation of the government of burundi and that of the party in power refused to enter the room, accusing the mediation for giving the invitation to such putschists minani jean of cnared, peaceful nininahazwr of Focode and armel niyongere of Acat-Burundi. The latter had voléune badge of Pierre Claver Mbonimpa who wasn’t happened yet.
They were then forced to leave the room.
The mediation reacted swiftly and promised not to fall into this error.
This is so that the consultations have begun. During these consultations, for what is of civil society, the facilitator’s. E Benjamin William Mkapa gave us the results of the consultations held in April, and those held in kigali and in Brussels with the cnared.
He has shown us so that the burundian problematic is not perceived mêmement by all the protagonists. So, he gave us 8 points which will have eyre discussed at the 3th round di dialogue. These points are on trar in connection with the arusha agreement, the issue of mandate of s. E Pierre Nkurunziza, the politicization of the defence forces and security, the political space, the economy, the relationship between the burundi and Rwanda and International Ngos, the question concerning the rights of man and the one on the security.
We have been asked to give also our proposals for those that we would like to see participate in this 3th round of the inter-Burundi dialogue.
We also gave our proposals on the place of this 3th round di dialogue.
For that which is of the participants, we have shown that the facilitator must take into consideration all social strata of Burundi (political parties, organizations of civil society, religious denominations, representatives of the youth, women, persons with disabilities, groups of People who have donated as a solution.
We told him that Arusha ii will never resolve the problem of burundi if he separates this dialogue with the one who’s done currently inside the country.
Concerning the place, we have requested the facilitator to repatriate this dialogue for he sr passes to bujumbura, to give my chance to several burundians to give their contributions on the fivegences between burundians.
We have found that among those from abroad, of points of divergence on solutions to take are even more numerous.
Nevertheless, we welcome the fact that all the color of life polishes here antisocial of burundi had responded to the appointment and hope that end d end, we will find a favourable outcome for these issues that seem to divide us.