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This morning hafsa mossi, politician and member of Burundi, was coldly murdered in bujumbura. Member of the party in power, madam hafsa mossi had committed in the eyes of the regime of bujumbura, the crime of having dared to feel compassion for burundian refugees in Rwanda; hafsa mossi having shed tears during an official visit in a camp Of burundian refugees in Rwanda. Back in bujumbura, it crosses buyoni number 2 of the regime, the alter-ego of nkurunziza; she’s headed towards him to greet him, and surprise, buyoni refuses to shake his hand, and pray even madam mossi ” Get out “, “no longer dare to get close to him”. For what reasons? Ask her what she, silly. ” but how? Responds Buyoni. You have no shame? How dare you cry, shed tears for these mujeri?” (mujeri – stray dogs, a term used by the power to appoint the tutsi and opponents). Buyoni Lance that day other insults and big words to the place of hafsa mossi. The Congresswoman feeling threatened, phone by the following nkurunziza and make him part of the attitude and threats of buyoni. She said to nkurunziza she fears for his life. Cars and weird people roam in regularly around its premises and his house. Nkurunziza the reassures and told him there was nothing to worry about, he takes care of contact buyoni. And this morning, around 10 h30 what feared hafsa mossi is, unfortunately, happened: assassination in broad daylight by two killers rolling in a vehicle with tinted windows. This new vile act comes to recall the barbarity without the name of the gang in power in bujumbura, savagery, inhumanity and cynicism without limits of nkurunziza and his entourage. Everything must be done to stop them and bring them to a day in court. Everything. This is our duty to all and to all.