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fees increase medical consultations at the hospital Prince Regent Charles
The Price for the medical consultation has risen from 100 to 2800 burundian francs for users of the cards from the insurance company of the public service. For those who pay 100 % the cost increased from 500 to 3200 francs
Has the hospital Prince Regent Charles, the hospital popular of bujumbura, patients met lament and say that they don’t understand why. ” I just pay 2800 fr drank, the mfp contributes 400 francs only while me and my wife pay more than 70 miles to the account of the mutual, where’s our money? “; asks a man get.
The situation is the same for those who pay a hundred percent. This woman who came to cure her baby said be astonished by the so-called measure: “it is the very last time that I come to this hospital, I prefer direct me to the health centre where we pay 100 francs”.
Lamentations are the same for the purchase of medicines with bonds of the MFP clients often refuse certain medications. This man was a purchase order where the doctor has prescribed him two bottles of medicine called fluditec, agents from the insurance company in the hospital Prince Regent Charles refused to give him two vials believing that it is an overdose.
The billing service insurance from the public service at this hospital says it’s the order of the supervisor that he puts in application.