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Darkness can never drive out darkness only lightness can ” Rwandans we don’t need Kayumba Nyamwasa to succeed Kagame at all cost as Nyamwasa and Kagame are the same most wanted people in the war crimes ,genocide crimes and human torturing crimes. I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty like Didas Gasana said . But in Rwanda ,Congo ,Burundi Uganda who doesn’t know the cruelest Nyamwasa is while he was the head of DMI ,the head of Gendermerie ? The commando in chief in the RPA ? come on guys if we want to change the bloodsheding system in Rwanda we have to focus on people without dirty hands like KayumbaNyamwasa. The reason why he is not (Kayumba ) indicted is just because the Rwanda Gov still opposing it because if Nyamwasa is arrested for his crimes the whole RPF is gonna be done as he is one of the RPF center . That is the reason why Kagame trying to make him vanish (get killed ) in result of spoliation of evidences .